“Nation of Laws”? “How Can That Be”?

End torture

Yesterday, as it’s happened many times before, it was revealed that the US government has been torturing people.  And as always, liberals are outraged and disappointed.  Not only at the fact that the CIA has been holding people in their dungeons around the world and torturing them, including people who later turned out to have done nothing wrong and happened to be in the wrong place, at the wrong time, but at the fact that those responsible for it will not be prosecuted. But, neither the torture, nor not holding anyone responsible for it is anything new. Every president has refused to prosecute those the US government hires to commit vile and barbaric acts for the military industrial complex. President Kennedy did it. The first President Bush did it. Clinton did it. Bush Jr. did it. And so President Obama, too, is refusing to hold anyone responsible for the latest round of torture.  And how could they not pardon the murderers and torturers who are hired by that same government that they lead and represent? It’s part of the president’s job to have murders and tortures committed, as is to pardon those who actually do those acts. And yet we hear again and again, from politicians and news reporters alike, all reminding us over and over, that “this is a nation of laws”.  Doing all that this violent and criminal government of gangsters and mass murderers does around the world is neither surprising, nor news, and is in fact to be expected of such a government of psychopathic billionaires.  But, telling us that despite all that, this is a nation of laws is an insult to our intelligence and unbearable. What the liberals, including those who supposedly mean well, are also “disappointed” about is that President Obama, too, like the ones before him, is refusing to prosecute those who engaged in torture, just as they were disappointed when he refused to hold responsible billionaire bankers who got away with what would have sent a common person to jail for life. Disappointment here either stems from a total lack of understanding of the realities and facts about the nature of this government or it’s fake and disingenuous and is expressed for the public’s consumption to continue the mass deception.

Rachel Maddow had a good and informative show tonight, but she finished it by asking: “How can this be?”  How can what be? That this “nation of laws”, “model of democracy”, an “exceptional” nation and “the leader of the free world” committed torture and no one has to answer for it? How can that be? You see, once they establish and ingrain into people’s minds the narrative that this is a country built on high moral values, freedom, democracy and justice for all, trying to do good in the world, it becomes easy to label such vile acts as mere errors in judgment or mistakes or the straying from the norm by some rogue individual officers or commanders, who should have known better than to damage the credibility of this “great nation”. Just as the invasion of a sovereign nation and killing or causing the death of about a million people was swept under the rug and called a “mistake” or resulting from “bad intelligence” or the work of a war monger like Dick Cheney.  Was Dick Cheney also responsible for arming and funding the barbaric ISIS fighters, who have been killing the Syrian people in the thousands, while the US looked the other way because they were trying to overthrow a government the US found uncooperative with their imperial agenda and only began fighting them when they started beheading Westerners? That and many other atrocities like that aren’t even discussed or admitted to.

First, when the act is about to take place or is already taking place, such as torture or a coup or an assassination or supporting some murderous force like ISIS, we either don’t hear about it or, in the case of bombing or invading a country, we read in papers and see on TV why it’s the right thing to do. Then, the revelation of the atrocity itself becomes an opportunity to conduct some public relations for that same evil government responsible for it and using that same evil act, which should have never been committed, hammering into people’s heads that “this is not who we are”! And so the lie continues as during every generation, liberals come out and repeat: “We’re better than this” and that “this isn’t who we are”! Of course not! This is the nation where not only billionaire bankers who defraud individuals and governments to the tune of billions of dollars are never brought to justice, but also where white police officers shoot or choke unarmed black men to death and walk free. This is a nation where the FBI “investigates” itself and every single time, without an exception, finds it did nothing wrong when its agents shot and killed someone, including when they shoot an unarmed 27 year old immigrant seven times, including twice in the back of his head, in close range and closing the case, not allowing anyone to review or investigate it because they “investigated” themselves. This is a nation where it matters not what the Constitution says, but what the government finds convenient or expedient to do. The law is clear that there shall not be torture. The law is also clear that the Congress is the one that has to decide on if and when there should be war. The law is also clear about warrantless surveillance of the citizens, as is about what not to do to prisoners of war. The US is also a signatory to international laws, such as the Geneva Conventions. But, when did such laws ever get in their way? The existence of the laws is nothing but for pretense and appearance. If the existence of the laws was enough to call a nation a “nation of laws”, then every nation on Earth, regardless of what its government does is a nation of laws.

The point is not that shadowy government agencies that answer to no one break the laws and do just about anything they want for the empire of the billionaires.  That’s a given. It has been going on and it will continue to go on as long as the government is owned and controlled by those psychopathic billionaires who push their corporate interests around the world. It’s never too difficult to find some low-life unprincipled and immoral lawyers and call them into the White House and ask them to “legally” justify torture, or “legally” justify holding prisoners in Guantanamo, indefinitely, shoving tubes into their noses twice a day, just as it’s not that hard to explain “legally” why those bankers should not face justice or why a white police officer killing an unarmed black man in bright daylight and in front of several witnesses or despite the existence of a video footage showing the entire incident should not be indicted. After all, the law is one thing and its interpretation and enforcement quite another. This much should be clear and frankly, if it isn’t, I don’t know what is. But, to continue to insist that this is a “nation of laws”, as did Obama again, yesterday, followed by pundits that do the speaking on behalf of their billionaire bosses is, as I said, insulting.


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