66 Years of Genocide, 66 Years of Lies!

The barbarism and sheer brutality that the world witnessed in Gaza last August was not the first and by all accounts and indications will unfortunately not be the last. Indiscriminate carpet bombing of densely populated residential neighborhoods, apartment buildings, hospitals, schools, ambulances and even designated UN shelters for children might have come as a shock to those who, thanks to US media blackout, didn’t have a chance to see before, but it wasn’t a surprise to Palestinians, who have lived under brutal occupation since 1948, when the colonial settler state of Israel was founded in occupied Palestine. Occupation of a land and ethnic cleansing of its inhabitants to make room for foreign settlers who have the desired religion or ethnicity cannot be accomplished without such massacres and indeed massacres have been a routine occurrence in Palestine; so much so, in fact, that Israeli authorities refer to them as “mowing the lawn”.
During all these years of brutal occupation, which has sent millions of Palestinians into refugee camps in neighboring countries, to live as rejected, poor, homeless and landless refugees without adequate clean water or services, while those who stayed behind continued to be murdered or incarcerated and tortured or made homeless, the US government has continued to pour money into the occupation, to the tune of billions of dollars every year, has given almost unlimited amount of weapons and military equipment to the occupation forces and has continued to defend and protect Israel in the UN, against Security Council resolutions demanding an end to the occupation. The excuse has been that “the two sides must come to the table and negotiate”. These so-called “negotiations” were meant and have been used as nothing but a cover to continue to demolish Palestinian homes, to evict them from their own land and build new settlements for new settlers, who go from the US, South America, Europe and elsewhere to settle on land cleansed of its original inhabitants because they have just the right religion or ethnic background. Upon arrival, these settlers are given a home and become citizens and have rights which Palestinians living there for millennia don’t have. The only outcome of these “negotiations” have been more home demolitions, more land grabs, more settlements and more massacres of Palestinians. Any act of resistance by the victims of the occupation is used as an excuse to murder even more of them and for the US to give the occupying army more money and replenish their stockpile of weapons and bombers and fighter jets, and to stand in front of the microphone and say: “Israel has the right to defend itself”. Any child can understand that “negotiating” with your occupiers when their tanks are surrounding your homes and their fighter jets and attack helicopters are overhead and their soldiers are patrolling your streets and neighborhoods and when they come at will and take away your leaders is total nonsense and ludicrous. And the results speak for themselves. As the occupation and ethnic cleansing continues, every act of resistance by the occupied is used as the pretext to massacre more of the occupied population, including women and children, and when that round of “mowing the lawn” is over – until the next round – the US “presses the two sides to negotiate”, in order to obfuscate the issue of occupation and ethnic cleansing, to give itself legitimacy for aiding and abetting the war crimes and genocide and to make it look like it’s a fair broker between “the two sides”. They speak of “the two sides” as if they’re equal or equally at fault. The myth that “they can’t get along” or that “there is no easy solution” is deliberately perpetuated to hide the real problem which is the occupation and ethnic cleansing and the racist ideology it’s based on. Palestinians agree to these bogus “negotiations” because they have no choice – it’s their only hope to get a reprieve from the massacre – and Israelis agree because it gives them and the US the diplomatic cover to go on with their ethnic cleansing and genocide. Indeed, as soon as the “talks” are over, Israel builds new settlements, as they began right after the “talks” in Cairo, which when reported in the media Obama “criticized” with his mouth, while his hand unaware of what his mouth was doing, signed new shipment of arms to Israel.
What has become clear to anyone who pays any attention to this ongoing genocide is that the enabler of this genocide is none other than the US government, and as Professor Noam Chomsky observed, it will continue as long as the current US policies continue. And, these policies will continue as long as the US government remains beholden to the Wall Street banks and other large corporations and their billionaire shareholders and owners who own and control the government and set those policies.
To boycott Israel is to boycott Wall Street, McDonald Douglas, Northrop, Boing, Monsanto, Exxon-Mobile, Bank of America, Walmart and others. To boycott Israel is to stand with the victimized and defenseless people of Palestine and with those who stand with justice and against massacres and genocide. To boycott Israel is to stand against racism and injustice and against Democrats and Republicans alike who represent big business and imperialism and go to war for the Empire. To boycott Israel is the essence of being human.
We don’t have to look back at history and say how barbaric those people who killed so many were. This is happening now. This is on us.


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