Is Israel Controlling US Policies in Middle East And Beyond?

I keep having to write about this because it keeps coming up. It’s hugely prevalent among liberals and even some on the left. And that is the view that just about everything the US government does is because of Israeli lobby, including the war in Iraq, Libya and Syria, the sanctions and threats against Iran and many others. If one chooses, he or she can throw in the intervention in Ukraine and the follow up with threats and sanctions against Russia and the long running war in Afghanistan. Add also the drone attacks in Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia and suddenly, you end up with the idea that the US government has all the good intentions and means no harm, anywhere, and it’s all Israel’s fault! What a convenient way for liberals, “progressives” and some “leftists” to be nationalistic and absolve their government of all wrongdoing! Just blame it on Israeli lobby! Is it also the Israeli lobby that makes the European governments follow the orders of their boss in Washington and go along with whatever has been decided in Washington – I mean Tel Aviv – and dictated to them?

Never mind that we’re talking about a world imperialism headed by the most powerful empire in history, an empire that has been created by and for large corporations, in order to take over the entire world and turn it into a source of profits for corporations of the US and its allies’. Or was the corporate empire itself created with all its plans and objectives for world hegemony, at the behest of Israel and by the orders of their lobby? I wouldn’t be surprised if that rhetorical question was answered affirmatively by some. Recently, when debating this issue with a friend on Facebook, I pointed out that US imperialism predated the creation of Israel and its lobby, to which she replied that no, Zionism existed long before the US became a major power and imperialist. So even when the state of Israel was just an idea in some people’s heads, it had a strong lobby and directed US policies and made the US what it is today, so it could then support and defend Israel! Which it raises the question: if Zionists had such power even before they were able to form the Zionist state, why didn’t they just make Israel a superpower imperialist country instead?

Now, I know that not everyone goes this far into the territory of the absurd and fantasy, but, most will say that: true, the US became a powerful imperialist country, with giant corporations seeking to rule the world through the government they control in Washington, but then came the Israeli lobby and suddenly, if up to that point, US policies were meant to pave the way for US corporations to control and profit from natural resources, cheap labor and markets, overseas, the US government then became the servant of Israel and the agent and enabler of their objectives. But, if you read that sentence carefully, you can see the contradiction and absurdity in it. According to this incredible scenario, the body of the US government is possessed by the brain of Israeli lobby, which directs it to wage wars and impose sanctions and drop bombs and give aid and arms to dictators around the world and commit coups and assassinations and develop and impose neoliberal “free trade” agreements and austerity measures on developing nations, keeping them poor and move towards creating a police state at home to prevent dissent, which all benefits US corporations, but is directed by Israel!

Maybe the misunderstanding is about the word “lobby”. If there is “lobbying” going on in Washington, it’s because there is a lobby they enter into and where they stand around, in the first place. In other words the system is already set up that way, which is to allow the influence, but not of any lobby group, only those who fall within the collective goals and objectives of the ruling class that is the ultimate controller of the policies. If there is Israeli lobby with strong influence, it’s because it’s allowed into the lobby in the first place and because the goals of that lobby coincide with those of imperialism, to begin with.

Another variation on the theme (with apologies to musicians for borrowing their phrase) of Israel directing US policies is that the Rothschild family created the state of Israel, so the Arab states “could be sufficiently weakened and fractured and eventually destroyed”, so the Rothschilds could “take over their oil resources”. This was argued in an article by Gregory Princze, and posted on Facebook by a friend. In fact, the article, among some correct things it says, which I duly give him credit for, implies – by sarcastically saying “what a coincidence” – that the creation of the state of Israel, which was planned by the Rothschilds, was the reason why they and some other US banks, “financed the Nazi war machine early on”, which then led the Nazis to commit the holocaust, “which turned out to be beneficial to Rothschild plans”, which the psychic Rothschilds could have anticipated, beforehand, so then the Zionists could create the state of Israel, which would then weaken and eventually destroy the Arab states, so they – the Rothschilds – could take over the oil on Arab land! And right after making the argument that a super wealthy American Jewish family plans and directs the creation of the state of Israel, he does a 180 and says: “on a much larger scale … the US does the dirty work for the state of Israel throughout the region with American soldiers doing the fighting and dying and American taxpayers picking up the tab.” Thus, the state of Israel that was the brainchild of a billionaire American family for further enrichment of that family, turns around and begins controlling the US government, making it do “the dirty work for the state of Israel”, using American soldiers who fight and die for the state, which in reality it is for the Rothschilds, I would have to conclude. But don’t the American billionaires already control the policies of their own government so they don’t have to go through the trouble of planning 75 years in advance to create a state that would control the policies of their own government on their behalf? Or was the Israeli control of their government not part of that long term plan and just happened?

The truth is: US soldiers are not dying for the state of Israel. They’re dying for US corporations and their wealthy owners. Israel is not controlling US policies. American multinational corporations, who are the beneficiaries of those policies, are. Israel is, rather, part of the global scheme for US imperialism for taking over and controlling the world and its resources and is thus the one being used to do dirty work of imperialism, not the other way around.

Some of these articles and those who write them seem very radical, but by putting all the blame on Israeli lobby and even on a single family, they absolve the US imperialism and the collective of large US and European multinational banks and other huge corporations and the international class of super wealthy, who own them. By implying that they’re stupid and duped by Zionists to do their dirty work – which makes no sense if you just argued that Israel was created by an American family – they make the US government the victim – a naive and gullible victim at that.

Such views result in miseducating about and obfuscating the reality of US imperialism, by moving the blame away from the parasitic class that is trying to take over the world and wages numerous wars and commits numerous atrocities to do it, leaving behind poverty and devastation for hundreds of millions of people and pushing the world towards a world war and turning the society into a police state. These are not done by Israel or their lobby.

Once you put the focus back on the real culprits as a collective – the cartel of corporations and the owner class – then you understand that it’s not Israel that uses the US, but the other way around. The loot and riches from world domination, first and foremost, go into the coffers of this class as a whole, which, no, it is not all Jewish or Israeli, and moreover, there are also poor Jews, whom the Jewish billionaires don’t give rat’s ass about.

What’s happening in the world is not all a Jewish conspiracy. Nor is the Big Bang and coming into existence of the entire universe. Let’s keep it real and keep the focus on the 0.1% and their push for wars, on several fronts, including against Russia, as well as, their support for massacres and genocide in Palestine. Until we are clear what and who the problem is, we can’t begin to change it.


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