Israel Building A Huge New Settlement in West Bank

The Guardian of London reported today that Israel is building a “huge new settlement” on occupied land in West Bank, which even the US and UK “condemned”, when it became public news. These two imperialist governments of big corporations want it both ways. They keep arming, financing and supporting the occupation army of Israel and its ethnic cleansing, home demolitions and genocide against Palestinians, while under pressure by the international community who are shaming them, and to pretend that they’re opposed to the building of settlements, they make a soft verbal complaint about that, which they themselves make possible with their money and arms.

What I want to know is: would they take the same stand and react the same way, and moreover, would they help and support the Russians were they to literally and really – not just hype and lies – take over and occupy Ukraine and build thousands and thousands of settlements and kick out non-Russian Ukrainians from their ancestral homes on those lands and settle Russians that they would bring from all over the world and settle on occupied and stolen land? Would they continue having cooperative relations and keep supporting them financially, politically and diplomatically and then softly mumble that they shouldn’t be doing that? Do the war criminal cowards in American and British governments know anything else in their low life existence, but hypocrisy, double standards and lying and cheating and deceiving? Did somehow, mysteriously, all the scum and assholes and psychopaths of the Earth decide someday to go take over these two and a few other European governments, which are their allies, such as France? Do they think we’re stupid?

We, the people, can and will get rid of these scum of the Earth in position of power, who are causing so much mayhem and misery and injustice, eventually, but eventually isn’t soon enough for the suffering people of Palestine, who keep losing their homes and becoming displaced and who are starved, imprisoned, tortured and massacred, while these criminal governments keep aiding and abetting with the genocide against them. We must continue to boycott Israel and help the international BDS (Boycott, Divest and Sanction) campaign succeed. Words don’t matter actions do.


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