A New American Genocide

Like a broken record, President Obama keeps repeating the corporate Empire’s line he’s been given – that “Israel has the right to defend itself” – but what about Palestinians who are being massacred indiscriminately, who are occupied and collectively imprisoned and their leaders jailed and tortured or assassinated on a regular basis? Apparently, they don’t have the right to defend themselves. And does Israel’s actions in Gaza look anything like defending itself?

The Hamas rockets, which everyone made a big deal of, were fired in retaliation for the arrest and jailing of 600 of Hamas leaders, 50 of whom had just been released from Israeli prisons, according to a mutual agreement for prisoner exchange. By jailing those leaders anytime they please, Israel basically can do an exchange anytime and then recapture and jail again those it released, undoing its side of the bargain, just because it can. And if the besieged Palestinians react and retaliate, in any small way, they take their US provided fighter jets and tanks and artillery and bomb residential buildings and hospitals and schools full of people, including women and children, in the name of defending itself, while the entire US ruling establishment cheers them on.

Israel has kept densely populated Gaza under siege for 8 years, not allowing anyone to leave or to receive aid or to trade or import food, medicine and supplies and frequently cutting water and electricity, effectively imprisoning and starving the entire Gaza population. This is never mentioned either by the President, representatives in Congress or the US media. But, they make so much noise about Hamas’ useless rockets and give Israel a blank check to go in and bomb civilians at will and massacre as many people as they please, because they can. Now, it’s clear why Israel pulled out of Gaza and made the settlers leave: so it can first starve them and then periodically massacre them with total and complete US complicity and support, while the world watches. Israel is bent on wiping out Palestinians and US imperialism is on board with it and helping it.

Firing the rockets into Israel by Hamas, even if they had killed a considerable number of people which they didn’t (there was only one casualty when Israel started its attack), is an act of self-defense against a brutal occupation, ethnic cleansing, incarceration of political leaders and genocide and is therefore justified. The people of Palestine have the right to defend themselves with all means at their disposal against the occupation of their country. Israel, as the occupier does not have the right to defend its illegal occupation. If occupation of a country and people is illegal, how can the defense of an occupation be legal or justified? You can’t go take over someone’s house and then claim the right to “defend” against the resistance of the rightful owners of the house.

Nevertheless, setting all that aside, a normal human being can’t bring himself, as the head of a state, to order his military to conduct such massacre and carnage against a people that has no way of defending themselves, nowhere to run and no way to survive, knowing full well that hundreds of innocent people, including many children would die, even if the rockets fired into Israel by Hamas had managed to kill a considerable number of people. Gaza is not like Syria or Iraq or Afghanistan so people can take their children and become refugees in neighboring countries. Gaza is closed off from all sides. Such massacres which are committed every few years can only have the extermination of the Palestinian people and genocide as its purpose and intent and is only possible though extreme racism and hatred which is what is at the root of Zionism and which defines Zionism. And, what does it say about the US leaders, including even the so-called “progressive” members of Congress, who, even after seeing all the carnage and destruction against a trapped, impoverished and defenseless people, continue to support the massacre? A normal human being cannot, as the president of a superpower, give his full blessing and aid and support to such horrendous massacre. It takes only sociopaths working for a criminal cabal of sociopathic corporate parasites that know and care nothing about humanity to do such things. This should be a wake up call to the American people as to the true nature and character of their elected leaders.

The American people may be lied to and deceived about all this, but, not everyone in the world is fooled. They see what’s going on and they see the US role in all this. They see that this isn’t just Israel’s genocide, but an American genocide.


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