Seven Wars and Counting: The Real Purpose of US Wars

The US, under Bush and Obama administrations, has by now committed bombing campaigns or all out wars against seven nations and has imposed economic sanctions on two others, which itself is an act of war. Unless we’re so numbed to the idea of a perpetual multi-front war that we cease to think rationally anymore, we must see that we’re entering dangerous uncharted waters and the future doesn’t look so bright – unless it’s lit up by nuclear blasts. The excuse for these wars has always been that “we can’t sit idly by and let atrocities go on”. In Afghanistan, it was the Taliban who had to be destroyed because they gave sanctuary to and refused to turn in Al Qaeda members who plotted the 9/11 attacks against the US, even though they were armed and funded when fighting the Soviets in 1980’s. In Iraq, it was the brutal dictator, Saddam, who might have had plans for aquiring a nuclear weapon, which he then might have used on a neighboring country or given to terrorists. In Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia, there are Al Qaeda members or sympathizers whatever that means, who could be plotting to kill Americans. In Libya, it was the brutal dictator Qaddafi, who had to be removed from office by bombing Libyan cities and population centers, shortly after he tries to unify African nations and move away from dependency on the West, economically, militarily and politically. And now, in Syria, it’s the terrorist group ISIS that has to be destroyed. Syria is the same country, by the way, that Obama almost bombed last year on a different pretext, but backed off from because there was too much domestic and international opposition. If last year not enough people were convinced that it was that nation’s turn to be bombed, now there are, and so it is being bombed. And again, it so happens that Syria does not cooperate with US plans for the region or with its allies, namely, Israel and Saudi Arabia. And while all this is taking place, Iran, too, remains in their crosshairs, no matter how many concessions it makes.

But, what does the US scorecard look like, after all these wars and military interventions, many are rightly asking. What kind of results has the US obtained from these actions, aside from killing over a million people, mostly Iraqis? It depends on whom you ask, but even pro-Obama liberals (yes, surprisingly, they still exist, though not as many as before) admit that the results don’t look very promising and the stated objectives – whatever they may be (many aren’t sure what those even are) – are not being met, and cannot be met and we’re not even talking about all the human lives that these wars have destroyed.

If what you’re taking away from all this is that the US tries to punish brutal dictators, who commit atrocities against their people and who pose a threat to world peace and stability, or to end terrorism, but that it’s not succeeding and not achieving peace and stability, despite all the bombings and interventions, then you’re missing the whole point. First of all, the claim that the US is acting as the “world policeman” is totally false and misleading and a total misrepresentation of the reality, meant to deceive the public and nothing else. Indeed, if the US is a policeman, it’s a very corrupt, violent, sadistic and thuggish gangster of a policeman, who uses his guns to steal, rape and plunder. It aids and supports the most brutal and corrupt dictators around the world when the interests of its corporate Empire can benefit from them and punishes only those who stand in its way towards achieving total and complete world domination. It raises no objection over Saudi Arabia’s corrupt Kings who aid and fund terror organizations like ISIS, or about the daily beheadings going on there. This so-called “policeman” is fine with brutal crackdown of demonstrators in Yemen and Bahrain, but undertakes a massive bombing campaign against Libya for doing exactly that. It screams about the police reaction to cocktail Molotov throwing demonstrators in Kiev when the government isn’t “friendly” towards the West, but remains quiet when its newly installed government massacres hundreds in East Ukraine. It gives chemical weapons to Saddam to use against Iranians during a war Saddam started and then it says Syria must be bombed because it used chemical weapons, which it never proved. It overthrows democratically elected leaders and installs and supports hated dictators and goes to war against defenseless people, and worst of all, it aids the apartheid state of Israel in its genocide against Palestinians. Some policeman, right?

So you see: it’s not atrocities the US tries to stop and it’s not brutal dictators it wants to punish and depose. And it’s not even terrorism or extremism it wants to fight and uproot. What bigger terrorism than giving weapons and money to the occupiers of Palestine to bomb hospitals, schools and apartment buildings full of defenseless men, women and children? If there is a bigger terrorism than that going on now, I want to know.

So, the lesson is not that “the US tries to be the world policeman, but it can’t or it’s too hard or too costly”. Nor is it that “you can’t bomb terrorism out of existence”, though that’s certainly true, too. The purpose of the corporate Empire is neither stopping atrocities committed by dictators, nor putting an end to terrorism, but rather what you can often see if you pay attention and read between the lines, and that is: world domination for corporations. After all, the actions of an entity, whether it’s a drug cartel or Mafia or the collective of powerful transnational corporations pushing their global agenda through the military industrial complex in Washington, is inseparable from its purpose and intent. The purpose and intent of this corporate collective, which has amassed an incredible amount of firepower and economic and political prowess, is to control world resources, labor and markers, in order to make as much money for corporations and their wealthy owners, as possible, and so anything that comes on their way must be removed, by any means necessary, including devastating wars and genocides. That’s the essence of what’s happening in our world, today.

This state of affairs is not normal, no matter how many times the Empire’s media tells us that. Being in perpetual war and causing so many deaths is not normal. We must not accept the kind of world greedy corporations are trying to impose on us. We must change the direction this is taking us all.


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