The Right of an Apartheid State to Exist vs. The Right of a People to Exist


For the first time since Nazi Germany, a highly militarized state with a strong and well-armed military, equipped with the most advanced and lethal weapons and ammunition, is, deliberately and methodically, targeting a people for extermination. And it’s the first time ever in human history, that a state has imprisoned an entire people – 1.8 million of them – in a narrow strip of land, has sealed all the borders, and is viciously and unabashedly bombing and killing them, dozens and hundreds, each and every day. And all the while – while this is taking place – the US government keeps supporting it and its genocide, monetarily, militarily, politically and diplomatically, constantly lying and making excuses for it, while innocent people, including women and children are dying, everyday, in the hundreds!

But, the people of the world are standing up and saying no to the genocide. Most Latin American governments have condemned it and/or recalled their envoys from the Zionist entity. In the photo, Evo Morales, President of Bolivia, holds up a Palestinian flag as a sign of solidarity with Palestine and calls Israel a “terrorist state”. Yesterday, there was a demonstration in most countries of the world, including in many US cities.

What is clear is that the reason Israel has been able to continue to exist and continue its genocide, for as long as it has, is because of the support of the US (and its imperialist allies, but especially the US). It’s also because of opportunistic, corrupt and self-serving governments, such as the Arab states, that do not represent the wishes of their people. The fact is: most people of the world strongly oppose the state of Israel and its genocide and stand with the Palestinian people. That includes just about everyone in the Arab world, which covers most of the Middle East and North Africa, the vast majority in countries like Iran, Turkey, Pakistan, India, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Philippines, the African nations, Latin America, as well as, sizable numbers in Western countries, such as England, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Greece, Australia, Canada and others. The only place a good majority still support Israel is the US, and of course, Israel, itself. But, even in the US, that’s slowly changing, due to better distribution of information, thanks to social media.

A state, built on and functioning on the basis of racism and ethnic cleansing and its necessary consequence of mass murder and genocide, has not right to exist and should not exist. No state has an intrinsic and natural right to exist. It depends on how it’s established, what its objectives are and what it does. Israel was founded on a racist ideology, as a colonial settler state for a particular “chosen” people, at the expense and exclusion of others, and with the intent and plan to evict an entire people, through massacres, evictions, home demolitions and deportation, in order to create a Jewish-only state. Such a state that from the outset requires and pursues ethnic cleansing and genocide, does not have the right to exist.

Ironically, it is Israel that in the eyes of the US Empire has the right to exist, not the Palestinians, who are the occupied, the dispossessed, oppressed and who are being massacred. The right of Israel to exist means it has the right to occupy and kill Palestinians, but the latter don’t have the right to defend themselves. That right is only for Israel. The occupiers have the right to occupy, which the occupied must accept and respect and not resist. If they do resist, then the occupier has the right to massacre them indiscriminately and with impunity, including women and children, in the name of defending itself. If occupation is illegal, how can the defense of occupation be legitimate and defensible? When you remove all the lies and excuses, the position of the US government boils down to this: a total and unconditional support for genocide against the Palestinian people, pure and simple.

We, as a people, don’t have diplomacy, don’t control air flights in and out of Israel, don’t control trade, don’t control the military or economic or monetary aid sent to Israel, and we don’t have a voice or veto power at the UN. What we do have is numbers and we can fill the streets in protest, we can boycott, and we can stop business as usual and adversely affect the capitalist economy, even to the point of bringing it to a standstill. Then, you will see if they will still not listen to us. We must use all that we do have.

We must understand that the Palestinians’ fight is our fight, their destiny our destiny and their defeat or victory also ours. Palestinians are part of the community of humans inhabiting the planet, all with equal rights to exist as a people (different from a state’s right which is conditional) and to live in peace and pursue their happiness. But, it’s more than that. The reason their fight is our fight is because they’re on our side and we on theirs, in facing injustice, oppression, exploitation, and the corporate Empire. What happens to them will affects us and our future. Their and our future are one and the same. They are bearing the brunt of imperialist oppression and genocide and are in a life and death struggle the outcome of which will affect us and how we live, if we live, at all. The future of the planet, the future of wars (or peace), the future of our children, all is connected to theirs.


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