The Hypocrisy of Using Prejudice to Condemn Prejudice 


Ayelet Shaked is a member of Israeli Knesset and the former office director for the office of Benjamin Netanyahu. In 2012, she left the Likud Party to join the Jewish Home and on 14 May, 2015, she was appointed by Netanyahu to be Israel’s Minister of Justice. She posted an article on her Facebook page in June of 2014 in which she called Palestinian children “snakes” and seemed to suggest indiscriminate killing of Palestinians. She has also campaigned against immigration of Africans to “Israel”. Appointing her to the post of Minister of Justice says a lot about Netanyahu, as well as about US Congress that invites him to address their joint session.

A Facebook page displaying her photo drew many comments, which forced me to write this, not about her, but about those who made sexist comments about her, calling her “whore” and “bitch” and one man suggesting that she “needs a shave” and another saying that he “could give her something to suck on”. 

Two things: I’ve often said that you can’t be progressive and for social justice, or any kind of justice for that matter, and support “Israel”. But, you also can’t be progressive and for justice and make sexist comments about ANY WOMAN. Sexism and sexist comments about ANY WOMAN is an insult and attack on ALL WOMEN and therefore an insult against all humanity. To join or to even be silent about such chorus of hateful attacks is to choose one kind of hate and prejudice over another, instead of condemning all forms of hate and prejudice. Condemning such hateful and racist individuals as Ayelet Shaked with hate and prejudice of one’s own has no value and impresses me none and the person expressing such prejudice has no credibility to be the defender of the occupied and oppressed people of Palestine. I condemn such sexist comments even before I condemn the vile acts and atrocities committed by apartheid “Israel” against the besieged Palestinian people.

Secondly, even disregarding such sexist attacks, which I wouldn’t and won’t disregard, focusing on and venting out anger against an individual might make us feel better, but isn’t helpful or productive. Individuals aren’t really the problem. The problem which should be the focus of those who want to see justice in Palestine is the occupation, the racist and apartheid state of “Israel” and Zionism, which is causing all the unnecessary deaths, injustices and atrocities. Let’s not add our own injustice to the mix.


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