What MSNBC Won’t Tell You About Obama

I just read a piece posted on a friend’s FB page that says 93 countries have changed their minds about Obama. I must say my opinion, or rather my reaction, too, has changed: from disgust to revulsion.

I first noticed him, as did many others, during the 2004 Democratic National Convention, where, in his keynote speech for John Kerry, said that there is no red or blue or black or white America, but “one America”. That was his way of trying to be noticed by white corporate bosses, basically telling them that he’d be a good servant, if given the opportunity. What makes such duplicitous statements useful to politicians is that they give reassurance to the ruling class by telling their lie that we’re one big happy family (some of us much happier than others, though), without any conflict of interest among us, while at the same time, invoking people’s patriotism, which makes them overlook the vast gap between haves and have nots.

As I heard him more and more, after his announcement that he was running for President back in 2007, I was, not disappointed, as I didn’t have much expectation from a Democrat, to begin with, but, rather, disgusted by his shameless lies and hypocrisy and his proclivity to deceive people. Much to the corporate oligarchy’s credit, they had seen his potential and during his campaign, put their money where their mouth was, or rather where Obama’s mouth was, among his other places.

It doesn’t take Harvard education to see the kind of service he gives to US corporate Empire, whether it’s to maximize their profits and keep wages down through neoliberal policies and treasonous “trade agreements”, or to lower their taxes and keep them low, reducing or eliminating government oversight and regulation, giving government posts to corporate officers, cutting social programs for the poor, opening the door to cutting social safety nets, committing wars of conquest, eliminating anyone who dares fight back against the Empire in countries targeted by the US, through assassination or through drone attacks, or his relentless and unabashed attempts to put down and prevent dissent inside the US. Not only did he renew Bush’s Patriot Act, he expanded it, and at the first sign of a domestic movement for change – the Occupy Wall Street movement – he signed the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), which gives the President the right to order anyone detained indefinitely, by the military, at an undisclosed military prison, without any charges, explanation, legal representation, due process or visitation rights, amounting to complete disappearance, which is what the CIA already does in many countries to the nationals of other countries who oppose US policies, some of whom end up in secret CIA prisons in Romania or Poland, some are flown to countries with a Pentagon-friendly military such as Egypt and Jordan, to be tortured, and others, such as in Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia, with population of brown people with less worthy lives are attacked by missiles fired from drones, all at the sole discretion and order of the president. And he ran on a promise of “change” from Bush’s policies. What he really meant was change in the sense of more wars, more crimes against humanity, more income and wealth inequality, more government secrecy, more government spying on citizens, more draconian laws, and harsher punishment for whistle blowers. And, to do all this in a way as to not create a blowback from the population. Could anyone, including Romney or McCain or the most reactionary of the Tea Partiers, including Cheney or Donald Trump or Rand Paul or anyone, you name him, have been worse for the people of the world or better for the corporate oligarchy?


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