In the Wake of Islamist Terrorism, Western Media and Leaders Fan the Flames of Racism Against Muslims and Arabs

Let’s get one thing straight: people don’t hate a religion, per se; what they hate are a certain group of people whom they categorize and stereotype. On the surface of it, a group of people may collectively be the target of hatred for any number of reasons, including their religion, but ultimately and under the surface, the hatred is the good old racism that’s being expressed through the religion, which most of those subject people happen to have. When Westerners talk about Muslims, it’s not because of Muslims’ faith or set of beliefs, but WHO THEY ARE, as a people. After all, the teachings of Islam is no more or less “violent” or “peaceful” than Christianity or Judaism. They all, more or less, have elements of both in them and are subject to interpretation by their adherents. Moreover, most Muslims are not prone to commuting acts of violence, any more than any other group of people, and those who do don’t do it as a result of their religion. It is a fact that some Muslims resort to acts of terror in the name of and justify their terrorism on the basis of their religion, but hating all Muslims for it is like hating all short (or tall) people because some short (or tall) people commit murder and tell us they do it because they’re short (or tall).

Terrorism is not some genetic condition and neither is religion. Both are social and sociological phenomena. We know religion itself, as a belief in a creator, does not provide sufficient explanation for people’s behavior – good or bad. We know that because followers of all faiths, as well as those who follow no religion, at all, have equal propensity or ability to commit all kinds of acts – evil or good. We also know that no group of people, however categorized by some – whether along racial or religious lines or geographically – are naturally violent. The answer to why some people resort to terrorism should be sought in the socioeconomic sphere, not in their race, which is racist or their religion, which is just a cover for racism. But, that’s not what the ruling classes of Western countries like to admit because that understanding would hinder their long term strategy of divide and conquer, which aids in and helps facilitate world imperialism, which they’re beneficiaries to. Grouping people based on their race, or more recently, on their religion, also shifts the focus away from the real culprit, which is imperialism, and puts it on the very people who are themselves the biggest victims of world imperialism and the wars it causes.

What’s happening now in France and elsewhere in Europe, as well as in the US, Canada and Australia, is nothing new. It’s the same old tried and tired blaming a certain group of people for economic woes, which are not only not caused by those people who are being scapegoated for them, but who happen to be the biggest victims of those economic woes, as well as wars, themselves. All the talk of “freedom of expression”, which is now being echoed in Paris and elsewhere, which supposedly is meant as a pushback against Islamist terrorists, is ironically setting the ground for killing “freedom of expression”, as the Western governments are gearing up to go after “the enemies within”. But, as the U.S. has demonstrated, it’s not just Muslims who lose their freedom in the name of freedom, but all those who dare challenge imperialism and the tiny minority who benefit from it.


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