Brainwashing Does Work, But Is It Impenetrable?

You can convince yourself and others of almost anything, if told enough times and if shielded from other points of view. The idea or prejudice can be totally imaginary and fabricated, without a shred of corroborating or supporting evidence, but if that’s all you hear and if for some psychological or other reason, you want to believe and convince yourself of its truth, you can. It’s done all the time. That’s just how the human mind is.

You can believe a certain group or race of people control all the banking industry and financial institutions and media and all billionaires are of that particular race who also control all politics in the world. You can also convince yourself and others that a certain group of people or those with a certain religion are by nature violent terrorists, don’t value human life, including their own and their children’s and want to kill and terrorize for no apparent reason.

You can convince yourself that you need and should have a “country of your own”, which means a state specifically and exclusively for “your people” or race or religion, exclusive of others, and if that means expelling others from the area where you believe belongs to your “type” of people, and keeping them away and in faraway refugee camps at all cost, including massacres, and put up a wall and barriers and prevent them from going back to their homes to maintain the majority for “your chosen and special people”, then so be it, and if they resist the ethnic cleansing and apartheid, it’s only fair to go to war against them and kill as many of them as you can. You can, if you want, be completely convinced that that’s fair, just and right and there is nothing wrong with it. People have done it before and are doing it today. It can and is done. German soldiers and their generals and political leaders, who invaded neighboring countries, were convinced that what they were doing was right and justified and so did the majority of Germans at the time. They were and had been convinced. Nothing mysterious about that.

Today, some 90% of Israelis support not only the state of Israel, but even the actions of that state, including indiscriminate and massive bombing of densely populated Gaza, including apartment building, schools, hospitals and even UN designated schools, where children are being kept, multiple times. The vast majority of Americans also believe that Israel is the victim and is fighting for its rightful survival and the Palestinians are the villains, who are trying to kill the Jews. One sided and systematically and exclusively delivered propaganda, when repeated regularly, without telling anything of the other side, does work, no matter how false and unjust the claims are.

But, there is a way to transcend all the propaganda and rise above it all and look down and see the realities, as they really are. It’s not that complicated and the thing about truth is that once you see it, you wonder how come you never saw it before. What we must ask ourselves is just a few questions to see if we are on the right side or not: who’s suffering the most? Who’s getting killed in the hundreds and even thousands? Who is impoverished the most? Who has the least amount of rights or even no rights? Who’s getting discriminated against and incarcerated and tortured in the hundreds or thousands, including children? Who has no voice? Who has no clout or influence? Who’s getting beat up and humiliated? Then, rise above the brainwashing and narrow minded nationalistic straight jacket the state has put you in and look through the eye of humanity and justice and equality. Then, join the worldwide solidarity movement to free Palestine! Free Palestine!


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