Police Violence in the US Threatens People’s Lives

The militarization and brutality of US police and police killings of innocent people, especially of minorities, in the hands of white officers, is so bad and has reached such a level that even the UN which is loath to criticize the U.S. for anything is now speaking up against it. The odds of getting killed by police is much higher than by acts of terror. On average, about two people are killed by US police every day, most of them going unreported. From shooting a 12 year old boy playing with a toy gun in a park in Cleveland, Ohio, one second after the officers drive up to him, despite having been warned that what he was playing with might have been a toy gun to choking to death an unarmed man in New York, who told them he couldn’t breath 11 times to shooting a teenager who had his hands up in Ferguson, Missouri and so many more, the situation is totally out of control and the government of the billionaires is unwilling to do anything about it.

On December 9, 2010, two Little Rock, Arkansas officers went to “investigate” why the door to the apartment where 67 year old Eugene Ellison lived was open. They entered his unit without a warrant or cause for suspicion. When Mr. Ellison asked them to leave his apartment they got hostile. Then feeling like their power had been questioned by the 67 year black man, they shot and killed him in his apartment without any reason or cause. They claimed that Mr. Ellison grabbed his walking cane which they said was a deadly weapon and that they shot him in self defense, even though at the time of shooting he wasn’t even on his feet and all he had was a walking cane. The “internal investigation” into the shooting was done by officers whose supervising officer was the husband of the shooting officer.

In reporting these incidents, the media of the billionaires still makes it look like the officers in this or that particular city are undertrained, rather than the fact that it’s a nationwide, systemic and institutional problem that has reached pandemic levels threatening people’s lives and especially of minorities. What’s needed is a nationwide and militant mass mobilization against all police departments in the nation.


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