What Ukraine Has in Common With Syria: US Motives and Plans in Both and Beyond


As the US military-corporate junta continues to intervene in sovereign nations’ internal affairs from Syria to Ukraine, hypocrisy and lies fly and reach a staggering height, and the corporate controlled media shows an incredible level of duplicity and deception, in defense of the actions of the corporate empire, which itself is a part of. TV networks, from MSNBC to NPR and newspapers from New York Times to Washington Post, who pretend to broadcast the news in an impartial way, continue their blatant lies. Officials of the Empire and their gangster allies in suits and ties, from London and Paris to Ankara and Tel Aviv, along with their medieval friends in Saudi Arabia and Qatar, are conspiring to overthrow the government of the sovereign nation of Syria by funneling money and arms to jihadists who are beheading, shooting and massacring civilians. They have found common cause with the most brutal terrorists of the Middle East, who want to impose a medieval Islamic Caliphate on the nation and to achieve it are willing to massacre tens of thousands of innocent people. They, from President Obama to Prime Minister Cameron to President Hollande, all know exactly who these Islamist fighters are. They know innocent civilians are being massacred in the thousands, in the hands of these fighters. They know millions of people have been displaced and made refugees. They know these terrorists, whom they are funding and arming, have killed much more people than those killed by chemical weapons, which they falsely blamed the Syrian Army for, when there was evidence and at least strong suspicion that they were used by the terrorists, who got them from Turkey. Yet, they continue this vile crime against humanity and are destroying the country. Obama who is doing everything to go down in history as one of the most warmongering and criminal US presidents, ever, just promised to increase the aid to the terrorists by an additional $27 million, raising the US support for them to $287 million. The plan is to help the jihadists do as much killing and destruction, as possible, in order to change the regime. They care not that the country is being literally destroyed and turned into a pile of rubble, as they did to Iraq and Libya, before.

At the same time – literally at the same time – Obama continues to aggressively interfere in the internal affairs of Ukraine in close cooperation with Neo fascists. While they decide on their own that the president of a sovereign nation “must go”, and to make that possible, give money and arms to terrorists, whose favorite way of killing those who don’t accept their Islamic Caliphate is beheading, in Ukraine, they plan and execute a coup d’tat, overthrow a democratically elected president and install their men, with the help of fascists. While in Syria they defend Islamist terrorists who are killing civilians, in Ukraine, they’re siding with Neo fascists and remnants of Third Reich Nazis who burn people alive. While they were condemning the Kiev police for fighting back against firebomb throwing Nazi sympathizers, they remained silent and ordered their controlled media to not mention the massacre of the opponents of the coup regime in a trade union building in Odessa, Ukraine. They complain of Russia’s intervention in Ukraine, after they themselves have already intervened and overthrown the government in Kiev, while at the same time, they’re trying to overthrow the Syrian government, not long after bombing Libya and overthrowing its government, while they still are fighting in Afghanistan and attacking several countries with drones. But, no matter: the US media continues to repeat the Administration lies about “Russian aggression in Ukraine”. It’s no stretch of hypocrisy and quite within their double standards then when the genocidal Zionist regime in occupied Palestine suggests “bombing Syria if they use chemical weapons against civilians”, when they themselves use phosphorous and depleted uranium bombs against Palestinians. While the US and its allies are using an alleged chemical attack, which credible accounts link them to pro-Saudi terrorists, as justification for trying to violently overthrow the Assad government, with all means and at any human cost possible, it’s been revealed and admitted that the US gave Saddam Hussein chemical weapons to use against Iranian troops in the 8-year long Iran-Iraq war, which Saddam started in 1980, with the promised help from the US. The US was even giving Iraq the Iranian troop coordinates, knowing they would attack them with chemical weapons. The CIA was informing the Reagan Administration of the regular chemical weapons use by Iraqis, yet, they chose to shut their otherwise loud mouths and remain silent and dismiss the Iranian complaints at the UN about their use. Now, the US wants to overthrow the Syrian Government because they’re accusing it of using chemical weapons. And, of course, they’re the best and unbiased judge when it comes to making such judgement. We’re supposed to take their word for it because John Kerry says “we know”. We know things too, like Kerry’s family friend and Jo Biden’s son getting assigned to Ukraine’s gas company’s board of directors, shortly after the overthrow of the democratically elected government, there. 

What they wanted in Ukraine was a puppet government that would give in to imperialist domination and accept International Monetary Fund (IMF) imposed loans with their required and mandatory austerity measures for working people, making the nation indebted to and dependent on the West, in addition to privatizing their major industries, especially oil and gas, which would end up channeling the nation’s wealth into the coffers of international capitalists, making the poor even poorer, as we’ve seen done so many times. Their other aim was to open the door to NATO to surround and threaten Russia into submission. Embedding John Kerry’s family friend and Biden’s son into Ukraine’s gas producing company’s board of directors was the icing on the cake for celebrating years of intensive bribing and propaganda which culminated in arming and funding of Neo fascists and Nazis and a coup for regime change. That cake cost US taxpayers $5 billion, money that was spent for the benefit of the likes of John Kerry and the rest of the super wealthy and which needy Americans will never see a cent of. 

In Syria, they want to overthrow a government, which, though inadequately, still sympathizes with the struggle of Palestine for freedom and self-determination, allies itself with the Hezbollah in Lebanon, which is the only force in the region that has beat back Israel, and which does not open its doors to neoliberal policies and major US and European corporations or the IMF, and militarily does not cooperate with the US-Saudi-Israrli alliance in the region and instead cooperates with Russia and Iran. That’s the real “red line”. The other crime of the Syrian government is that it subsidizes basic necessities for the people, as did the former Libyan government. The latter also had plans to form an independent African unity against imperialism and become self-sufficient economically and militarily, in addition to having significant oil reserves, which explains why it was targeted and brutally overthrown. The thinking on Iran is along the same lines.

The common thread in all these interventions and wars, from Iraq and Afghanistan to Libya and Syria, and from Somalia and Yemen to Ukraine, as well as those in their kill list to deal with in the future, is that the corporate Empire is on a mission to take over the world for its corporations and their wealthy owners and is committing crimes against humanity, nonstop, in order to subdue, take over and bring under the rule of their corporate empire, as much of the world, as possible. This drive will not stop until it takes out all governments that stand on its way to total and complete hegemony, including Iran and even Russia and China, driving the world ever closer towards another world war. This also explains their continued accumulation of immense fire power and newer and bigger and more lethal weapons, including newer nuclear and bunker busting weapons and ever increasing number of military bases and aircraft carriers – a military might that already eclipses all the military capabilities of all other nations, combined. No other nation, or group of nations, even comes close in the number of military bases, occupying troops in other countries, aircraft carriers, bombers, warships, missiles. drones, etc. Such incredible accumulation of destructive power isn’t without a long term plan to use it. As Einstein smartly pointed out, it’s impossible to plan and prepare for war and at the same time work towards peace. The US sees its future in endless wars for complete world domination. A look at their new killing technologies and capabilities, including drones and robots, also reveals that their war preparations aren’t just for defeating armies of other countries, but people in the thousands, wherever they may be.

This penchant for world domination stems from the profit-at-any-cost logic and nature of world capitalism, which has found its leadership in US corporate government, with its henchmen, servants, attack dogs and shills that follow, bark and attack on cue by the top dog in Washington, ready to jump in and help tear victims to pieces. This imperialist alliance is nothing, but a criminal blood sucking gangster-type coalition, intent on robbing the peoples of the world dry to make themselves richer than they already are. Even though they already are obscenely wealthy through the sweat and tears and blood of most of the people of the world, they want even more because it’s never enough for them. Greed knows no bounds.

If you think my portrayal is too damning, just look at the events in their logical continuity and historical thread and the consequent results. This criminal gang, under the leadership of the US corporate government, is impoverishing the people of the world, making themselves richer than ever, committing the biggest crimes against humanity, in the process. What this criminal cabal headquartered in Washington is doing to accumulate more and more wealth is not only killing hundreds of thousands of people and displacing millions and impoverishing hundreds of millions or billions of people, while imposing tyranny and oppression upon them, it’s also ruining the planet, making it uninhabitable for future generations. They must be stopped and stopped soon, and the only ones who can stop them is people on the streets, in the millions.


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