McKinney, Texas: A Familiar Tale of Racism and Police Brutality and the Sheepish Response of NAACP

Brandon brooks, the white man who shot the video showing Eric Casebolt, a McKinney, Texas police officer, grabbing a bikini clad 14 year old black girl by the arm and throwing her to the ground face down and putting his knee on her back and pulling her braids and then pulling his gun on other black teens who were at Craig Ranch North Community Pool on Friday, had this to say in an email to NBC News about the events he witnessed: “The cop was chasing after all those kids just putting every black person he saw on the ground,” 
A few white adults had placed a call to the police about a fight by the juveniles at the pool. As the officer wrestled the 14 year old girl who was in bikini to the ground, 12 other officers joined in and began chasing other black teens and detaining them.
According to the Atlantic, the city of McKinney, which has a 86% white population in the West and 51% black population in the East, was forced to settle a lawsuit in 2009, which alleged that the City was building low income Section 8 housing only on the East side, but not on the West side, which amounted to segregation. The pool where the police attack took place is on the West side where whites live. According to BuzzFeed, the fight broke out when an adult woman told the teens to “go back to Section 8 housing.”
The Atlantic reported that “Someone placed a sign by the pool on Sunday afternoon” that read: “Thank you McKinney Police for keeping us safe”, apparently from 14 year old black girls swimming in “their” public swimming pools.
As usual, the officer was placed on paid administrative leave, which is the modern day version of sending a plantation supervisor who would brutalize a slave to the house to relax and return after a few days.

Yet, Cornell Brooks, president of NAACP only had this to say: “We are calling for a full investigation of the McKinney Police Department officers and that they be held accountable to the full extent of the law.” In other words, we want the plantation manager to investigate the beating because it was excessive for what the slave had done. 


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