Why Obama is the Right Person for the US 1%

Have you ever met an intelligent gun and bible toting “patriot”? The policy of endless wars for the corporate empire and control of the world resources for the 1% requires and feeds on mindless and uncritical patriotism and the belief in “American exceptionalism”. The only thing that’s “exceptional” about the U.S. however is its militarism and penchant for imperial wars of conquest. Nor is someone like Sarah Palin an exceptionally stupid and ignorant individual, who somehow went through the U.S. education system without learning or understanding much. The corporate media and to a large part the education system have been developed and shaped through generations to meet the needs of an economic system that has no need for a population that thinks critically, and on the contrary can use the mindless patriotism and religious fanaticism of the likes of Sarah Palin.

But, while she’s typical of a large sector of the white population in the US, who lend their support to the policy of endless wars and aiding Israel, she’s not at all typical of the ruling class or someone who would be seriously considered to be a leader by the ruling class. They could have chosen her or someone like her from the political fringe, but instead they gave their support to Obama, who would much better than someone like Palin pacify and deceive the working poor, especially among poor blacks and other minorities. Who better than Obama to give a speech to calm the much justified anger of the African American community over cops killing unarmed young black men and getting away with it? Certainly not the likes of Sarah Palin.


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