Je ne suis pas Charlie!

IMG_4539.JPGI don’t support the assassination of the staff of a magazine, no matter how racist or prejudiced it is against a group of people. But, I also don’t support a magazine that mocks any group of people for their religion, especially if it’s one sided and focuses on one particular group of people, and especially if the target of its mockery are people against whom there already is too much prejudice and discrimination, which is the case with Muslims in Europe and specifically in France.

I don’t support a magazine that’s owned and controlled by a Zionist neocon who supports Israel and fires a cartoonist (Sine) on charges of anti semitism for being against Israel.

I also don’t support a sham and hypocritical “March for freedom of expression”, whose attendees, in front lines, include mass murderers like Benjamin Netanyahu, Al Sissi and Erdogan and European leaders, who for the sake of economic and strategic interests of large capital and greedy bankers that they represent and serve, maintain relations with the Zionist entity that commits genocide against the defenseless people of Palestine.

I also don’t support the racist and xenophobic atmosphere that these hypocritical leaders are creating so they can take away real freedom of expression in the name of “freedom of expression”. French authorities are now arresting people for posting their opinions on Facebook on charges of supporting terrorism. Clearly, the French political establishment is taking advantage of the xenophobic and racist atmosphere to attack freedom of expression, right after marching “for freedom of expression”. Clearly, a reactionary situation has been created, just as it happened in the U.S. after the attacks of 9/11, which U.S. imperialism took the most advantage of to attack people’s civil liberties and start new “endless” wars of imperial conquest. The same phenomenon is now taking place in France and the French imperialism is taking the most advantage of it.

So, no; je ne suis pas Charlie!


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