Were the Children of Gaza a Threat to the Security of Israel?

Does anyone else think about what the survivors of the Gaza massacre must be going through now? Where do the kids, who used to live in those destroyed buildings, sleep, now? Who feeds the babies who lost their parents and older siblings? How is a lone survivor of an entire family going to cope, like the 9 year old who lost all her family members and she herself got paralyzed? Is there enough food and water for the already impoverished population who have been living in refugee camps in that densely populated city?

I’ve read that the few remaining hospitals that are not obliterated yet don’t have the supplies or facilities they need to help the wounded. How do they manage to perform surgeries? How do you tell a child who’s lost all her family members? What do you console her with? What do you say Israel did this to them for? What reason do you give them why the US helped them do this to them?

Will these killings of innocent people make Israelis feel safer? Will it solve their “security” problem? How is this a defense for Israel which President Obama keeps telling us? How can children be a threat to them?

How does this massacre help the US with its image in the world, which poll after poll shows feelings that range from disgust to rage to hatred? Is there no decency left within the entire US government? Are they not ashamed of anything? Is there anything that Israel could do that would make them say: okay, that’s too much?

Is there any doubt, any doubt at all, that the entire US government, from the White House to the Congress is filled with unprincipled slimy lying war criminal assholes? Any doubt at all that the US media in its entirety is just as disgusting lying low lives? Any doubt at all?


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