ISIS Provides the Pretext to Attempt Regime Change in Syria

As Glen Greenwald smartly observed recently, it’s almost as if ISIS and the US media worked together to frighten the daylights out of the American people. If the beheading of couple of American journalists (or in the case of Steven Sotloff, a dual citizen of US and Israel) scared the Americans enough to want another war in Iraq, how scary is it for people in the region who have to constantly fear being bombed by US drones? Though Americans don’t behead their victims, their drones sometimes do, including severing heads and limbs of women and children. Most Americans fail to see that actions have reactions and that the right or desire to retaliate isn’t exclusive to Americans.

No doubt ISIS is a barbaric and cruel organization and its beheadings are barbaric and indefensible, but so are US bombings in several countries, as were their bombings against Libya, which were meant to and did culminate in overthrowing and killing Gaddafi. So was the invasion of Iraq that caused the death of a million people. And so are the bombings of the Palestinian people, which take place every so often, with US weapons and help.

While US media outlets are beating drums of a new war in Iraq and Syria, no one is talking about the fact that the US and its Gulf allies, especially Saudi Arabia, Israel and Turkey, made ISIS what it is today. While its brutal massacres were directed at the Syrian people, the US and its allies were arming and funding them, in order to help overthrow the Assad government, which to this day has resulted in 180,000 deaths and displacement of 2.5 million Syrians. None of that was considered brutal and barbaric enough to make the US at least cut the support for ISIS, let alone fight it.

So, what has this joint ISIS-US media fear mongering bought for the US? The ticket to bomb Syria, supposedly of ISIS positions, along with training and arming of the Anti-government “opposition” – which so far has included ISIS – to make sure the vacuum left by ISIS, as they flee or get killed, is filled with the “opposition”, with the aim of finally toppling the government. When the issue of bombing inside Syria came up recently, the Syrian government, understandably, asked that any such intervention be coordinated with the government to avoid bombing innocent people, which the US rejected. I don’t need to point out that bombing a country uninvited is against international laws and Geneva Conventions, whatever the stated reason or pretext.

Once again, they want to conduct a bombing campaign against another sovereign nation, to achieve regime change, as they did in Libya, something they wanted to do in Syria, last year, but backed away from, due to public opposition. That’s what’s being planned and that’s what’s coming out of all the fear mongering.

Obama said in his special prime time “address to the nation” tonight that ISIS is taking advantage of regional strife and sectarianism to gain territory and impose its rule. US leaders should know. His mention of Syria and what he wants to do there – to train “the Syrian opposition” to do the regime change was not the biggest part of his speech, but you can be sure that that’s the main subject being discussed behind closed doors.


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