War Crime Made Easy And Cheap

It’s hard to shrug off the news or even the possibility of war, if the bombs will be dropped on the city or village where you and your loved ones live. The news or threat of war or even limited bombing takes a totally different meaning, then. Even living where any minute a drone may appear overhead and shoot missiles is not something you can easily ignore and say: “oh well – crazy world”. The world isn’t crazy. The world is fine.

One of the worst things that the ruling corporate cabal of billionaires has been able to do to the American people is to desensitize and getting them used to the idea of war, to the point that they think of war as an ordinary and routine occurrence – something the government does, like taking the trash – instead of getting outraged and shocked and reflecting on what it means to rain down bombs on defenseless people, and picturing what the children and their mothers must be going through, the fear, the screams…

What drones have been able to do for the US ruling class is to make mass killings of people overseas easier, cheaper and more removed from Americans’ day to day lives. But, imagine the police, for example, shooting missiles from a drone at a populated neighborhood or a shopping mall in a US city and killing tens of people, including children, because they wanted to assassinate someone who they believed was there. Or imagine a group of some hundred people at a wedding which looks threatening to the person sitting tens of thousands of mikes away with his finger on the trigger and pulls the trigger and kills and injures most of those people who had gathered to celebrate. And then imagine, while this is happening, the First Lady shows up on TV, with a sad face and expresses concern for missing Nigerian children. Things look different from the other side. Don’t they?


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