How Do You Spell “hypocrisie” in French?

After repeated killings of unarmed innocent black men by racist white police in several cities in the U.S. engendered a national movement against police brutality and helped raise consciousness among people about the issue, the police and their supporters within the government were put on the defensive. Then, a deranged individual killed two police officers in Statin Island, NY, and suddenly the police found the opportunity to go on the offensive and push back against the protesters, even going as far as turning their backs on Mayor de Blasio during his eulogy for the killed officers for having criticized the police for choking unarmed Eric Garner to death for which no one was indicted.

A similar thing happened on 9/11 of 2001, when a terrorist attack on the US put an end to “anti-globalization” protests against IMF, World Bank and neoliberal policies of the West, and gave the US a blank check to begin its endless wars, attack civil liberties at home and increase the level and breadth of its surveillance against its population.

What happened in Paris a week ago was even more similar to the terror attacks of 9/11 and its aftermath. After Israel massacred over 1200 defenseless people in Gaza, more than 500 of them children, awareness of the US/Israeli genocide in Palestine rose significantly in the World, including in Europe and anti-Zionist sentiment reached new heights. Then, some deranged individuals attack an Islamophobic pro-Israel publication and kill 12 of its staff and once again everything changes. The Zionist French media and political leadership go on the offense against pro-Palestine activists in France, arresting many, including a popular comedian, on charges of being antisemite and pro terrorism, not because of anything they did, but because of things they said! And this happened ironically and amazingly right after the entire French government led a “march for freedom of expression”, to defend the right of the Islamophobe magazine to say anything they want about Islam and Muslims! Apparently, the “March for freedom of expression” was not for those who criticize Israel. For them, there is a completely different standard. For them, speaking against Israel is hate speech and aiding terrorism which is a punishable crime!

Good luck improving your relations with the Muslim world France!


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