NYPD Cops Turn Their Backs on the Mayor


By turning their backs on the Mayor for criticizing them, NYPD cops are basically saying: “We will kill whomever and whenever we please; that we’re above the law and no one can criticize us or tell us what to do and what not to do.” This can only happen in a society corrupt to the core where jackboot thugs in uniform and with guns kill will impunity and then when criticized by a civilian authority that they’re supposed to be accountable to, show utmost of disrespect and contempt. They’re basically telling us that they’re an independent army answerable to no one. They can do all this because the society has turned into a virtual police state with no accountability by the police force, which kills and seems to be proud to continue to kill. Any society where this can happen is a sick and depraved society. And any people who can tolerate this and who think there is nothing wrong here, is either brainwashed or in deep hibernation or stupefied beyond help.


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