What The US And Its Allies Won’t Tell You about Israel And Palestine

The State of Israel was formed, not by local Jews who used to live there, but by Europeans who went to Palestine and took with them racism against Arabs and established Israel, on the basis of that racism, which was and remains their ideology which they call Zionism. As a racist ideology, Zionism considers Palestinian Arabs barbaric and less than human and believes in segregation and apartheid. A racist ideology was in fact necessary, in the thinking of the founders of the state, to justify the occupation, displacement and ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians. Without such occupation and ethnic cleansing, they reasoned, a Jewish-only state would not be possible. This racist ideology continues to drive the Israeli policies, today, which teaches its Jewish population hatred and committing genocide against Palestinians.

The Jews who lived side by side their Arab neighbors in Palestine for millennium did not have such racist ideology and never had any conflict with them. Nor did they demand a state all to themselves without their Arab neighbors. The racist ideology of Zionism was imported into Palestine from Europe, where most every racism originated from, and became the guiding principle of the founders of the state of Israel, as the exclusive state of Jews only and separate and devoid of Arab Palestinians. Since Arabs, as well as Jews and others, lived there together as neighbors, they had to expel Palestinian Arabs from their homes and land, in order to create the state for Jews, only. The state was to be for Jewish Palestinians, who lived there before, as well as European Jews, who wanted an exclusive state only for Jews. That was accomplished by massacring and expelling Arab Palestinians by heavily armed militia. Thousands of Palestinians perished and the rest fled to neighboring countries, as refugees, where they remain, to this day.

These racist and violent settlers are not from Historic Palestine, but are mostly Europeans and Americans, who have settled on land stolen from Palestinians and who enjoy rights that Palestinians do not have and cannot have in apartheid Israel. These settlers justify their action and the preferential treatment they receive through their racist ideology, which considers them a better and more civilized and more developed people than the Palestinians. How else can one justify demolishing someone’s home, sending them into refugee camp and giving residence to a settler, who has the “correct” religion or ethnicity, if not through racism? The State of Israel is run by this racist ideology and therefore commits ethnic cleansing, massacres and genocide.

What the American people have been told all along have been the exact opposite of the truth. As Malcolm X famously said: “If you’re not careful, the newspapers will have you hating the people who are being oppressed, and loving the people who are doing the oppressing.” It’s no wonder that the majority of Americans support Israel. They’ve been told that Palestinians want to wipe out the Jews. It is actually Israel, which is trying to wipe out Palestinians. Israel is the occupier with a large, heavily armed professional military, with a strong Air Force, army and navy and the most advanced and lethal weaponry, including the latest US provided fighter jets, helicopter gunships, tanks, navy warships and even nuclear weapons. In contrast, Palestinians, who are occupied and besieged, have none of those, not even an army or even shelters to go to when being bombed by Israel. Palestinians want the occupation to end, so they can go back to their homes and live in peace with equal rights and with the right to rejoin with and visit their old relatives and family members who are left on the other side of the apartheid wall. They want the check points to be dismantled and their children to grow up like any other, not in refugee camps and under occupation that constantly harasses and arrests and jails and beats and kills their family members and demolishes their homes and builds homes for Jewish settlers coming from New York and California and Russia and Argentina and Europe who upon arrival have rights which Palestinians don’t have, including the right of owning a home. These are all what any people would want and demand and resist and fight for. Instead of recognizing and respecting such legitimate rights and demands of an oppressed and occupied people, the US government gives Israel $4 billion, every year, along with its most advanced weapons and fighter jets and tanks, etc. and unconditional political support, blocking any UN vote that condemns Israeli genocidal actions. The US has thus long become a partner in the ethnic cleansing and genocide.

Americans have been told that the two sides have always been in conflict and always will be. That’s not true, either. The conflict began with the arrival of the Europeans and the start of the occupation, displacement and ethnic cleansing, which made a significant portion of the Palestinian population refugees in neighboring countries. Americans are also told that it is a complicated situation and there is no easy solution. That’s a lie they tell to avoid the real issue which is the occupation and ethnic cleansing. There is nothing complicated about occupying a nation, displacing the local people and making settlements for foreign settlers. It’s just wrong and must stop and the refugees must be allowed to go to their ancestral homes. Americans are told that both peoples are claiming the same land and are fighting over it with no end in sight. That grossly misstates and deliberately obfuscates the issue. Unlike the state of Israel which is trying to rid the land of Palestinians, Palestinians aren’t trying to rid it of Jews, as it’s wrongly claimed. It is true that there is one country with people of different religions and ethnicity, but that’s hardly a rare phenomenon. Most countries have peoples with different religions and ethnicity living together. In fact, it’s hard to find a country that doesn’t have this characteristic, especially in Middle East and Asia. There are Kurds and Armenians in Turkey, in addition to the majority who are Turks. Iran not only has all those three, it also has Persians, Jews, Arabs, Afghans and Baluchis. Lebanon has Muslim Arabs, Christian Arabs, Armenians and both Shia and Sunni Muslims. Same also is true about Syria and Iraq, where there are Muslim Arabs, Christian Arabs, Kurds, Armenians, Shias and Sunnis, not to mention Jews. There are also different ethnicities in Afghanistan, India, Russia and most other Arabic countries. Jews have lived with their Arab neighbors in Palestine and other countries of the Middle East, for thousands of years. It’s never been necessary and it’s never justified for a people of a certain race or religion to expel one people from their homes and land and deport them or send them into refugee camps, in order to establish a state exclusively for another and deny the rights of those who stay. The last time this was done was to Armenians (my ancestors), by Ottoman Turks when 1.5 million unarmed and defenseless Armenians, men, women and children, were massacred and deported from their ancestral land and made refugees in neighboring countries. Hitler was the only one who defended that action, for which the term “genocide” was coined. It was never necessary or justified to do the same to any people, before 1948 and it’s not necessary or justified, now.

The American people are also always told that Israel has the right to defend itself, whereas it’s the Palestinian people who are always under attack and need to defend themselves against the ongoing ethnic cleansing, killings and genocide. If you compare the rate at which Israel kills Palestinians with the number of Israelis that get killed, you will see that there is no comparison. Just in one attack on Gaza in 2012, 1,400 people were killed, many of them children, whereas less than a handful Israelis were killed. Such deadly attacks also took place in 2006, 2008 and 2009, each time taking the lives of hundreds and sometimes over a thousand Palestinians, the Vast majority of them civilians. Even without a bombing campaign or ground offensive, Palestinians keep getting killed in the hands of the occupation troops. Just this year and prior to the current attack, dozens of Palestinians were killed. That happens routinely, whether or not there is an Israeli offensive. In addition, thousands of Palestinians, including children are in Israeli jails. Not only are they occupied, oppressed and impoverished and denied resources, they are routinely attacked and beaten by occupation soldiers and armed settlers defended by Israeli soldiers and are arrested and detained, often without a charge. which Israel calls “administrative detention”. They are subjected to routine and humiliating searches, check point stops that sometimes take 6 to 12 hours to be let go, home demolitions and border closures.

When you know these facts, then Obama’s line which has been the line of every US president for decades that “Israel has the right to defend itself”, without acknowledging any such right for Palestinians who are occupied and killed in much larger numbers, sounds crazy, outrageous and maddening.

The US (and its allies’) media never mentions any of these facts because they don’t want people to object to their government giving so much military and economic aid and unconditional support to the apartheid and racist state. Time and again, the US stands all alone at the UN, among all nations of the world, with the exception of Israel, itself, and usually Marshall Islands, which does what the US says, in defending Israel and shielding it from any punitive actions, for continuing its occupation of Palestine and for violation of international laws, including incarceration and torture of children. Such unconditional, unreasonable and unjustifiable support would be difficult, indeed, if the American people knew the facts. This is why they don’t tell these facts and therefore, it’s important for us to be armed with these facts and spread the truth to as many people as possible, in any way we can.


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