US Strikes “ISIS Targets” Within Syria in Preparation For A New Regime Change

The US, with the help of reactionary and despotic governments of Bahrain, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and the United Arab Emirates, has begun launching airstrikes against Islamic State (IS) “targets within Syria”, over the objections of the Syrian government, which itself has been in battle with the terrorist group for over 3 years. Ironically, IS (or ISIS), along with other Islamist groups that have been trying to overthrow the Syrian government to establish an Islamic Caliphate, has been getting funding, arms and support from the very states, including the US and especially Saudi Arabia, who are now supposedly fighting the terrorist organization!

The goal for the US and its allies was clear from the outset: to do regime change in Syria, as they did in Iraq and Libya. What’s been different is the method, which unlike in Iraq and Libya, involved the use of terror groups such as ISIS. Despite the stated goal of defeating the latter, the real goal remains the same as it was 3 years ago, and as it was last year, when Obama announced his plans for conducting a bombing campaign, but backed off in the face of domestic and international opposition and accepted the Russians’ proposal for destroying the nation’s chemical weapons, instead. The stated pretext then was to punish Assad – by bombing Syrian people – for using such weapons against his own people, which was never proven and on the contrary, there were several credible reports that the chemical weapons were in fact used by the “rebels”, with the help of US allies such as Turkey and Saudi Arabia.

The goal hasn’t changed. It’s still the same as it was 3 years ago, as it was a year ago. The goal of the US corporate Empire or the military industrial complex doesn’t change every year or even every decade and doesn’t depend on who’s in the White House. That goal was made clear in the document titled “Strategy For A New American Century”, published as the 1990’s were coming to an end, which stated that in the new era (hence the phrase “New Century”), when there is no serious military challenge anymore, such as the former Soviet Union, to the rule of the Empire, it will forcibly remove any government that presented an obstacle and refused to accept its complete and total hegemony and rule, which is ultimately the rule of the corporations, in pursuit of complete world domination for profits. That’s the real reason for the war in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, and in Syria, which, in reality began 3 years ago, but which was stepped back from, temporarily. If last year the pretext was the chemical weapons, now it’s ISIS, which was created, or at the minimum, funded and supported with the help of those same governments which are now supposedly fighting it. This has a very familiar sound to it: in 1980’s, too, they armed and funded the Mujaheddin of Afghanistan to fight the Soviets who then turned on them and became their enemies to be fought against. This inhuman and cynical formula seems to work for them: use terrorists to overthrow governments they deem unhelpful, and then use those same terrorists as pretext for “endless wars” after you’ve scared the daylights out of the public. The idea of permanent wars is becoming such a part of the American psyche and culture that one almost misses its incredible absurdity. A Fox News host said about this new war: we’re finally getting back to being Americans again: we have some people to kill.

Once again, the US and its reactionary allies, including Saudi Arabia, which beheads people regularly in public, without any US media saying anything about it and which supports Sunni Islamist terrorists in the region, have found an excuse to bomb a country whose government refuses to comply with Washington’s wishes and plans for the region, which call for cooperation with Israel and defeating Palestinian struggle for self-determination, among others. This is why their plan, after the bombing campaign, includes “training and arming the Syrian rebels”. It’s a formula that’s been used many times before: “soften up” through heavy bombardment and then go in with “military advisors”, “special forces”, CIA operatives, hired mercenaries from neighboring countries and private contractors, none of whom are considered “boots on the ground”, to finish the job.

The Empire does not enter a war with a group of terrorists who, according to Homeland Security, intelligence agencies and the FBI pose no domestic threat. It enters a war to remove an “unfriendly” government to move one step closer to its long term goal of total world domination for its corporations. As it’s been said before, McDonalds enters a country on the wings of McDonald Douglas. Bombers always come before the Monsanto’s and Exxon-Mobiles. If you understand that, you understand imperialism and the real reasons for imperialist wars, including the new one against Syria. While they’re on route for regime change in Syria, they’ve already been setting the groundwork for it in Iran with economic sanctions and embargo. While their approach in Syria resembles the one used in Libya, their plan for Iran is more like Iraq, where they accused the regime of possessing weapons of mass destructions and weakened it with years of economic sanctions which resulted in the death of half a million children even before the first bomb was dropped. Afghanistan, on the other hand, needed no such groundwork. 9/11 was enough to begin the war there. What changes is the pretext; otherwise, there is a common thread through all of these wars. Since they see Russia as an obstacle, too, to their long term plans, they miss no opportunity to surround it with NATO military bases in preparation for an eventual confrontation and regime change. Nor is China forgotten. Obama has moved new aircraft carriers and battleships to the Pacific, to the shores of China, and has shored up its Australian ally, while, according to reports, planning to spend about a trillion dollars to update and improve US nuclear arsenal. If they seem to be preparing for WWIII, it’s because they’re thinking WWIII. That’s how determined the corporate Empire is to achieve a complete, total and unchallenged world domination.

The war against Syria, which this new war is really about, will not eliminate terrorism. If anything, it will whip up even more hostility and will be used to recruit more young people to fight Americans. And those who undertake these wars know that. But, no matter, because that’ll give them even more ammunition to continue with their “endless wars”. Let’s not forget that one of the demands of the US of Iran is to end its “support for terrorism”, as ridiculous and baseless as that demand is, as the backup excuse, in case Iran completely scraps its nuclear program, which to this day, there is no evidence linking it to nuclear weapons. Terrorism is not what concerns the US. Governments that refuse to accept US corporate rule are. Terrorism is a pretext for such wars to achieve world domination, as such wars are a pretext for Islamist terrorists to recruit followers, creating a perpetual tug of war between the two sides, which imperialism finds quite helpful for its ends, as do the reactionary Islamists for theirs.


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