Things You May Not Know About Palestine and Israel

There were many Jews living in Palestine before the creation of Israel, side by side and in peace with their Arab neighbors. Palestine was not the only such country where people of different ethnicities and religion coexisted peacefully. Most countries of the world share that characteristic. In most Arab countries, including Syria, Lebanon, Iraq and elsewhere, you can find Christian Arabs, Christian non-Arabs such as Armenians, Hindus, Shias, Sunnis and Jews. In non-Arabic Iran, there are Turks, Arabs, Armenians, Afghans and Jews, among others, in addition to Persians. In fact, Iran has the largest Jewish population outside Palestine. It has never been necessary for any group of people, with a certain ethnicity or religion, to take a country, expel those who aren’t of their ethnicity or religion and settle those who are from other countries to create a majority and deny others who are left the same rights. This is especially not necessary when minorities are not denied equal rights or prevented from practicing their religion or speaking their language or keeping their traditions. Such discrimination was especially not present in Historic Palestine. And if there is such discrimination or denial of equal rights to a certain minority, the answer is not to have heavily armed settlers come in and together with local armed terrorists terrorize, massacre and drive away enough of the “wrong” race to create a state exclusively for the settlers. The answer is to have a secular and democratic state that would recognize and respect the rights of all and which would treat all the same.

Not only is the creation of a state that’s exclusively for a particular race undemocratic, oppressive and will, by definition and necessity, result in ethnic cleansing, frequent massacres and incarceration of the resisters and ultimately genocide, typically, it’s not even possible, in the long run, to maintain such an unjust, undemocratic and apartheid state, due to the enormous amount of resistance it would invoke, as it should. No one can be expected to be taken out of their home, sent to refugee camps and constantly attacked for having the wrong race or religion and not resist. This is the part the US government doesn’t mention: the occupation, the stealing of the land, the ethnic cleansing and apartheid as the real reason for the so-called “conflict”. How can you do all that to a people and expect no resistance? And it’s that stubborn resistance that will always provide justification for continued massacres and ultimately genocide, as we have been witnessing for decades, without an end in sight. The reason the occupation and ethnic cleansing has been able to continue this long is due to an unfortunate and deadly super powerful phenomenon called the US imperialism, which soon after the creation of the apartheid state, saw its potential for being a reliable base for policing the area and aiding with its imperial plans in that oil rich region. It’s this historic anomaly that has allowed this oppressive and racist project to go on go for so long.

Jewish people must finally realize that such a “Jewish State” is not buying them anything good. A “democracy” that excludes and oppresses others is no democracy and you can’t have peace without justice and even if you could you shouldn’t want it. What works in the long run is justice, democracy and treating everyone as equal human beings. The “cycle of violence” fanned and perpetuated by the US ruling class is no accident or mysterious. It has at its root the gross injustice and violation of the rights of an entire people. You can try but can’t whitewash it and can’t sweep it under the rug and “can’t fool all the people all of the time”. Jews must come to their senses and join the majority of the human population in rejecting the State of Israel and the US imperialism which benefits and therefore supports it for its imperial objectives, and work towards the creation of a secular and democratic Palestine that would welcome Palestinians back to their homes from the refugee camps and treat everyone with dignity they deserve.


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