Can US Military Interventions End Terrorism? Are they Even Meant or Designed To? The Purported and Real Reasons for US Interventions

A newly redacted and released report reveals that the Department of Defense wanted to stage a false flag attack on the US that would possibly result in the death of some Americans so they could blame it on Cuba, giving the US the pretext to invade the island nation and overthrow the revolutionary government. The plan was not implemented because President Kennedy refused to go along.

It was also revealed about two months ago that former Secretary of State, Henry Kissinger convinced President Ford to attack Cuba because the revolutionary nation had sent more than 20,000 troops to help Angola defend itself against the invasion of the newly independent nation by apartheid South Africa, which was getting US fighter jets, tanks and other advanced weapons through Israel. The plan was postponed until after the elections of 1976 and was then shelved by the newly elected President Carter who also objected to it.

President Lyndon Johnson, however, did agree in 1968 to implement Pentagon’s false flag attack in the Gulf of Tonkin, which gave the US the pretext to escalate its war on Viet Nam.

The opportunity to attack Iraq came after the terror attacks of 9/11, when the Bush Administration falsely linked Saddam Hussein to the terror attacks. Not only there was no such link, there was ample evidence linking close US ally, Saudi Arabia, to the attacks. Not only did the US not point the finger of blame at the Saudis, they flew family members of the ruling King out of the country at a time when all planes had been grounded. They also classified as top secret and hid 28 pages of the 9/11 Commission report that implicated the Saudis.

The reason is obvious: they didn’t want a regime change in Saudi Arabia which was cooperating with US imperialism in the region. They wanted it in Iraq which was considered a threat to Israel because Saddam’s ruling party was siding with Palestinians.

Same thing is now playing out in Syria, where the Assad government, after the demise of Saddam and Qaddafi is one of the last remaining forces sympathetic to Palestinians and uncooperative with US plans in the region. The other one is Iran which is now under US sanctions and heavy monitoring by the UN similar to what they did to Iraq prior to their attack.

Incidentally, last year, the CIA formerly admitted its involvement in the 1953 military coup in Iran, which overthrew the democratically elected Prime Minister Mohammad Mossadegh and put the infamous Shah back on the throne who ruled with an iron fist for the next 25 years until he was overthrown in the revolution of 1979. Also, in the last five years, four Iranian nuclear scientists were assassinated in the streets of Tehran by Mossad and CIA agents. Also, in 2010, the US conducted a cyber attack against Iran’s nuclear centrifuges causing explosions in the facilities. And get this: Iran is on US list of states sponsoring terrorism. No, I didn’t say that backwards. US considers Iran a terrorist state. Why? Again, the answer should be obvious: they want a regime change there, too. That’s why. You know who else is on their list of terrorist states? Cuba! Not Saudi Arabia that has been sponsoring Islamist jihadists, not Israel that routinely assassinates Palestinian leaders, and helped assassinate Iranian nuclear scientists, to name just two examples, but Iran. As for Cuba, that’s even more ironic because it’s the US that has tried to assassinate Fidel Castro numerous times, not to mention so many assassinations they have committed in the Middle East and Central and South America in the last few decades, some of them with Israelis.

Now, why am I talking about these when all attention is on the brutality of ISIS terrorists and the danger it poses to humanity you ask? Okay let’s talk about ISIS. Terror groups such as Al Qaeda and ISIS have been financed by Saudi Arabia and other Gulf kingdoms such as Qatar which are considered US allies. In fact, King Abdullah spent about $200 billion of his own enormous wealth to finance such Sunni Islamist organization to spread its version of Wahhabi Islam, which treats women like cattle to be owned and beheads people and cuts their hands and feet for punishment. In fact, just in 2014, 781 people were beheaded in Saudi Arabia, which the corporate media of the US did not say a word about. Why? Again, because that’s not where they want regime change. Maybe beheadings and cutting of arms and legs and stoning to death women who leave their husbands and not giving them the privilege of driving isn’t so bad and worth mentioning, after all.

Meanwhile, another new report reveals that Israel has been in contact with and has transferred equipment and material – most probably weapons – to ISIS fighters, in order to help overthrow the Assad government, which like the US, it considers an enemy. It goes without saying that the U.S. has been privy to these contacts and giving of aid. The overthrow of the Assad government in Syria has been a top priority for both the US and Israel.

The U.S. animosity with ISIS only began when the organization began killing Westerners and threatened its assets in Iraq, especially in Kurdistan of Iraq which is selling oil to Israelis. Still, all the killings in Syria, which is in excess of 200,000, has been blamed on the Syrian government. Up until very recently, all Islamist terrorists fighting the government were called “pro democracy rebels”.

Two years ago, the Obama Administration also blamed a chemical attack in Syria on the government, without presenting any evidence. US media refused to even mention evidence presented by some foreign journalists implicating the “rebels”. All John Kerry could offer for their claim was that “we know”, just as the Bush Administration claimed that they knew that Saddam was developing weapons of mass destruction and had links to the 9/11 terrorists. That’s when they were trying to set the groundwork for a military attack on Syria. They backed down only because of both domestic and international opposition to a new US war in the region, while still being involved in Iraq and Afghanistan and having just overthrown the Qaddafi regime in Libya.

Now, the US is itching to get involved in yet another civil war, one which it helped engender through a carefully planned and implemented coup against an elected government. Sounds familiar? And, as always, never ever is their intervention on the side of social or economic Justice, democracy or freedom and always on the side of Terror, oppression, mass murder and injustice. Such is also the case in Ukraine where they joined forces with the Christian version of ISIS, namely, the Neo Fascists who like their Muslim counterparts in Syria are assassinating opponents to the coup government everyday. The thinking has always been: use the terror groups now. We’ll deal with them later.

Their stories are all too familiar, their motives unmistakable and their actions predictable. The leaders and policymakers of the US empire have the mindset of a corporate CEO, who is narrowly and unwaveringly fixated and focused on maximizing profits, at all cost and with all means necessary. The analogy in fact goes deep, as all the aggression, militarism and acts of terror committed by the empire is ultimately for creating conditions that would allow maximizing of profits for the corporate oligarchy that the US government represents.

When a passenger plane was shot down over Ukraine, the US predictably blamed it on the opponents of the pro-US coup government, whom they, along with their faithful media, conveniently call “Russian separatists”. Once again, all they could offer as proof for their claim was: “we know”.

You may say: so what’s your point Sako from all this? Why should we care or be concerned? The answer is that this government of the United States, regardless of who and from which of the two pro imperialist parties wins the presidency, is the source of just about all wars, violence, terror, and instability in the world, and is making the world a dangerous place to live. The government of the US empire which has caused the death of some 20 million people since WWII, is dragging the world towards another world war. The time to stop it is now. And it won’t be stopped by any of the Republican or Democratic presidential candidates, not by Hillary, not by Bush and not by Elizabeth Warren or Bernie Sanders, but through a grassroots movement.


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