Gaza Ceasefire: Another Massacre Is Put on Hold

There is finally a “ceasefire” in Gaza, which means a temporary stoppage of the massacre since there was no war. It was an unmistakable massacre and an act of genocide. So what’s been put on hold, for now, is the genocide in Gaza. This massacre, which has for now been stopped, was not an isolated incident. For over 66 years, the state of Israel has been massacring Palestinians. The list of massacres is so long, it takes a while just to read through them all. Every year, since its inception, the Zionist military and the criminal settlers have committed atrocities and massacres against Palestinians. Those who are even slightly familiar with the history of this murderous settler state know that there hasn’t been a single month or even a week without some Palestinians being murdered in the hands of the occupying army or the settlers. We must therefore not look at what just happened in Gaza as a single act of genocide, but the continuation of what started 66 years ago.

This process of ongoing genocide stems from the very purpose and mission of the “Jewish State”, which its founders envisioned and were quite candid about. That mission, which gives a bad name to all Jewry of the world, could not have been made any clearer. It was clear in 1948 and it is clear now, after so many years of massacres. The purpose has always been to cleanse the land of the indigenous population who happen to be not Jewish. This has been clear by both the deeds and words of Israeli officials since the beginning. A state that’s exclusively for a particular people with a particular and “chosen” religion or ethnicity can only be accomplished through ethnic cleansing and ethnic cleansing can only be done through repeated and continuous murders and massacres, along with incarcerations, torture, home demolitions, denying of basic human rights and necessities and starvation of an entire population. Genocide is the purpose, as well as, the means for achieving such a state. The entire Zionist project for creating an exclusive “Jewish homeland” has been based on it.

What just happened in Gaza and to the people of Gaza who live in poverty, without adequate clean water, in a densely populated piece of land, cut off and isolated from the outside world and blockaded from all sides by a vicious and murderous occupation army, was indeed an act of genocide, but it wasn’t the first and it probably won’t be the last. What was different about it this time, however, was not that “they went too far”, but that more than any other time, Israel and with it, the criminal Zionist project and its requisite genocide against Palestinians, which the whole idea of a “Jewish state” is based on, was exposed and laid bare for all to see. This, more than anything else, more than Hamas’ useless rockets or tunnels and more than the rocks thrown at occupation soldiers by teenagers who are shot at with live ammunition, sounded the death knoll of Israel. It made it clear to the world that Israel, which is only supported by the complicit and murderous imperialist states, most notably the US, and which is opposed by the majority of the people of the world, had to go – that it does not belong to a “civilized” world, by any definition of the word and that it’s an ugly stain on the conscience of humanity. It made it clear to us all that we must all do our best to wash and wipe this ugly stain off our world and our conscience.

This realization, this exposure and uncloaking of the true nature and purpose of the Zionist state is what infuriated its ideologues and defenders the most, not those useless rockets. It’s for this reason that the defenders of the genocidal state, both in Israel and in the US, including some of the American TV personalities, such as Joan Rivers, could not restrain their anger and frustration and openly called for the annihilation of the entire population of the Palestinian people, exposing their hatred and racism, which they used to hide behind layers of silicone and collagen shots.

While we’re all relieved that there is a “ceasefire” and a stoppage to the horrendous carnage, we must realize that it’s not over; not by a long shot. This should, in fact, be a beginning for us all to double and triple our efforts to rid humanity of this shameful entity. We must remember that we are on the right side of history, that our struggle is for inclusion, not exclusion, for equality, not discrimination and apartheid, for the oppressed not the oppressors, for treating a people with the same rights, dignity and opportunities as others, for letting people live, not wish for their destruction and it is for justice. And it is for ourselves so we don’t have to cry over pictures of children with their mutilated bodies or pictures of mothers and fathers crying over their dead babies. This struggle is also for ourselves because we are all interconnected and injustice and atrocities affect us all in ways we may not realize or admit. It is for ourselves when our government helps with such atrocities with our tax money which is so vitally needed in our cities.

We must not raise our voice only over a single act of genocide, but the root cause of the continuing genocide, which is the idea of ethnic cleansing to create a state exclusively for those with a certain “desired” religion or ethnicity, which requires such massacres.

What happened in Gaza is very sad and it will take a while to forget those images, but it will take much longer for the survivors to forget their loved ones that they lost and to rebuild their already impoverished lives. The stoppage of the bombings is reason for a sigh of relief, but not celebration. And it should not be a reason to move on and forget the continuing genocide. This is the time to educate ourselves and others on the BDS (Boycot, Divest and Sanction) movement and to do our part to see it succeed.


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