Netanyahu’s “Bullshit” Lies


Netanyahu’s speech to the US Congress was such “bullshit” (not my word) and so full of lies that even an Israeli former Mossad chief, Meir Dagan, called it “bullshit”. Whatever the theocratic, medieval and undemocratic regime of the Islamic Republic of Iran is, which is to the detriment of the Iranian people, it’s not a threat to either Israel or its neighbors or to the regional stability or world peace. Those are the hallmarks and defining attributes of the apartheid state of Israel and its protectorate government in Washington, which regularly engage in unprovoked wars, bombings, mass murder and assassinations. It’s ironic and inversion of the truth to blame Iran for threatening Israel when, as Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif told NBC reporter Ann Curry, who was interviewing him, it’s Israel that’s “threatening Iran almost on a daily basis”.

It’s ironic and disingenuous to accuse Iran of supporting terrorism, as US corporate reporters like Curry do when they repeat Netanyahu’s baseless allegations, when the U.S. and the apartheid regime support Islamist terror groups like ISIS and Al Nusra to try to overthrow the Assad government in Syria before changing course and going to war against them when and only when their own assets and interests in Iraq, such as the Kurdish oil that goes to Israel, are threatened by the terror group, not to mention that it was the CIA and Mossad of Israel that assassinated four nuclear scientists on the streets of Tehran a few years ago, which US media didn’t even bother to mention, or the bombing of a Hezbollah convoy within Syria two weeks ago, or the joint US-Israeli cyberattack against Iran’s nuclear facilities in 2010 that caused explosions. Imagine if it were the other way around: that Iran assassinated Israeli nuclear scientists or conducted a cyberattack against the U.S. or if Russia assassinated scientists in Ukraine.

It’s also dishonest and self serving for US media to not mention the fact that while Netanyahu is pressing for war on Iran, as he did in 2002 against Iraq, this time presumably to stop Iran from getting the nuclear bomb, which both the U.S. and Israel’s own intelligence services have said that it’s not and has not decided to develop, Israel herself possesses in excess of 200 such bombs and has rejected all offers to make Middle East free of nuclear weapons. As Mr. Zarif pointed out, Netanyahu has been saying that Iran will get the nuclear bomb in 2 to 3 years since 1992 and said it again in 2012. He also said in 2002 that Iraq was trying to acquire weapons of mass destruction and that if Iraq’s government wasn’t overthrown, the region would be destabilized, terrorism would grow and Iran’s influence in the region would increase. Maybe he meant to say just the opposite because that’s exactly what happened since the US invasion and occupation of the country. Now, he wants a war on Iran supposedly to undo the consequences of the war which he pushed for in the first place. That takes quite an audacity on his part and a Congress totally detached from reality and buried in a pile of lies and “bullshit” to invite him to speak to a joint session and give him 50 standing ovations. Actually, it takes a political class just like him.

It’s not surprising for a mass murderer and war criminal like Netanyahu who orders the indiscriminate bombing of the defenseless and besieged people of Gaza that results in 2000 deaths including 500 children and a thousand women to push for another US war in the region. That’s what warmongers and psychopathic mass murderers do. But, what does it say about US corporate media reporters when they repeat such lies and fabrications and US political establishment, both Democrats and Republicans, when they embrace and defend him? The fact is: everything that Netanyahu or all the other leaders of the racist and apartheid Zionist entity do is within the general policy framework of US imperialism. It’s just that sometimes the hit man you hire is more zealous about killing and more anxious to murder than you are. Sometimes, you find yourself having to keep saying to him: wait, not now, back off for now. The fact is: all the talk of Israel making its own decisions is just “bullshit”. We must focus on the real culprit: the US government.


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  1. socialinform says :

    You will most probably find this post interesting:

    This may also be interesting:
    Here you’ll see a video of a presentation Netanyahu made before a Congressional committee in 2002 in which he encouraged a US attack upon Iraq. “A nuclear-armed Saddam will place the security of our entire world at risk,” he says at one point.It seems very much as if this man has been advocating war throughout much of his adult life.

    A war that costed the US tax payer 2 trillion dollars, thousands of dead marines, and tens of thousands with Posttraumatic stress disorder and or handicapped.

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