Obama declares Venezuela a “threat to US National Security”!

During anti-government demonstrations last year in Venezuela, which the government said was fomented by the CIA, 43 people died, including demonstrators, government supporters and police. In February, the mayor of Caracas, Antonio Ledezma, was arrested for being involved in a U.S.-backed coup plot. The government also announced the arrest of a number of Americans for engaging in espionage and recruitment activities and President Nicolas Madura accused the U.S. of plotting a coup against the democratically elected government. He announced a series of defensive measures in order to make it harder for the CIA to continue its operations in the country, including visa requirements for U.S. citizens and restricting and downsizing of the U.S. Embassy in Caracas. Then, just the other day, President Obama signed an executive order imposing sanctions on 7 top Venezuelan officials, in response to “the unusual and extraordinary threat to the national security and foreign policy of the United States posed by” Venezuela! Meanwhile, US ally Saudi Arabia continues to dump oil on the market, which keeps oil prices low and causes an economic crisis in the country. The two pronged strategy of economic sabotage followed by stirring up unrest and protests by paid mercenaries in Venezuela is a sign that Washington has decided to make its move now for regime change there. They must have sensed some vulnerability that might give them an opening, but more importantly, they probably figure it’s now or never, as the country moves to solidify its fledgling socialism.

When US State Department spokesperson Jen Psaki was asked about President Madura’s allegation that the US is trying to stage a coup there, she said: “As a matter of long standing policy the United States does not support transitions by non-constitutional means. Political transitions must be democratic, constitutional, peaceful, and legal”, which elicited laughter among reporters present at the briefing.

This wasn’t the first time Ms. Psaki was being laughed at. As part of her condemnation of Russia and President Putin, which she has frequently done in her position as State Department spokesperson, she once denounced the Crimea referendum, which let its residents decide whether to rejoin Russia or not, as “carousel voting”, which means a form of fraudulent voting when groups of voters are driven around to various polling places so they can cast multiple ballots. When a reporter asked her for clarification, it became clear that she didn’t know what the expression meant! She then admitted that she was just reading what “our team” had written! “I’ll check and see what our team meant”, she added!

What is clear about the inner workings of the Empire is that what they decide as a “team” in their conference rooms has nothing to do with values and principles which they frequently proclaim to their people and the world. They have long term plans and everything they do or say is in line with and in the service and for the purpose of meeting their objectives and achieving their political and geopolitical goals. But, they can only tell so many lies and for so long. Their lies are getting pretty old. Associated Press reporter Matt Lee asked Ms. Psaki rhetorically, just how long of “a longstanding” policy was she talking about.

As recently as in 2002, there was a coup against then President-elect Hugo Chavez in Venezuela. The US wasted no time to publicly announce its support for the coup and the military officials who committed it against a democratically elected president. That’s what makes Ms. Psaki’s statement so laughable, especially when discussing Venezuela. It was only due to Chavez’ tremendous popular support that the coup failed and the President was freed and returned to lead the nation.

Apparently and clearly, Ms. Psaki was once again reading what her “team” had written for her. And, on this point, I can help her so she doesn’t have to go back and ask her team what they meant when they wrote for her to say: “As a matter of long standing policy the United States does not support transitions by non-constitutional means”. The fact is, Ms. Psaki, your team lies and you were hired to tell their lies. And, what’s unfortunate for you is that whether you’re truly so ignorant as to not know the truth or like your team are deliberately lying, many people around the world know the truth and their number is increasing, everyday.

Now, one may argue that maybe Venezuela’s government’s accusation that the U.S. is trying to foment unrest and cause mayhem followed by a coup as they have done in so many places including in Ukraine or as they tried to do in Venezuela was false. Maybe. But, here’s what we do know: the US has made it clear that they want the Madura Administration gone. The CIA does have an active presence there, as it does in just about every country in the world. And, the U.S. has supported a coup there in the past. Is it possible that this time the US has no role in orchestrating unrest and sabotage? Sure! It’s also possible that as you sit in your room and read this, suddenly all the molecules of the air will gather in a corner away from you and you will suffocate to death.

While President Obama was issuing those sanctions on Venezuelan officials for violating demonstrators’ human rights, he was sending arms, bullets and riot gear to the government of Bahrain to crush the pro-democracy protests there. Why? Because their team decided so. And between the time he imposed those sanctions in Venezuela and when he announced without a trace of shame – at least none visible – that Venezuela is a serious threat to “US national security”, dozens of people were beheaded in Saudi Arabia, some of them for speaking up against the tyrannical and medieval kingdom which enjoys good relations with the US and is helping the Empire squeeze Venezuela’s economy! Those beheadings to US policy makers aren’t violation of human rights, Venezuela’s arrest of CIA mercenaries is! You see, it’s Venezuela that’s trying to foment unrest and sabotage and conduct a military coup that would violently overthrow the U.S. government and establish a pro-Venezuela military dictatorship in Washington, not the other way around! That’s why Obama says Venezuela is a threat to US national security, rather than the US being a serious and immediate threat to the national security of Venezuela!


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