ISIS Beheadings And US Policy in Middle East

As a friend recently pointed out, it’s no accident that ISIS murderers dress their victims in orange jumpsuit and water board them, before savagely beheading them. That’s exactly the kind of jumpsuit the US makes Muslims it captures and indefinitely puts in Guantanamo Bay prison, wear. And water boarding is the method the US uses for torturing its prisoners of war, which it does in violation of all international laws and specifically against the Geneva Conventions it is a signatory to.

Besides, when the US does decide to kill, we must ask: is killing with a drone or dropping bombs from a fighter jet, which kills an entire household, including women and children, sometimes during a wedding and other times a funeral, any better or less barbaric? Was the bombing of apartment buildings and schools and hospitals that Israel did for more than a month against people of Gaza, which killed more than 570 children, which US officials kept defending and supporting with taxpayer money, any less barbaric?

In fact, we can even go further and ask: is lethal injection, which is the American way of killing a prisoner, at times, as it turns out, of innocent black men, that different from ISIS’ way of killing journalists it decides are guilty and must die? Aren’t both barbaric? Two North Carolina black men were just released after being in prison and on death row for 30 years, when it was discovered that they were indeed innocent. And, they wouldn’t have been the first to be murdered by the government, unjustly and savagely, for being in the wrong place, at the wrong time.

I do not condone in any way, nor do I defend or justify or make light of the barbaric acts of beheading journalists, even if they had dual US and Israeli citizenship and even if they were being used by their governments politically, for intelligence, or in any other way. But, I don’t fall for the patriotic bravado and calls for war on the entire Middle East to kill even more people, either, because of these barbaric killings, which are done in retribution – no matter how wrong – for acts of terror and atrocities the US has committed, over many years, in that part of the world, and which, incidentally, are committed by the very same Islamist organization, which is in fact the offshoot and result of US support for terrorism against governments it deems unfriendly and which tries to get rid of by arming and supporting such barbaric organizations. I should point out for those who may not know, that ISIS, which has helped murder some 180,000 and displace millions of Syrians in that so-called civil war and has taken over parts of Syria to create an Islamic caliphate, has been armed and supported by the US and its allies to help topple the Syrian government. Not only did their barbarism go unnoticed and was ignored by TV commentators who are furious now, they were getting help from the US, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey to do regime change in Syria, which was, of course, kept from the American people.

This should sound familiar to those who are familiar with the story of Bin Laden and the Mujaheddin of Afghanistan, who were being armed, financed and supported by the CIA to fight the Soviets, who then turned on their bosses and only then suddenly became dangerous terrorists and only then the American people found out about them, without being told what happened before that.

It’s not that the US policies are wrongheaded or misguided or stupid, as many liberals claim. After all, I for one, wouldn’t claim to be smarter than the ideologues leading the biggest and most lethal empire man has known. In fact, they’re anything but stupid. The fact is: US policy makers, who lead the military industrial finance complex, cause all the mayhem, wars, destabilizations, conflicts and massacres, on behalf of giant corporations, who have taken over the government, which, like a possessed killer, is on a dangerous path towards ever more wars and possibly even another world war, to expand and reinforce the reach and influence of the corporate empire, for ever more profits. Therefore, I place all the blame squarely on Washington and its allies, from Riyadh to Tel Aviv to London to Brussels.


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