People of Gaza in Grave Danger!

160 Palestinians were killed just today and several hundred injured. The number of people killed in Gaza has already reached 1,400, with thousands injured and tens of thousands made homeless. This is a humanitarian disaster of the highest degree. President Obama once again assured Israel of his full support, saying again that “Israel has the right to defend itself”, while parenthetically and hypocritically adding that “more should be done to protect the civilians”, saying nothing about the reason why there is such high number of civilian casualties (about 80%), which is, of course, the indiscriminate bombings of a defenseless population that naturally will kill lots of civilians, since they are the ones being targeted in residential apartment buildings, schools, shops and hospitals and even UN designated schools, used as shelters to shelter children. Obama’s empty and hypocritical words of “concern” for civilian casualties are typical of US leaders, who do one thing (give their unconditional support to ethnic cleansing, mass murder and genocide) and then try to moderate that and make it more acceptable with words of “concern”. Just the insult to people’s intelligence is incredible.

Once again, he called the people who are being slaughtered by Israeli bombing and shelling as being “caught in the crossfire”, in an effort to remove the blame from Israel that’s killing them and put it on Hamas, and to present the massacre as a “war” between Israel and Hamas, instead of a genocide that it is. US media networks continue to do the same, calling it a war between Israel and Hamas and blaming the latter for the start of the genocide, as well as, for violating this morning’s ceasefire. The level of lies and deception is maddening.

US Senator Lindsey Graham went further (before they take the President’s office and get trained as to what to say, they’re usually more honest) and complained about calls for doing more to spare civilians. He objected to raising concern about civilian casualties!

Meanwhile, there is an increasing amount of calls by both Israelis and American Zionists, such as Rabbi David-Seth Kirshner of New Jersey and Knesset members in Israel, such as Ayelet Shaked, of the Jewish Home Party, which is part of the ruling coalition, to consider the entire Gaza population non-civilian, meaning they’re all fair game to be targeted and killed – men, women, children, no matter how old or young. The rationale used is that they elected Hamas as their leader (although not everyone voted for it), an organization, which has been designated as a terrorist organization by the US because it refuses to accept the right of Israel to occupy Palestine and refuses to stop resisting. Another Knesset member, Moshe Feiglin, has openly called to kill Palestinian mothers. Though these calls are being heard now, Israel has been acting on that premise for decades. However, their intentions have been especially more clear, for the last seven years, since Hamas won the elections in Gaza and Israel started bombing Gazans, indiscriminately. Since then, they have undertaken such bombing campaigns three times. Last time – in 2012 – they killed about 1,400 people and this time, they’ve already killed that many and it’s not over, yet. Such indiscriminate bombings of civilian targets that result in an incredibly high number of casualties, including children of all ages, makes it clear that the driving mindset in Israel and behind IDF operations is kill as many as possible, kill them all if possible.

This is the first time since Nazi Germany that a people is being targeted for extermination. The situation is particularly dangerous for the people of Gaza for three reasons: 1) about 87% of Israelis support Netanyahu’s scorch earth policy similar to Nazi Germany, giving the state mandate to continue the genocide; 2) The policy is based on racism and hatred of the Palestinian people, with the intention to exterminate, and as we know intention precedes action; and 3) US is completely on board with the extermination and gives Israel nearly unlimited military, financial and diplomatic support and blocks any UN action to stop this catastrophe. There is only one hope for derailing this genocide and that’s the people of the world and their direct action to pressure their governments to intervene.


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