US Threatens Palestinians for their Complaint to ICC Against Israel

us treatens Palestinians

US gives close to $4 billion each year to the settler and apartheid state of Israel, mostly in the form of military equipment and weapons, which Israel uses to purchase US made weapons, which puts the money back into the pockets of US arms manufacturers. After each massacre Israel commits against Palestinians, the stockpile of weapons and ammunition gets replenished, thanks to US taxpayers.

US also gives a couple billion dollars a year to the Egyptian military to maintain its peace accord with Israel and impose its dictatorship on the Egyptian people. Again, most of that money returns to US arms makers’ coffers, when they buy military equipment from the US. The rest is just a bribe to keep the Gaza borders sealed and keep the population of Gaza imprisoned.

US also gives $400 million a year to the Palestinian Authority (PA), namely, Mahmoud Abbas and his so-called cabinet, which is their and Israel’s choice of leaders for the Palestinian people, to keep them quiet and toeing the line, while Israel continues demolishing Palestinian homes and building Jewish settlements in West Bank and East Jerusalem, as well as its mass killings in Gaza to cleanse it of Palestinians. Unlike the huge aid given to Israel, which is unconditional, however, the bribe to the PA for buying its acquiescence and cooperation is not unconditional. For that money, they must advocate “negotiation” with the colonizers and occupiers, giving an unlimited and unending time and space to the occupiers to continue the ethnic cleansing and genocide against the besieged and defenseless Palestinians, rather than resistance. No one would ever insist that an occupied people negotiate with their occupiers, instead of resisting. The exception is only and only for the Palestinians. Any effort to end their suffering and colonization is blocked by the US in the name of “Israel’s security concerns”. Any group that resists the occupation, the displacements, the home demolitions, the incarcerations, torture and killings, is called “a terrorist organization”.

But, Abbas and his PA are pressured by the people they supposedly represent and cannot be completely quiet and inactive in the face of all the land grabs and atrocities. This presents a dilemma for them: risk losing the American dollars or do what’s right for their people. But, even as small of a token of resistance the complaint to the International Criminal Court (ICC) against Israel is, it still is not tolerated by the US. This goes to show how important US imperialism believes Israel is for its agenda for world domination and exploitation for its 1%. This also should be a lesson for us: to ultimately defeat the US Empire and its 1%, we must defeat Israel. There is no bigger or more urgent political issue for humanity today than the genocide taking place in Palestine. To stay quiet about it is to abandon humanity and human decency.


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