Israel Trying To Kill As Many Palestinians As Possible Including Children



Report after report coming from Gaza speak of unbelievable carnage and devastation: some entire neighborhoods have been turned into a pile of rubble, burying many alive; hundreds of apartment buildings have been leveled, making thousands homeless; hospitals and clinics have been hit, some multiple times with patients inside; schools, too, have been bombed and destroyed and even UN designated shelters, sheltering mostly children, were not sparred. This bombing campaign – the intensity, the indiscriminate manner and the targeted people who are mostly unprotected civilians (76% of them), including hundreds of children (1 out of every 3 of the casualties, that’s around 1,100 by now), with nowhere to run and no way to defend or protect themselves – reveal something very disturbing that’s hard to deny anymore: this attack against the defenseless population of Gaza has had the intent of killing as many people as possible, including children, rather than Hamas militants, as it was claimed. This massacre has all the hallmarks of an extermination and genocide.

It should now be clear to anyone who’s been paying attention that Hamas rockets, which were fired in retaliation for the arrest of hundreds of Hamas members, were only an excuse for Israel to undertake this genocide, an excuse they had been waiting for, for some time. In fact, Hamas tried very hard not to retaliate, in order not to give Israel an excuse to attack. Their inaction after the massive arrests of their members, however, not only did nothing to stop Israel from killing and arresting more people, they seemed to be encouraged by that inaction. For Hamas, the decision came down to one question: to do nothing and live under siege and occupation with constant incarceration and killings, and to die gradually, or act in response and risk everything. It’s easy for those who aren’t living under such a brutal occupation and siege, which keeps the population imprisoned in a strip of land and starves and gradually kills them, to criticize Hamas for acting in self-defense, with whatever little they have – no matter how ineffective. This is an existential war for the Palestinians, who are being massacred collectively, not for Israel, which went to “finish the job”, which could only mean to kill as many people as possible. A state which has the means and wherewithal and clearly the intent to exterminate a people is not the one threatened with annihilation; the people it commits ethnic cleansing and indiscriminate massacres against are.

Keep in mind that Hamas was well aware of what was to befall the population and the organization, which has no army, Air Force, navy, antiaircraft missiles, tanks, warships, fighter jets or even bomb shelters. So, Israel had to try very hard to get them to react. Those, such as US leaders and media, who say Hamas broke the ceasefire, deliberately leave out all these relevant facts to justify the genocide and those who believe them have no access to facts that would challenge them. One by one, TV newscasters come on air and tell people Hamas broke the ceasefire by firing rockets into Israel, as did Chris Hays again tonight on MSNBC. Incidentally, those Israelis who take comfortable chairs to the hills overlooking Gaza and sit and watch and cheer the bombings that are dropped on defenseless women and children with mothers and fathers huddling over their children to protect them, aren’t afraid of Hamas rockets! But, even if Hamas did break the ceasefire, none of them questions the logic of indiscriminate bombing of the civilian population and no one points out that this isn’t a war, but a deliberate massacre. They show pictures and tell of bombings, but paint it as a “war” between Hamas and Israel and talk about the “two sides” and “both sides” and “conflict”, which gives people the impression of a real war with both sides fighting. The fact is: there is no fighting, and there is certainly no fighting by “both sides”. One side is the strongest and most heavily armed military in Middle East and the other side is a defenseless people being slaughtered.

There is also no mention in US media of the siege, nothing about the non-stop arrests and incarcerations and nothing about assassination of Palestinian leaders, including the very individuals that they were supposed to negotiate with. Those who have followed the history of the so-called negotiations know that every time Israel was to negotiate, it assassinated leading individuals, causing others to retaliate, in order to prevent negotiations and continue with home demolitions and building of new settlements. Every year that passes, gives them more time to evict more Palestinians from their homes, build more settlements and make life more miserable for Palestinians. This is what ethnic cleansing looks like and this is what ethnic cleansing does: home demolitions, evictions, siege, starvation, denial of services, killings of their leaders, jailing and torturing their youth, check points, and every few years finding an excuse to commit massacres of defenseless men, women and children.

When an innocent young man or women is beat or killed by the police in the US, which sadly happens all too often, especially to members of racial minorities and the homeless, if someone happens to be there to record it, Americans get to see it and condemn it and demand justice. Unfortunately, they don’t see such videos showing Palestinians getting beat, killed or jailed and tortured which happens regularly by an occupying army – not a city police of your people, but an occupying army that shoots and kills or breaks your door down and takes away your family members, including children. And, even if you do hear about it, it gets lost in a pile of lies. But, they do hear loud and clear when Hamas fires some useless rockets, followed by “Israel has the right to defend itself”. The level of media control by the corporate government is second to none.

But, it goes beyond what they say or don’t say. On Thursday, Rachel Maddow told her audience on MSNBC of the bombings of civilian targets, including hospitals and schools and the UN shelter, but she said it as if she was reporting about the stock market. Actually, the stock market news are usually reported with more excitement and emotion than that. Compare that with her long diatribes about Russia and President Putin, which she’s discussed on her show, repeatedly, and with such urgency and outrage, as if it’s the Russians who are committing a genocide! In the case of Russia and Ukraine, she doesn’t just report the “facts”, but gives a long “explanation”, telling her audience how Putin should not get away with it, how he has lost his mind, how he is thumbing his nose at the world, that he is a dictator, that “we” need to do more to stop him, while repeatedly showing his shirtless picture. She feels strongly enough about Putin and Russia to give so much attention, time and explanation, but, not strongly enough about the genocide in Gaza!

When a natural disaster hits an area and people are killed and maimed and made homeless, the US public relations apparatus goes into high gear and it pledges to help the victims, as if they give a damn. In the case of Gazans dying and getting mutilated and the survivors going through the rubble looking for their loved ones or looking at what used to be their home, there is no such empathy. Nothing the US does or says is genuine or out of humanity or human empathy, nothing! For the US ruling class who lead and strategize for the empire, everything is political and political expediency. What regime or dictatorship they align themselves with, what atrocity or extermination they partake in, who they assassinate and whom they give refuge and what wars they engage in and against whom has nothing to do with right or wrong, justice or humanity. It’s always political and always for the long term interests of the corporate empire and its plans for world domination.

The genocide going on in Palestine is on the shoulders of the American people and is being committed in their name. What we all need to understand is that this genocide is not unrelated to domestic poverty, unemployment, incarcerations, police beatings and killings, racism, neglect of American urban centers and devastation of the environment. It’s also not unrelated to the endless wars we’re all subjected to, pushing the world towards another world war. What’s needed is a new awakening by the American people that through a large popular movement would drastically change the direction of this nation and put humanity, human needs and social justice into the government and policy making, instead of corporate greed, militarization, wars of conquest, massacres and aiding and abetting a genocide, for ever higher profits for a few already obscenely rich.


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