I Need To Know!

I Need To Know!

The Israeli military with its sophisticated US provided tanks and fighter jets and bombs is fighting against a totally unprotected and defenseless people who don’t even have bomb shelters or sufficient medical facilities and equipment to treat all the wounded kids, especially since they keep bombing hospitals. As Dr. Gilbert, the Norwegian doctor who’s helping treat the wounded in Gaza put it: “Palestinians are fighting against tanks, but Israelis are fighting against women and children”.

What I want to know from the US President and his cabinet and the US Congress who support this genocide, is: what constitutes a war crime in their minds? A people – people, not heavily armed fighters, but people with their families, babies, children of all ages – are besieged and trapped with nowhere to go and are being bombed and massacred by the same military that’s occupying and keeping them trapped in this piece of land. Is there a different definition of war crime than this? If there is, I’d like to know.

And who – what kind of people – would go fight against such defenseless women and children? And will Israelis feel better that their military was able to kill so many defenseless people, one third of them children? Will they proudly welcome home their brave soldiers who were shooting and bombing from their tanks and fighter jets on residential apartment building and hospitals full of defenseless women and children? Is it any wonder how easily the Israeli leaders decide to go to “war” against these people? Can you even call it a war?

And what kind of people who call themselves senators and representatives of congress and president and Vice President can defend such merciless massacre? Where is the emergency UN Security Council meeting with strong words of condemnation and outrage? Where is the “no-fly zone” to protect innocent civilians, as was imposed on Libya?

Isn’t this the time when you decide you can’t let this go on anymore and can’t take it anymore? How am I supposed to shrug this off? I need to know!


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