Fracking, Earthquakes and Unbridled Capitalism


According to Daily Kos Web site, in the seven years from 2001 – 2008, there were 6 earthquakes in the State of Oklahoma. But, after gas companies began furiously conducting fracking to extract gas, just in the two months of May and July of this year, there have been 145 earthquakes!

And don’t think that if you don’t live in Oklahoma, you’re off the hook. Fracking is starting to happen in every State of the Union. It not only causes earthquakes through its drilling which turns the Earth below us into Swiss cheese, it also pollutes the underground water that’s used for drinking. We all have seen videos showing people setting their tap water on fire.

In a society where corporate profits weren’t all that mattered and where the government was not in the pocket of the corporations, honest science would lead the way for finding safe sources of energy, that could be harnessed without harming the environment or our health and without causing earthquakes. But, that’s not the case. That’s why we must spend time educating ourselves on all issues that affect our lives and pass the information to one another through social media because the government won’t. The government is too busy talking to corporate CEO’s in conference rooms and in House and Senate meeting rooms and it’s too busy plotting wars, bombings, coups, assassinations, lies, fabrications, propaganda and every other dirty tricks you can think of, instead of caring for the people. And none of all those wars and massacres and bullying of other nations is good for people here or overseas.

This is not some fantastic conspiracy theory. It’s a fact. And how could it be otherwise? Being focused on the bottom line means pushing other issues such as safety, health and environment aside and even hiding and lying about them. What did you think corporate influence of the government – actually, more like corporate ownership of the government – meant?

Corporate control of the government is not only hazardous to our health and environment, it’s also in-congruent and inconsistent with democracy and even “civilization”. Democracy that’s based on lies, fabrications, controlled and censored news and propaganda is not democracy. Such wrongheaded foundation for a society also begets many other undesired and dangerous consequences for its inhabitants, such as constant move towards the creation of a police state and fascism and endless wars and genocides. Corporations are not what a civilized and decent society with human values would want to organize people’s lives around, any more than soldiers marching on the streets with swastika armbands and carrying bibles and machine guns is the way to live on this planet.


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