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Were the Children of Gaza a Threat to the Security of Israel?

Does anyone else think about what the survivors of the Gaza massacre must be going through now? Where do the kids, who used to live in those destroyed buildings, sleep, now? Who feeds the babies who lost their parents and older siblings? How is a lone survivor of an entire family going to cope, like the 9 year old who lost all her family members and she herself got paralyzed? Is there enough food and water for the already impoverished population who have been living in refugee camps in that densely populated city?

I’ve read that the few remaining hospitals that are not obliterated yet don’t have the supplies or facilities they need to help the wounded. How do they manage to perform surgeries? How do you tell a child who’s lost all her family members? What do you console her with? What do you say Israel did this to them for? What reason do you give them why the US helped them do this to them?

Will these killings of innocent people make Israelis feel safer? Will it solve their “security” problem? How is this a defense for Israel which President Obama keeps telling us? How can children be a threat to them?

How does this massacre help the US with its image in the world, which poll after poll shows feelings that range from disgust to rage to hatred? Is there no decency left within the entire US government? Are they not ashamed of anything? Is there anything that Israel could do that would make them say: okay, that’s too much?

Is there any doubt, any doubt at all, that the entire US government, from the White House to the Congress is filled with unprincipled slimy lying war criminal assholes? Any doubt at all that the US media in its entirety is just as disgusting lying low lives? Any doubt at all?


Israel Trying To Kill As Many Palestinians As Possible Including Children



Report after report coming from Gaza speak of unbelievable carnage and devastation: some entire neighborhoods have been turned into a pile of rubble, burying many alive; hundreds of apartment buildings have been leveled, making thousands homeless; hospitals and clinics have been hit, some multiple times with patients inside; schools, too, have been bombed and destroyed and even UN designated shelters, sheltering mostly children, were not sparred. This bombing campaign – the intensity, the indiscriminate manner and the targeted people who are mostly unprotected civilians (76% of them), including hundreds of children (1 out of every 3 of the casualties, that’s around 1,100 by now), with nowhere to run and no way to defend or protect themselves – reveal something very disturbing that’s hard to deny anymore: this attack against the defenseless population of Gaza has had the intent of killing as many people as possible, including children, rather than Hamas militants, as it was claimed. This massacre has all the hallmarks of an extermination and genocide.

It should now be clear to anyone who’s been paying attention that Hamas rockets, which were fired in retaliation for the arrest of hundreds of Hamas members, were only an excuse for Israel to undertake this genocide, an excuse they had been waiting for, for some time. In fact, Hamas tried very hard not to retaliate, in order not to give Israel an excuse to attack. Their inaction after the massive arrests of their members, however, not only did nothing to stop Israel from killing and arresting more people, they seemed to be encouraged by that inaction. For Hamas, the decision came down to one question: to do nothing and live under siege and occupation with constant incarceration and killings, and to die gradually, or act in response and risk everything. It’s easy for those who aren’t living under such a brutal occupation and siege, which keeps the population imprisoned in a strip of land and starves and gradually kills them, to criticize Hamas for acting in self-defense, with whatever little they have – no matter how ineffective. This is an existential war for the Palestinians, who are being massacred collectively, not for Israel, which went to “finish the job”, which could only mean to kill as many people as possible. A state which has the means and wherewithal and clearly the intent to exterminate a people is not the one threatened with annihilation; the people it commits ethnic cleansing and indiscriminate massacres against are.

Keep in mind that Hamas was well aware of what was to befall the population and the organization, which has no army, Air Force, navy, antiaircraft missiles, tanks, warships, fighter jets or even bomb shelters. So, Israel had to try very hard to get them to react. Those, such as US leaders and media, who say Hamas broke the ceasefire, deliberately leave out all these relevant facts to justify the genocide and those who believe them have no access to facts that would challenge them. One by one, TV newscasters come on air and tell people Hamas broke the ceasefire by firing rockets into Israel, as did Chris Hays again tonight on MSNBC. Incidentally, those Israelis who take comfortable chairs to the hills overlooking Gaza and sit and watch and cheer the bombings that are dropped on defenseless women and children with mothers and fathers huddling over their children to protect them, aren’t afraid of Hamas rockets! But, even if Hamas did break the ceasefire, none of them questions the logic of indiscriminate bombing of the civilian population and no one points out that this isn’t a war, but a deliberate massacre. They show pictures and tell of bombings, but paint it as a “war” between Hamas and Israel and talk about the “two sides” and “both sides” and “conflict”, which gives people the impression of a real war with both sides fighting. The fact is: there is no fighting, and there is certainly no fighting by “both sides”. One side is the strongest and most heavily armed military in Middle East and the other side is a defenseless people being slaughtered.

There is also no mention in US media of the siege, nothing about the non-stop arrests and incarcerations and nothing about assassination of Palestinian leaders, including the very individuals that they were supposed to negotiate with. Those who have followed the history of the so-called negotiations know that every time Israel was to negotiate, it assassinated leading individuals, causing others to retaliate, in order to prevent negotiations and continue with home demolitions and building of new settlements. Every year that passes, gives them more time to evict more Palestinians from their homes, build more settlements and make life more miserable for Palestinians. This is what ethnic cleansing looks like and this is what ethnic cleansing does: home demolitions, evictions, siege, starvation, denial of services, killings of their leaders, jailing and torturing their youth, check points, and every few years finding an excuse to commit massacres of defenseless men, women and children.

When an innocent young man or women is beat or killed by the police in the US, which sadly happens all too often, especially to members of racial minorities and the homeless, if someone happens to be there to record it, Americans get to see it and condemn it and demand justice. Unfortunately, they don’t see such videos showing Palestinians getting beat, killed or jailed and tortured which happens regularly by an occupying army – not a city police of your people, but an occupying army that shoots and kills or breaks your door down and takes away your family members, including children. And, even if you do hear about it, it gets lost in a pile of lies. But, they do hear loud and clear when Hamas fires some useless rockets, followed by “Israel has the right to defend itself”. The level of media control by the corporate government is second to none.

But, it goes beyond what they say or don’t say. On Thursday, Rachel Maddow told her audience on MSNBC of the bombings of civilian targets, including hospitals and schools and the UN shelter, but she said it as if she was reporting about the stock market. Actually, the stock market news are usually reported with more excitement and emotion than that. Compare that with her long diatribes about Russia and President Putin, which she’s discussed on her show, repeatedly, and with such urgency and outrage, as if it’s the Russians who are committing a genocide! In the case of Russia and Ukraine, she doesn’t just report the “facts”, but gives a long “explanation”, telling her audience how Putin should not get away with it, how he has lost his mind, how he is thumbing his nose at the world, that he is a dictator, that “we” need to do more to stop him, while repeatedly showing his shirtless picture. She feels strongly enough about Putin and Russia to give so much attention, time and explanation, but, not strongly enough about the genocide in Gaza!

When a natural disaster hits an area and people are killed and maimed and made homeless, the US public relations apparatus goes into high gear and it pledges to help the victims, as if they give a damn. In the case of Gazans dying and getting mutilated and the survivors going through the rubble looking for their loved ones or looking at what used to be their home, there is no such empathy. Nothing the US does or says is genuine or out of humanity or human empathy, nothing! For the US ruling class who lead and strategize for the empire, everything is political and political expediency. What regime or dictatorship they align themselves with, what atrocity or extermination they partake in, who they assassinate and whom they give refuge and what wars they engage in and against whom has nothing to do with right or wrong, justice or humanity. It’s always political and always for the long term interests of the corporate empire and its plans for world domination.

The genocide going on in Palestine is on the shoulders of the American people and is being committed in their name. What we all need to understand is that this genocide is not unrelated to domestic poverty, unemployment, incarcerations, police beatings and killings, racism, neglect of American urban centers and devastation of the environment. It’s also not unrelated to the endless wars we’re all subjected to, pushing the world towards another world war. What’s needed is a new awakening by the American people that through a large popular movement would drastically change the direction of this nation and put humanity, human needs and social justice into the government and policy making, instead of corporate greed, militarization, wars of conquest, massacres and aiding and abetting a genocide, for ever higher profits for a few already obscenely rich.

Brainwashing Does Work, But Is It Impenetrable?

You can convince yourself and others of almost anything, if told enough times and if shielded from other points of view. The idea or prejudice can be totally imaginary and fabricated, without a shred of corroborating or supporting evidence, but if that’s all you hear and if for some psychological or other reason, you want to believe and convince yourself of its truth, you can. It’s done all the time. That’s just how the human mind is.

You can believe a certain group or race of people control all the banking industry and financial institutions and media and all billionaires are of that particular race who also control all politics in the world. You can also convince yourself and others that a certain group of people or those with a certain religion are by nature violent terrorists, don’t value human life, including their own and their children’s and want to kill and terrorize for no apparent reason.

You can convince yourself that you need and should have a “country of your own”, which means a state specifically and exclusively for “your people” or race or religion, exclusive of others, and if that means expelling others from the area where you believe belongs to your “type” of people, and keeping them away and in faraway refugee camps at all cost, including massacres, and put up a wall and barriers and prevent them from going back to their homes to maintain the majority for “your chosen and special people”, then so be it, and if they resist the ethnic cleansing and apartheid, it’s only fair to go to war against them and kill as many of them as you can. You can, if you want, be completely convinced that that’s fair, just and right and there is nothing wrong with it. People have done it before and are doing it today. It can and is done. German soldiers and their generals and political leaders, who invaded neighboring countries, were convinced that what they were doing was right and justified and so did the majority of Germans at the time. They were and had been convinced. Nothing mysterious about that.

Today, some 90% of Israelis support not only the state of Israel, but even the actions of that state, including indiscriminate and massive bombing of densely populated Gaza, including apartment building, schools, hospitals and even UN designated schools, where children are being kept, multiple times. The vast majority of Americans also believe that Israel is the victim and is fighting for its rightful survival and the Palestinians are the villains, who are trying to kill the Jews. One sided and systematically and exclusively delivered propaganda, when repeated regularly, without telling anything of the other side, does work, no matter how false and unjust the claims are.

But, there is a way to transcend all the propaganda and rise above it all and look down and see the realities, as they really are. It’s not that complicated and the thing about truth is that once you see it, you wonder how come you never saw it before. What we must ask ourselves is just a few questions to see if we are on the right side or not: who’s suffering the most? Who’s getting killed in the hundreds and even thousands? Who is impoverished the most? Who has the least amount of rights or even no rights? Who’s getting discriminated against and incarcerated and tortured in the hundreds or thousands, including children? Who has no voice? Who has no clout or influence? Who’s getting beat up and humiliated? Then, rise above the brainwashing and narrow minded nationalistic straight jacket the state has put you in and look through the eye of humanity and justice and equality. Then, join the worldwide solidarity movement to free Palestine! Free Palestine!

What The US And Its Allies Won’t Tell You about Israel And Palestine

The State of Israel was formed, not by local Jews who used to live there, but by Europeans who went to Palestine and took with them racism against Arabs and established Israel, on the basis of that racism, which was and remains their ideology which they call Zionism. As a racist ideology, Zionism considers Palestinian Arabs barbaric and less than human and believes in segregation and apartheid. A racist ideology was in fact necessary, in the thinking of the founders of the state, to justify the occupation, displacement and ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians. Without such occupation and ethnic cleansing, they reasoned, a Jewish-only state would not be possible. This racist ideology continues to drive the Israeli policies, today, which teaches its Jewish population hatred and committing genocide against Palestinians.

The Jews who lived side by side their Arab neighbors in Palestine for millennium did not have such racist ideology and never had any conflict with them. Nor did they demand a state all to themselves without their Arab neighbors. The racist ideology of Zionism was imported into Palestine from Europe, where most every racism originated from, and became the guiding principle of the founders of the state of Israel, as the exclusive state of Jews only and separate and devoid of Arab Palestinians. Since Arabs, as well as Jews and others, lived there together as neighbors, they had to expel Palestinian Arabs from their homes and land, in order to create the state for Jews, only. The state was to be for Jewish Palestinians, who lived there before, as well as European Jews, who wanted an exclusive state only for Jews. That was accomplished by massacring and expelling Arab Palestinians by heavily armed militia. Thousands of Palestinians perished and the rest fled to neighboring countries, as refugees, where they remain, to this day.

These racist and violent settlers are not from Historic Palestine, but are mostly Europeans and Americans, who have settled on land stolen from Palestinians and who enjoy rights that Palestinians do not have and cannot have in apartheid Israel. These settlers justify their action and the preferential treatment they receive through their racist ideology, which considers them a better and more civilized and more developed people than the Palestinians. How else can one justify demolishing someone’s home, sending them into refugee camp and giving residence to a settler, who has the “correct” religion or ethnicity, if not through racism? The State of Israel is run by this racist ideology and therefore commits ethnic cleansing, massacres and genocide.

What the American people have been told all along have been the exact opposite of the truth. As Malcolm X famously said: “If you’re not careful, the newspapers will have you hating the people who are being oppressed, and loving the people who are doing the oppressing.” It’s no wonder that the majority of Americans support Israel. They’ve been told that Palestinians want to wipe out the Jews. It is actually Israel, which is trying to wipe out Palestinians. Israel is the occupier with a large, heavily armed professional military, with a strong Air Force, army and navy and the most advanced and lethal weaponry, including the latest US provided fighter jets, helicopter gunships, tanks, navy warships and even nuclear weapons. In contrast, Palestinians, who are occupied and besieged, have none of those, not even an army or even shelters to go to when being bombed by Israel. Palestinians want the occupation to end, so they can go back to their homes and live in peace with equal rights and with the right to rejoin with and visit their old relatives and family members who are left on the other side of the apartheid wall. They want the check points to be dismantled and their children to grow up like any other, not in refugee camps and under occupation that constantly harasses and arrests and jails and beats and kills their family members and demolishes their homes and builds homes for Jewish settlers coming from New York and California and Russia and Argentina and Europe who upon arrival have rights which Palestinians don’t have, including the right of owning a home. These are all what any people would want and demand and resist and fight for. Instead of recognizing and respecting such legitimate rights and demands of an oppressed and occupied people, the US government gives Israel $4 billion, every year, along with its most advanced weapons and fighter jets and tanks, etc. and unconditional political support, blocking any UN vote that condemns Israeli genocidal actions. The US has thus long become a partner in the ethnic cleansing and genocide.

Americans have been told that the two sides have always been in conflict and always will be. That’s not true, either. The conflict began with the arrival of the Europeans and the start of the occupation, displacement and ethnic cleansing, which made a significant portion of the Palestinian population refugees in neighboring countries. Americans are also told that it is a complicated situation and there is no easy solution. That’s a lie they tell to avoid the real issue which is the occupation and ethnic cleansing. There is nothing complicated about occupying a nation, displacing the local people and making settlements for foreign settlers. It’s just wrong and must stop and the refugees must be allowed to go to their ancestral homes. Americans are told that both peoples are claiming the same land and are fighting over it with no end in sight. That grossly misstates and deliberately obfuscates the issue. Unlike the state of Israel which is trying to rid the land of Palestinians, Palestinians aren’t trying to rid it of Jews, as it’s wrongly claimed. It is true that there is one country with people of different religions and ethnicity, but that’s hardly a rare phenomenon. Most countries have peoples with different religions and ethnicity living together. In fact, it’s hard to find a country that doesn’t have this characteristic, especially in Middle East and Asia. There are Kurds and Armenians in Turkey, in addition to the majority who are Turks. Iran not only has all those three, it also has Persians, Jews, Arabs, Afghans and Baluchis. Lebanon has Muslim Arabs, Christian Arabs, Armenians and both Shia and Sunni Muslims. Same also is true about Syria and Iraq, where there are Muslim Arabs, Christian Arabs, Kurds, Armenians, Shias and Sunnis, not to mention Jews. There are also different ethnicities in Afghanistan, India, Russia and most other Arabic countries. Jews have lived with their Arab neighbors in Palestine and other countries of the Middle East, for thousands of years. It’s never been necessary and it’s never justified for a people of a certain race or religion to expel one people from their homes and land and deport them or send them into refugee camps, in order to establish a state exclusively for another and deny the rights of those who stay. The last time this was done was to Armenians (my ancestors), by Ottoman Turks when 1.5 million unarmed and defenseless Armenians, men, women and children, were massacred and deported from their ancestral land and made refugees in neighboring countries. Hitler was the only one who defended that action, for which the term “genocide” was coined. It was never necessary or justified to do the same to any people, before 1948 and it’s not necessary or justified, now.

The American people are also always told that Israel has the right to defend itself, whereas it’s the Palestinian people who are always under attack and need to defend themselves against the ongoing ethnic cleansing, killings and genocide. If you compare the rate at which Israel kills Palestinians with the number of Israelis that get killed, you will see that there is no comparison. Just in one attack on Gaza in 2012, 1,400 people were killed, many of them children, whereas less than a handful Israelis were killed. Such deadly attacks also took place in 2006, 2008 and 2009, each time taking the lives of hundreds and sometimes over a thousand Palestinians, the Vast majority of them civilians. Even without a bombing campaign or ground offensive, Palestinians keep getting killed in the hands of the occupation troops. Just this year and prior to the current attack, dozens of Palestinians were killed. That happens routinely, whether or not there is an Israeli offensive. In addition, thousands of Palestinians, including children are in Israeli jails. Not only are they occupied, oppressed and impoverished and denied resources, they are routinely attacked and beaten by occupation soldiers and armed settlers defended by Israeli soldiers and are arrested and detained, often without a charge. which Israel calls “administrative detention”. They are subjected to routine and humiliating searches, check point stops that sometimes take 6 to 12 hours to be let go, home demolitions and border closures.

When you know these facts, then Obama’s line which has been the line of every US president for decades that “Israel has the right to defend itself”, without acknowledging any such right for Palestinians who are occupied and killed in much larger numbers, sounds crazy, outrageous and maddening.

The US (and its allies’) media never mentions any of these facts because they don’t want people to object to their government giving so much military and economic aid and unconditional support to the apartheid and racist state. Time and again, the US stands all alone at the UN, among all nations of the world, with the exception of Israel, itself, and usually Marshall Islands, which does what the US says, in defending Israel and shielding it from any punitive actions, for continuing its occupation of Palestine and for violation of international laws, including incarceration and torture of children. Such unconditional, unreasonable and unjustifiable support would be difficult, indeed, if the American people knew the facts. This is why they don’t tell these facts and therefore, it’s important for us to be armed with these facts and spread the truth to as many people as possible, in any way we can.

US Corporate Media And The Genocide In Gaza

Two MSNBC hosts, back to back, expressed their anger and outrage at unnecessary loss of life. Al Sharpton, passionately complained about the NYPD officer who had a chokehold on Eric Garner, father of six, who was killed by the officer after the officers ignored his pleas telling them repeatedly that he couldn’t breathe. Even the paramedics who arrived when he lay motionless, did nothing to try to revive him. Mr. Sharpton is right to be angry. So am I. I’m angry at all incidents of police brutality in this country, which is totally and grossly, out of control. But, what about the lives of over 700 defenseless and innocent Palestinians who have been killed by Israel and still others who get killed between the time Mr. Sharpton starts each of his sentences and ends them? Aren’t there fathers, mothers, brothers and sisters among them? Is Mr. Sharpton not aware that one out of every 3 casualties in Gaza are children? Why doesn’t he say anything about those lost lives? Because his idol whom he worships and raves about everyday says: “Israel has the right to defend itself” and because he’s careful not to step out of the official position of US imperialism. Well, I have a problem believing the sincerity of someone who has such double standards. You either are outraged at the killing of an innocent human being or you’re not. Being selective is hypocritical, cynical and belies a corrupt and disingenuous character, who is there to say what the Empire allows him and wants him to say. Enough said.

Then, came Chris Mathews, who’s found his passion since the downing of the Malaysian Airliner, which was hit with a surface-to-air missile over East Ukraine, on its way from Netherlands to Malaysia. While, so far, the US has yet to produce any evidence, notwithstanding some claims made by Kerry, that would link Ukraine’s rebels to the missile that blew up the plane, let alone the Russian government, Mr. Mathews seems to have already, singlehandedly, indicted, not only the rebels, but also President Putin, for the incident. He angrily demanded punishment for Russia, implicating Mr. Putin, himself. He even wondered when Obama would do more to hold him accountable for the crime and wondered how the US could persuade European nations to impose tougher sanctions on and embargo Russia as its punishment. He worried that Russia might get off easy, without paying heavily for the crime. For him, the question wasn’t who was responsible, but how best the US could punish the culprit, which according to him, is obviously Putin. He closed by saying that if the US intelligence community could show the Russian connection to this crime, it would be good for the US! How it would be good or a win for the US, he did not explain.

The irony in all this is that a giant near-monopoly corporation gets to propagate through its well paid anchor persons, whatever claim it has and whatever accusation it sees fit to level against any nation that happens to be in the crosshairs of imperialism and call it free and independent journalism and “democracy”. This is what Mr. Mathews, who gets handsomely paid by the corporation, calls independent and unbiased journalism. Ironically – much irony in all this – in the very same segment, Mr. Objective reporter of “facts” criticized Russia and Putin as not having the same free and objective journalism that Americans enjoy! He quoted Sen. Moynahan that: “You’re entitled to your own opinions, but not to your own facts”, and added angrily: “Apparently, Mr. Putin didn’t get that message”.

Now, I can understand Mr. Mathews’ outrage over loss of innocent lives, and I can even forgive him for prosecuting and convicting Mr. Putin by himself and without any evidence and then impatiently awaiting for the sentencing phase, which in his ultra-nationalist mind, is, of course, for the US to decide, even though the whole incident had nothing to do with the US. The reason I can understand that is because that’s routine and established American mindset: anything anyone does anywhere that’s wrong or criminal, is within US jurisdiction and the US business to investigate, reach a conclusion and punish the perpetrator!

But, how can one reconcile all this outrage and call for retribution with his total amnesia about the very same thing that his government did in 1988, when on 3 July, a US naval vessel fired at and downed an Iranian passenger jet, killing all 290 people on board? To her credit, MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow did mention it, when discussing this same issue on her show, so Mr. Mathews can’t claim ignorance; all he had to do was watch his colleague’s show. He proudly reminded his audience on a previous show, aired a few days ago, of Reagan’s impassioned speech, condemning the former Soviet Union for the mistaken downing in 1983 of a Korean passenger jet that veered off into Soviet airspace, comparing America that values human life with the Soviets which did not. He made that comparison again today, and again, as last time, he didn’t mention that President Reagan, on whose watch the Iranian passenger plane was blown out of the sky, refused to even offer an apology to the Iranians. Years later, when Iran took the case to the international court, the US agreed to pay retribution to the victims’ families, but never apologized. No country was pressured to impose sanctions on the US, no nation was asked to boycott US products and no self-proclaimed objective US journalist claimed that the US did not value human life, which would not have been very hard to do, given a long history of wars and massacres and genocide it had been involved in – more than any other nation. Not only that, the Navy officer who ordered the plane shot and destroyed, was later awarded a medal! Imagine Russia being found to have downed the Malaysian plane and then to go on and award its officer who shot the missile a medal!

Which brings me to another evidence of how much the US and its corporate network hosts value human life. Mr. Mathews, who dedicated most of his time to condemning the firing of the missile that brought down the Malaysian plane, which obviously was fired in error, had nothing to say about over 700 innocent people, including hundreds of women and children, who lost their lives, not to a missile mistakenly fired, but to heavy and massive US provided bombs, deliberately and repeatedly dropped on population centers, apartment buildings, hospitals and schools, over and over, leveling many building and making the densely populated city glow from exploding bombs, as viewed from space (see the photo). This is the kind of free US journalism Mr. Mathews proudly speaks of and compares with Russia, which he criticizes as not having, just as his favorite President Reagan compared Americans’ values with those of the “evil empire”. Mr. Mathews then asked, in bewilderment and frustration, how the Russian people can be so nationalistic to believe their own government lies! Amazing!

The Imperialist-Zionist Alliance And the Pro-Israel Culture among Americans

It was revealed Monday that two of the Israeli soldiers who were killed in the ground attack on Gaza were American citizens who volunteered to participate in the massacre. The unusual and curious phenomenon of Americans volunteering to fight in a foreign army, especially one that has a history of indiscriminate massacres of defenseless Palestinians, speaks volumes of the relationship between between the two states and the significance Israel has for the US. Never before and nowhere else could you see such a thing, which begs the question: why? In fact, even a more pertinent question would be: why are the vast majority of the American people fully and unconditionally behind Israel?

But, when you analyze the coverage and explanations given to the situation by US corporate media, as well as the positions of the elected officials in the last several decades, it starts to make sense. Indeed, it should not be a surprise to anyone, given decades of nonstop propaganda for Israel and against Palestinians, which consistently and methodically have made Israel the victim and Palestinians the villain, and have given the impression that Israel is a normal and legitimate country, like any other, which is constantly attacked by Arabs (usually how Palestinians have been referred to) for no reason, other than that “Arabs” don’t want to see a non-Arab or non-Muslim state in the region and refuse to accept its right to exist. Omitted is the entire history of the formation of the state of Israel as a colonial and settler state by European Jews and the events following it, including the occupation, the displacement and ethnic cleansing through massacres and sheer terror, the land grabs, the settlements, the home demolitions and the apartheid.

Some among the sympathizers of Palestine, mostly among non-Zionist progressive liberals, contend that the reason for this is the strong and potent Israeli lobby. What they forget, though, is that the support given to Israel by the US, politically, economically and diplomatically, predates such Israeli lobbies. Backing Israel by the US imperialism was not and has never been due to anything but the interests of US imperialism, itself, not the lobbying and not any kind of sympathy for the Jewish people. US motivation for such strong and unconditional support has always been strategic and geopolitical, and related to its long-term goals and plans for hegemony and domination for the benefit of its multinational corporations. To understand this, one must first understand the US itself and then its political and strategic alliances, not the other way around. After all, the US and its imperial goals existed long before the formation of the State of Israel. It is for such long term political and economic benefits that the US gives $4 billion a year to the apartheid state, which given its population, translates to tens of thousands of dollars for each Israeli, every year. That’s a high price to pay and it cannot possibly have its reasons in lobbying.

The decades old and methodical pro-Israeli propaganda by the corporate media has created such a pro-Israel culture among the American population that Israel can easily be considered a part of the US, and in fact, for all practical purposes, especially militarily, politically, diplomatically and even culturally, that mindset is not far off the mark. A situation has been created where a powerful state is forced to comply with all the wishes of imperialism, since its very existence depends on its continued support. On the other hand, and in addition, the state of Israel is deadlocked in a constant war with Palestinians, who naturally and understandably, resist the occupation, and is therefore forced to constantly receive expensive and sophisticated weaponry from US manufacturers, which the American people pay for, through their taxes, guaranteeing constant profits for weapons companies. The weapons given to Israel, however, are not just to give profits to these corporations. They are used, through the Israeli military, to control and police the region for the Empire. It is used as a large heavily fortified, reliable and revolt-free military base, ready and willing to go to war for the Empire, when and where it’s called for. That’s not a small prize for imperialism and is worth every penny it spends on it. With such strategic cooperation between imperialism and Zionism, who needs an Israeli lobby? But, it doesn’t hurt to have one, anyway, to help with the pro-Israel culture and keep Congressional representatives in line and on the same page.

The result is a population oblivious to the realities and facts relating to the situation and in line with the dictates of the corporate Empire. This methodically manufactured culture ensures that only pro-Israel officials are elected and reporters and journalists stay within the confines of the general imperialist and Zionist narrative.

But, now the social media has created a small opening, maybe not a window, but a narrow opening, to try and gradually change that culture and open the Americans’ eyes to what is really happening. We have a long way to go and it’s not easy, but it’s not impossible, either. We have to start somewhere.

I Need To Know!

I Need To Know!

The Israeli military with its sophisticated US provided tanks and fighter jets and bombs is fighting against a totally unprotected and defenseless people who don’t even have bomb shelters or sufficient medical facilities and equipment to treat all the wounded kids, especially since they keep bombing hospitals. As Dr. Gilbert, the Norwegian doctor who’s helping treat the wounded in Gaza put it: “Palestinians are fighting against tanks, but Israelis are fighting against women and children”.

What I want to know from the US President and his cabinet and the US Congress who support this genocide, is: what constitutes a war crime in their minds? A people – people, not heavily armed fighters, but people with their families, babies, children of all ages – are besieged and trapped with nowhere to go and are being bombed and massacred by the same military that’s occupying and keeping them trapped in this piece of land. Is there a different definition of war crime than this? If there is, I’d like to know.

And who – what kind of people – would go fight against such defenseless women and children? And will Israelis feel better that their military was able to kill so many defenseless people, one third of them children? Will they proudly welcome home their brave soldiers who were shooting and bombing from their tanks and fighter jets on residential apartment building and hospitals full of defenseless women and children? Is it any wonder how easily the Israeli leaders decide to go to “war” against these people? Can you even call it a war?

And what kind of people who call themselves senators and representatives of congress and president and Vice President can defend such merciless massacre? Where is the emergency UN Security Council meeting with strong words of condemnation and outrage? Where is the “no-fly zone” to protect innocent civilians, as was imposed on Libya?

Isn’t this the time when you decide you can’t let this go on anymore and can’t take it anymore? How am I supposed to shrug this off? I need to know!