US Pushing the World Towards World War

If there is one thing to be said about US policy makers is that they take the most advantage of every opportunity towards their goal of world domination for the benefit of the corporate empire. WWII was one such event that completely changed the balance of forces worldwide to make the US capitalist class the indisputable leader of world imperialism. The next major event that increased the means and opportunities for the US to exert its increased
dominance worldwide was the creation of a colonial settler state in the heart of the oil rich Middle East that would faithfully, strongly and rigorously defend US interests in that vital region, not only turning into a huge military base for the latter, but, also acting as its policeman, often undertaking wars of aggression on its behalf and punishing detractors. The fact that Israel’s very existence depends on US support, makes the former forever bound by the latter’s wishes and demands. The third such event was the breakup of the Soviet Union, which removed the only serious challenge to US imperialism and its plans for world hegemony. The fourth was the 9/11 terrorist attacks, which incited anger and indignation among the American people and opened the door for multiple new imperialist wars against Arab and Muslim nations, under the absurd and nonsensical, yet potent, pretext of “war on terror”, giving rise to “endless wars”, indiscriminate and frequent drone attacks in several countries, kidnapping and jailing of nationals of foreign countries in a dungeon built on grounds grabbed from Cuba, passing of draconian anti-civil liberties laws to prevent and stifle dissent, including the so-called “Patriot Act” and NDAA, and harsh punishment of whistle blowers. The NSA spying program, too, which was conducted even before 9/11, though to lessor degree, was expanded, dramatically.

The fifth and most recent major opportunity the US ruling class was presented with and is making the best use of is one which isn’t usually mentioned as being such, but, whose value and significance to the Empire, in my view, will be recognized in the coming years, if not sooner. That most recent success is the Obama presidency, who, unlike his predecessor, was not only able to smartly, competently and quite forcefully and successfully, push the Empire’s plan for world domination for the benefit of US corporations forward (including in Libya and now in Syria where the war continues, as well as, in Ukraine, to name a few), as dangerous and destructive as such pursuits are for all parties involved, but to do it with almost non-existent domestic opposition.

The use of drones to assassinate US opponents overseas which had been done on a much more limited basis before, with some apprehension as to its potential international and domestic blowback, was made official and routine US policy. To find such extremely belligerent and aggressive imperial policy of massive and unrepentant killings by a government, on a regular basis and as an open policy, one would have to go back to the 1930’s Nazi Germany. This policy of mass assassinations of entire groups of people in several countries, on the mere suspicion of being members of a terrorist organization or of being among its sympathizers or on the basis that they may be planning on doing harm against the US is unique in modern history. It’s logical equivalent would be to bomb the home of someone being suspected of not having committed a crime, but having the intention of committing a crime, in the future, and if he’s with other people at the time of the bombing, so be it. This is exactly the mindset of the George Zimmerman’s, who kill because they reason “he must be up to no good”.

But, you might ask why was Obama the perfect person to make drone attacks an official and regular policy. You see, the hardest part for the ruling class in undertaking new wars of aggression and committing massacres is when they first adopt the policy. That’s when it can engender the most opposition. But, enter a black president that understandably (unlike those who find overwhelming black support for him incomprehensible, I find it quite understandable), has the support of blacks and the racially guilt-ridden white liberals, who for reasons quite different from blacks, would not withdraw their support from him, if he were to murder their own family members, then it’s a different story. With these sectors taken out of the equation, the only ones left, save the radical left who are fewer than the number of people standing in line in any Starbucks on a Monday morning, is the right, which agrees with such policies of war and aggression. This makes the adoption of such an incredibly evil and criminal policy much easier than under a Republican or even a white Democrat.

But, why is such a way of eliminating enemies of the Empire (not to be confused with enemies of the American people, at least not in most cases), so attractive to them? The reason is the fact that assassinations, which have been among the tools of the trade for imperialism, can now be committed much more efficiently, quickly and cheaply, and at times of “war on terror”, such as ours, can also be done openly, rather than covertly. What makes Obama better than Bush is not that he’s the originator of empire’s objectives, strategies and plans, or even its methods – those supersede, precede and outlive any particular president – but that he’s a better executioner (in both senses of the word) of the plans, and just as importantly, better at selling those policies to the American people.

The US is now living through one of its most blatantly aggressive and adventurist periods of all time. A million people were just killed in Iraq, with millions more displaced, leaving the country in utter devastation and rendering it ungovernable, and life goes on, not only in the US, but also at the UN or Hague or Brussels, as if nothing happened – no criminal court, no accounting of any sort by anyone, nothing. Libya, too, met a similar fate, where a “no-fly zone” mandate was used as carte blanche to run thousands of bombing sorties on heavily populated urban centers and destroying the central government and turning the nation into a failed and ungovernable state. The war in Afghanistan continues its devastation. And, when a movement for democracy began in Syria and Al Qaeda fighters descended on it to turn it into an Islamic Caliphate, the West, once again, seized the opportunity to do another regime change. Today, the Islamist terrorists, who are destroying the country, massacring and beheading innocent people in Syria,
are being armed, financed and supported by Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey, France, UK, the European Union, Israel and the US. Ukraine is the latest, where we keep hearing of new escalation of tensions, with Iran waiting its turn. Even Russia, now, realizes it’s in the crosshairs of the Empire.

Part of this heightened level of aggression that is causing mayhem, chaos and unspeakable atrocities in Asia, Africa and now, even in Europe, has to do with frequent economic crises that grip the West on a frequent basis and threaten the foundations of world capitalism, making it necessary for them to look for new sources of profit. Another part has to do with what the US considers an up and coming challenge to its undisputed rule over the world from Russia, China and their allies (BRICS) and so it’s trying to aggressively move to put down and neutralize that challenge. That’s why the Obama Administration is moving aggressively in the Pacific front, militarily, by moving more warships to shores of China, as well as, Russia, and economically, through the new TPP ( TransPacific Partnership) trade agreements with 10 other nations, spanning from the US, all the way to Japan. The destabilization and regime change in Ukraine and moving NATO closer to Russia, virtually surrounding it, is also part of that plan. Another reason for its heightened aggression goes back to the breakup of the Soviet Union, when they decided the way was now open for their domination of the world for US corporations and their owning class since there was no one left with the will or ability to challenge them.

As they push on towards their goal of world domination and taking out challengers, along the way, naturally and not surprisingly, they’re pushing the world towards another world war, since not everyone will or should just roll over and bow to the Empire, which is going through a most belligerent and furious tantrum and rampage. I don’t mean or like to be an alarmist, but, if in the last such war, which wasn’t that long ago, 40 million people perished, this time, the entire life on Earth will be in danger.

What’s the solution? How can this madness be stopped? It’s time to stop and consider our history and the reality of the world we live in. It’s time to stop putting our hopes in this or that bought out politician, whether it’s Hillary or Rand Paul, and begin organizing and educating. We can start by forming local “Occupy” groups in our neighborhoods and network with others and eventually make it into a national movement. It was done before, so it’s not impossible. I know it sounds far-fetched, but, we have no other choice. We must rely on ourselves.


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