The Tragedy Unfolding in Palestine

A tragedy and injustice of enormous magnitude is taking place in Palestine and the only reason it’s continuing without an end is because not enough people in the West, especially in the U.S., which is the main enabler of this unfolding catastrophe, know about it, and the little that they do know is what their corporate and Zionist media has told them, which without exaggeration, is all lies, and I don’t say that lightly. We all have heard that two peoples are fighting over the same piece of land, that this has been going on for ages, that it’s a clash of religions, and that there is no solution or at least an easy solution, etc. The “fairest” of such assessments, held by some liberals, puts the blame equally on “both sides” and holds that they both must make sacrifices and compromises for a lasting peace. Well, the truth is something entirely different, on all these accounts. One way to avoid a just solution, in fact, is to posit that there is no solution. That removes the burden of doing what’s right and just and dodges responsibility. One must ask herself or himself why is it that this “irreconcilable conflict” between two peoples took place only in Palestine. The fact is that a colonial settler state was established by occupying Palestine, through brute force, including mass killings and terror, by European Jews, using their political and military advantage, with the goal of ethnically cleansing Palestine, which was controlled by the British Empire at the time, of its Arab and other non-Jewish population, in order to create a “Jewish state”, which was and still is understood as for “Jews only”. The “Jewish state” was then to be settled by anyone from anywhere in the world who is a Jew or claims to be a Jew, in homes built by the state on land confiscated from non-Jewish Palestinians, after they have been evicted and made refugees and their homes have been demolished.

What’s important to understand is that there cannot be a settler state for a people of a particular ethnicity or religion, without serious and disastrous consequences for the people being evicted and displaced to cleanse the land and make room for settlers coming to settle on the land. The whole idea is racist and unjust and will by necessity and by purpose involve massacres, “targeted killings”, home raids, violent arrests, incarcerations, torture, home demolitions, military checkpoints, wall of separation and acts of resistance by the occupied that will give an excuse to the occupier to commit even more massacres, more detentions, more incarcerations and more atrocities. What should be clear is that the idea of Zionism is a racist idea, which tries to drive away one people to make room for another. This is the problem. This is what results in the killings and massacres and acts of resistance and even more massacres. What will end the “conflict” and killings is an end to ethnic cleansing and purposeful extermination of the Palestinian people. This is the root of all problems and this is what needs to stop.

Any ideology that prefers one group of people over another, and worse displaces one to settle another is unjust and will lead to atrocities, massacres and genocide. Such racist ideologies, if left unchecked, will lead to genocide. Genocide is the only conclusion of such racist ideas, if left to continue, and that’s exactly what’s taking place. I see no other way to end this catastrophe and genocide except by spreading the truth to as many people as possible, especially in the US, and urge them to boycott Israel.

The photo shows Israeli occupation Forces (IOF) moving an arrested Palestinian child to a military vehicle to take to prison. As reported many times by human rights organizations, Israel routinely arrests and tortures Palestinian children. There are currently hundreds of such children in Israel’s prisons. According to Palestinian Commission of Detainees, Israeli forces kidnapped 3755 Palestinian children in the last four years, including 1266 in 2014.


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