US Complicit in the Genocide Against Palestinians

More than 570 Palestinians have been killed so far in the Israeli attack on Gaza. More than 70% of those killed, we are told, are civilians, although since Palestinians have no army or Air Force or navy, they’re all civilians, including those who take up whatever guns they can to fight the heavily armed invaders. In comparison, only 2 Israeli civilians have been killed and no Israeli apartment buildings, no schools, no hospitals and no homes have been turned into a pile of rubble, no one has lost their home and no refugee has lost their refugee shelter, as has been done in Gaza, where Israeli military with its American tanks, fighter jets, bombers and artillery have been pounding all civilian targets, including apartment buildings full of women and children, schools and hospitals, in many cases obliterating entire families. A hospital was bombed today and the crew scrambled to move the patients to a clinic, which was already overwhelmed and had no more room, as are all others. One patient was a 10 year old girl who was paralyzed in most of her body and had not yet been told that everyone in her family had been killed.

Okay, maybe I’m crazy when I suggest that President Obama and members of his cabinet and all other US policy makers and the Pentagon and military leaders should all be handcuffed, arrested and flown to Hague to be tried for war crimes, so you with your sober and sane mind make the judgement. After all the carnage and slaughter of so many totally defenseless people, including over a hundred children, Obama said today again that “Israel has the right to defend itself” – which Secretary Kerry repeated – and added that he’s concerned about loss of lives “both in Gaza and in Israel”, as if the deaths and destruction in both sides were even comparable. Prime Minister Netanyahu blamed Hamas for the high number of Palestinian casualties and said they want high casualties! If it appears as if this inhuman attack on defenseless, impoverished and already suffering people of Gaza is a joint US/Israeli genocide, it’s because it is. This isn’t just an Israeli genocide, it’s an American genocide on a people who have been driven from their homes and are living in refugee camps, people who have no antiaircraft surface to air missiles, no tanks, no fighter jets, no bomb shelters and completely at the mercy of a merciless and viscous military, armed with the most advanced American weapons. I charge the US government with genocide.


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