The Untold Suffering of Children of Palestine






Palestinian children have been growing up in constant fear, violence, mayhem and pain, imposed on them by Israeli occupies for 66 years and counting. Their family members are frequently imprisoned and tortured or killed, their homes are demolished, or raided and searched by machine gun wielding occupation soldiers, often taking away family members who languish in jails and suffer torture. I have seen pictures of children snatched from their screaming mothers and taken away for interrogation! The UN and Human Rights organizations have reported torturing of children as young as 13 years old.

Most of the world has no idea about the barbarity of Zionist occupiers and settlers. Israel does not just commit war crimes when it bombs Gaza indiscriminately and levels their homes, schools and hospitals. The occupation itself, which Mr. Obama never mentions, is a crime. The home demolitions are a crime. Building settlements and settling foreigners is a crime. Taking residence in settlements built on Palestinians’ blood and tears is a crime. Closing borders and imprisoning the impoverished people of Gaza and not allowing any trade or import is a crime. Imposing military checkpoints on the occupied population is a crime. Shooting and killing stone throwing teens is a crime. Jailing them without any charges or reason and calling it “administrative detention” is a crime. Assassinating their leaders and calling it “targeted killings” is a crime. Torturing is a crime. destroying their olive trees and crops is a crime. Denying clean water to 1.8 million people is a crime. Denying them self-determination and their freedom as a sovereign people is a crime. All this amounts to a brutal ethnic cleansing and genocide, all thanks to the unconditional support of the US government, which has its hands up to its elbows in innocent Palestinians’ blood.

The massacre that just took place in Gaza was not the first and by all indications won’t be the last. As Haaertz editorialized when the ceasefire was announced, Israelis are already talking about the next massacre! Even if the ceasefire holds and Israel refrains from more indiscriminate bombing of the defenseless people, for now, their crimes against the Palestinian people will continue, thanks to US largesse. Every single day, as the bombing of civilians continued, all Obama had to say was the party line of the Evil Empire that “Israel has the right to defend itself”, secretly decided by the military-corporate cabal, behind Washington’s iron curtain and passed on to Empire’s media. And when the outcry of the people of the world got too much and too loud and the US was cornered, diplomatically, it pulled its mad attack dog’s leash and Obama announced that there would be ceasefire, after letting loose its crazed dog on a trapped population, for almost a month, causing over 1,800 deaths, over 400 of them children, in a grotesque display of US/Israeli savagery and barbarism, the likes of which even the most psychopathic of mass murderers can’t bring themselves to commit. Besides repeating the Empire’s party line several times, when announcing the ceasefire, he also repeatedly said he had “no sympathy for Hamas”. As expected, no mention of the occupation, apartheid, discrimination, checkpoints, home raids, ethnic cleansing, home demolitions or settlements, which are the reasons for the resistance, only sheepishly, torturously and vaguely referring to the siege.

So, let’s get this straight: Israel devastated Gaza with its bombers, as if it were fighting a powerful country with a powerful military, killed close to two thousand defenseless and innocent people and made life harder for the survivors than it already was because it had “the right to defend itself” against some metal rods thrown over the border by Hamas, which was in protest against the occupation, the devastating siege and mass incarcerations? No sanctions, no outrage, no reparations, no trying of the leaders in any court, no retribution? But, then, again, what can we expect from an empire that commits similar atrocities all over the world with impunity?

This is the world they have created and imposed on us: a world where might makes right, justice has no place, democracy and freedom is what they say it is, friends and foes are decided based on narrow selfish interests and greed, and where wars and atrocities are decided and dictated by a handful of super wealthy, running the most dangerous empire humanity has known. But, as New York Times begrudgingly admitted in 2003, when they saw hundreds of thousands of people in the streets protesting the Iraq war, the US does have a powerful rival, after all, and there is another superpower, which is the people of the world who fill up all streets and squares, who are what the Empire fears. We do have the power. We must unite. It’s time.


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