Washington Post Defends Netanyahu and Makes a Case for War with Iran

What’s unfortunately being lost even among many on the left in all the talk about the so-called “negotiations” between the world powers and Iran about Iran’s nuclear program is that the U.S. which, let’s face it, is the main reason for and initiator of the “negotiations”, doesn’t negotiate honestly and in good faith to reach an agreement to avoid war. The US negotiates to set the grounds for war.

What’s the use of history if we’re going to completely ignore it and pretend the world came into existence just today? For years, the UN atomic energy agency known as International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), under the US pressure, negotiated the terms and conditions for the most intrusive and thorough inspections of all the Iraqi sites that might possibly be involved in producing the nuclear bomb. No site, no matter how sensitive and what its function, was off limits. While the Iraqi government was being forced to reveal everything and anything that it possessed in terms of military capabilities – or lack thereof – and equipment and arms depots, as well as their locations, to the West and specifically to the US which would later attack it using that very same information, it was also under heavy and devastating economic sanctions and embargo which, directly and solely, affected the Iraqi population, impoverishing them in the millions and denying them even basic medical supplies and drugs. Iraqi doctors didn’t even have anesthetics to perform surgery and according to a report by the UN, which every once in a while gets the courage to say something the US might not like, which usually results in the initiators of the report losing their position at the UN, half a million Iraqi children lost their lives. What the U.S. and its allies did to Iraq, under both Democrsts and Republicans, in the course of two decades, was nothing short of genocide. What credibility does such a genocidal government as the United States of America have to negotiate about the nuclear program of another Middle East nation?

Hear it from the horse’s mouth: The Washington Post prominently printed an opinion on Monday that openly and unabashedly advocated war with Iran. It didn’t say if such and such happens we should attack Iran; it said we should sacrifice some American lives and go to war with Iran, not even mentioning how many Iranians would be sacrificed. What does it mean when a major newspaper prints such a piece? Would it print a piece by ISIS terrorists advocating the beheading of Americans, or even a sane and sober piece by an anti-Zionist calling for an end to the apartheid state of Israel or one that exposes US atrocities and calls for a popular uprising to overthrow the genocidal government in Washington to end all wars? Or how about a piece prominently printed in the paper calling for an end to all US wars and closing of its hundreds of military bases around the world that are used to wage endless wars? I thought it was about freedom of speech!

But, that’s not where the Post leaves it at. In an editorial, printed after Netanyahu’s speech to US Congress, its board of editors insists that Obama has an “obligation” to answer the “serious” and “valid” arguments raised by Netanyahu, which basically says: don’t negotiate with Iran and don’t come to any agreement. Netanyahu wants the US to add the condition – if it’s going to negotiate at all – that Iran not aid terrorism, which means to not side with Palestinians as Israel continues its ethnic cleansing and genocide in occupied Palestine. Just the idea of blaming another state for terrorism by the Zionist state of Israel is outrageous, if not ludicrous and laughable.

But, there is a more sinister reason behind that “argument” by Netanyahu, which isn’t really new and which the Post wants Obama to seriously consider and explain why he won’t heed his advice. Netanyahu is calling for the Iranian government to not only freeze its entire nuclear program, which is completely legal under the terms of the UN sanctioned Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) and which according to both US and Israeli intelligence isn’t for developing the bomb and according to IAEA there is no sign of developing the bomb, and stop for ever, but to also change its “ideology” and not “support “terrorism”, which means Palestinians and to basically align itself with the policies of the US, Israel and Saudi Arabia, which means that the regime must change. In other words, the condition for not doing regime change must be regime change. With such condition on avoiding war, you’d never run out of an excuse for war.

This is what Netanyahu argued vociferously to US Congress and received big standing ovations for, which the Post says must be listened to and discussed and considered.

How screwed up and depraved are things in this country and how low, degenerate, wicked and morally bankrupt has this nation sunk to that a war criminal who bombs a defenseless population and kills babies gives a speech to a joint session of Congress and receives 50 standing ovations and one of its most prestigious and widely circulated newspapers openly advocates yet another war on top of all the others? Today, poll after poll, shows that the majority of the population of the world, which is billions of people, detest the US and what it’s doing around the world. Everyday, more people come to realize that the US is the number one enemy of all humanity. Are they all wrong?

As the Empire’s soldiers are killing people overseas and its police are killing blacks in all US cities and as people are getting poorer, giant corporations and their shareholders are getting richer, while their media continues to brainwash people and prepare for another genocidal war. But, make no mistake: I’m not pessimistic and have no fear about the future because with every deafening beat of the drums of war, the Empire is nearing the end of its wicked and vile existence from the pages of human history, pages written with the blood of countless innocent people who were sacrificed for riches and profits for a handful few.


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