Racism: A Diversionary Tool for Distracting From Socioeconomic Injustice

Incited by the racist, misogynist and xenophobe reporters at Fox News and rightwing radio talk shows and some white politicians, the rightwing bigots, who also include many of the white working class, who find the idea of a Black president unacceptable, have been a factor in pushing most Blacks to support the President, despite his obvious siding with big business and the white supremacist billionaires and corporations, ignoring the issues facing Blacks and the poor. Divisions along racial lines among the working class are perpetuated, exploited and used against the working poor to distract them from the real culprits and real problems. President Obama is indeed among the culprit for choosing to side with and serve the billionaires, whose support he relies on for his own political ambitions, but that reality gets lost in the manufactured conflict between the races with the deceived and brainwashed white bigots attacking him for all the wrong reasons and Blacks understandably coming to his defense.

This is a manifestation of the centrality of the struggle against racism in the overall struggle for socioeconomic justice. Another venue or occasion where this issue exhibits itself is police brutality, which drives many among the poor who themselves are victims of both the economic system and police brutality that goes along with it, to not join Blacks to condemn and protest the police. We see the same dynamic playing out against Muslims and Arabs.

The person holding up the sign in this photo obviously isn’t much of a reader, but, he most probably is a Fox News viewer or rightwing radio talk show listener.


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