What Did Israel Accomplish From Its Carnage in Gaza?


There is finally a temporary ceasefire. It’s wrong to call it a bilateral ceasefire, since there was nothing bilateral about the onslaught, to begin with. It was a one sided massacre, on a massive scale, perpetrated by a powerful military, using the most advanced US-made and provided weapons, of a population, who only had their bear hands to put over their heads in defense. Now, after killing almost two thousand people, over 400 of them children, and leveling hundreds of residential apartment buildings, schools, hospitals and shops, Israel pulls back to wait for another day, another time, and another pretext, to come back in and commit more massacres, as they did in 2008, 2009 and 2012, against the people of Gaza, and as they have been doing to all Palestinians, for 66 years.

95% of the water in Gaza is not drinkable, according to the UN. Many of the hospitals and schools are destroyed or severely damaged and don’t have the necessary supplies and medicine. Tens of thousands of people have been made homeless in a densely populated piece of land sealed off on all sides with nowhere to go and food and water is scarce. And, we’re supposed to accept that what just happened was Israel defending itself, that they did what they had to do and that they accomplished their mission!

Both of these claims are, of course, lies. What just happened and isn’t over, yet, had nothing to do with defense. The most powerful military in Middle East defending against an impoverished people who, thanks to Israel, don’t even have enough food and water, are living as refugees and have no army, Air Force, navy or heavy weapons, is as absurd, as it sounds. When something doesn’t sound right, you must ask what the real purpose or motive is.

What happened was not an isolated incident, either. Nor was it because of Hamas or their useless rockers or tunnels. What happened began long before Hamas acquired rockers and long before Hamas even existed. What happened was the continuation of the process of ethnic cleansing that Israel began when it was created as a “Jewish state”, meaning a state exclusively for Jews, in 1947-1948, when the European founders of the state decided they would drive away and get rid of the Palestinians to make their dream for an exclusive and pure “Jewish homeland” come true.

Genocides always start with the absurd and hateful goal and intention of cleansing the land of a particular people deemed undesirable. When such racism forms the basis of your state, ethnic cleansing is as natural a byproduct or consequence, as the KKK throwing firebombs into the homes of Black people, or Nazis deciding to wipe out the Jews. Ethnic cleansing, understandably, gives rise to resistance, which the occupiers and their supporters naturally try to discredit. Hamas has built tunnels, they say – what a crime! They fire homemade rockets that can’t be guided and fall without harming anyone – outrageous! Palestinian teenagers throw rocks at occupation soldiers, how violent of them! We must kill them with live bullets! They are naturally violent and terrorists to be resisting!

The dispossessions, massacres, evictions, detentions, incarcerations, checkpoints, home demolitions, beatings, home searches and sealing off the borders of a densely populated piece of land and making the inhabitants starve will naturally engender resistance, which the occupiers use to justify their final act: a full fledged genocide, meant to kill as many of them as possible to end their resistance. What needs to end is the occupation, the apartheid and the ethnic cleansing, not the resistance. Resistance is the only way out of a genocide. These are the facts the corporate media won’t mention.

We’re supposed to accept that Israel is like any other state with its natural right to defend itself. And, if that “defending” kills thousands of defenseless poor people and destroys their homes, we will call it a “war” against a terrorist organization which is the one to always start the “conflict” and violate ceasefires. And if someone asks why kill so many innocent people, including hundreds of children, we will say because those terrorists live among the population and could be anywhere, including in elementary schools. The Israelis don’t know who’s in those schools. It’s better to bomb them and kill dozens of children than miss some Hamas members who could be among the teachers or crew! The truth is: you cannot bomb schools, apartment buildings and hospitals and not feel empathy, unless you’re a racist and have strong hatred towards an entire people of a particular race or religion. It’s this kind of racism that drives a highly militarized state to commit genocide. That’s what we’ve been witnessing in Gaza and that’s what the US government has been supporting in Palestine because they’ve decided it’s in their corporations’ interest.

The other lie we’re told is that Israel accomplished what they wanted to accomplish. They did accomplish two things: they killed close to two thousand innocent people, injured many more, made tens of thousands homeless and poorer than they already were. They destroyed much of the existing infrastructure, bombed and damaged the power plant, bombed the water facilities and roads and made life for the survivors so much harder and produced many orphans. If that was their mission, then they accomplished it. The other thing they accomplished was to open the eyes and wars of the world to their ongoing genocide. Israel’s Haaretz paper wrote today in an editorial that the ceasefire was “not a moment too soon” for Israel, which came very close to a “Diplomatic collapse”.

As a survivor of the massacre said about the carnage to a British reporter who was surveying the aftermath of the onslaught, this does not show victory for Israel, quite the opposite, only a losing and desperate maniacal military force gone mad can do such a thing. Indeed, it’s becoming evident that the more people Israel kills, the more it loses. You can define and base your success on other people’s demise and suffering only for so long. You can root for hate, death and destruction, instead of love, life and creation, only for so long. Eventually the death you embrace will embrace you back.


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