“What Is To Be Done?”

We are living during precarious and dangerous times. Giant organizations with strictly defined and maintained hierarchies and rules of conduct, and a narrowly defined mission and purpose for accumulating as much wealth for a few individuals, as possible, with all means necessary, have created a modern day empire, hell bent on controlling, dominating and exploiting the whole world for profits and wealth. Rather than trying to take over and control territories, including their resources and people, on their own and individually, which would have been chaotic, inefficient and self-defeating, giant international corporations have collectively created a single hugely powerful and armed organization, headquartered in Washington, to advance the objectives of the group of owners, who are the beneficiaries of these corporations.

Similar setups have been created in other parts of the world, most notably and most relevant to the US, in Europe. Not only do the US corporations benefit from the government they own and control in Washington, but those in Europe, Canada, Australia and Japan, have also adopted this government and accepted its representation and leadership, giving even more power, legitimacy and capability to the empire, for the purpose of dominating over the world and funneling wealth to the owners in their respective countries.

In effect then, large corporations in North America, Europe and elsewhere are being collectively represented by the empire, even though its headquarters remain in Washington. Meanwhile, and naturally, the local governments in the satellite countries, which represent their own local corporations, have accepted the US leadership. This has largely removed the inter-imperialist rivalry that used to exist among imperialist governments, which was pitting one group against smother, which led to two world wars.

The creation of this super powerful coalition, under the leadership of the US, was a practical and pragmatic solution to the following problems or phenomena: rivalry and wars among these individual governments on behalf their own corporations, national liberation movements that exploded some 50 years ago, threatening the interests of corporations and presenting a challenge to their representative governments, and to coordinate and unify their efforts at controlling and exploiting the world for corporations, which by now are truly global and which needed a suitable and secure globalized environment for their activities and operations.

With the North American and European governments thus united, they could now rule the world, collectively, with an iron fist and punish and remove any detractor and opponent from their path, accelerating the global concentration of wealth into a small global class of wealthy individuals.

This is why these governments, whether their ruling party calls itself “Socialist”, “Labor”, “Christian Democrat”, “liberal Democrat”, “Democratic” or “Republican”, they’re always united politically, whether in defending Israel against the Palestinian people, or in doing regime change in Libya and Syria, or in supporting brutal dictatorships around the world, or in trying to weaken Russia, surround it with NATO forces and create the grounds for an eventual regime change there, or isolating and weakening Iran. (Even in the case of Iraq, they were mostly united).

Basically, these governments, under the leadership of the US, have created an international cartel for enriching few Mafia-type bosses in these countries, and to reach their goals, they wage wars and resort to massacres, assassinations, military interventions, coups and systematic disinformation and brainwashing of their people. So, remember this next time you’re contemplating voting for the lesser of two evils. There are no lesser or more evil. There is just an empire, also known as the military industrial complex, with its corporate agenda, which either party will faithfully advance.

Naturally, this state of affairs is not sustainable. Nor should it be sustained, due to the enormous gap it creates between a small minority of super wealthy and the vast majority of extremely poor, the wars and massacres and in the case of Palestine, genocide, it commits, and the tremendous injustices it causes or helps with on many fronts, including racism, police brutality, incarcerations, ruining of the environment, poisoning the water and food we consume, dehumanizations of women, encouraging waste and senseless consumerism, spying on citizens, disinformation and mind control through the corporate media, excessive corporate influence on elections and militarization of societies, which squanderes national wealth on devastating wars or preparation for war, instead of meeting people’s needs and raising their level of healthcare, education, comfort and enjoyment, and instead of fighting diseases and protecting and improving the environment.

What is obvious is that privately owned organizations that exploit the poor’s labor for the further enrichment of a select few is the wrong way of organizing a human society. What’s needed is a completely different paradigm, one which isn’t about profits and wealth building for a few, but one which is based on meeting people’s needs, one which instead of benefiting a few, would benefit many, one which instead of increasing the gap and conflict between groups of people, it would equalize and reduce and eliminate differences and conflicts, and one which instead of exploiting the underdeveloped nations, it would help develop them to help their populations live better.

This leads us to the necessity of taking the power away from and dismantling corporations and rewriting of constitutions, collectivizing and nationalizing all large industries and banks, and simultaneously working to base international relations on cooperation and mutual benefit, rather than exploitation of the poor by the wealthy of the developed nations, as well as demilitarizing nations to move towards the ultimate goal of creating peace and cooperation, worldwide.

Before you attack me for being idealistic and naive, I would like to point out two things:
1. Once we eliminate corporations and the grip they have on the largest economies and militaries, we will be setting the foundation for what now seems impossible, but which will seem within reach, then.
2. There was a time when the idea of getting rid of slavery or serfdom seemed too idealistic and naive. Even smaller changes such as women and blacks winning the right to vote seemed too far fetched, once.

I believe frequent wars, military conflicts and economic crises, along with record level of inequality and poverty, have created conditions that make this the right time to educate and agitate around these ideals. I also believe that globalization of capital and with it the concentration of so much of military and economic power in a few nations, under US leadership, make it possible to push for global change, rather than only in a single society. That would make it possible to unify and globalize the struggle for change in the global economic system, increasing its chance of success.

If not, then, what’s the alternative – resigning to the current trend and state of affairs and accepting its inevitability and surrendering to the status quo and awaiting another catastrophic world war, in which humanity may not survive? That would not be idealistic, I’d have to grant you that, but, would be irresponsible and defeatist, which is far worse. Between apathy and surrender to the status quo and idealism, I’ll pick the latter, any day of the week.


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