US Denies Visa to Iranian Representative at the UN

The Obama Administration went along with both Democrats and Republicans and refused to grant a visa to Iran’s Ambassador to UN, Hamid Aboutalebi, to attend a UN meeting. With this act, the US is basically deciding for Iran who can and cannot be their UN ambassador. The UN is supposedly an international organization, independent of any country and the US is obligated to let member nations’ ambassadors attend its meetings.

This is yet another example of the incredible arrogance and hubris of the US government. The reason for the denial was that Mr. Aboutalebi was a member of the Muslim students organization whose members took the American embassy staff hostage during the 1979 revolution, even though that was 35 years ago, he was 21 at the time and did not himself take part in taking the hostages.

It may seem to those who aren’t familiar with the history, which the mainstream media will not discuss, that the act of taking those, who were supposedly diplomats and diplomatic staff, hostage was wrong and that the visa denial, though inappropriate and against international norms, is understandable. But, that view can only exist if we are ignorant of the facts that led to the hostage taking. The US was not in the country to do diplomacy. The US embassy did not house diplomats negotiating trade or facilitating cultural and social exchanges or guiding or aiding their citizens in case they needed help with cultural, social or legal issues of the host country that they might be unfamiliar and might need help with. The US was there to impose the will and agenda of the corporate Empire on the nation. They were there aiding and abetting a brutal unpopular dictator, keeping him in power against the will of the people, a dictator that they (the CIA) had helped return to power, after they overthrew the democratically elected Prime Minister, Mohammad Mossadegh, in a military coup. They were there as de facto occupiers and oppressors. Some of the embassy staff were CIA spies and agents, helping the regime identify anti-regime activists who were imprisoned, tortured and executed upon discovery. Some were there to train the police and military and pass on Pentagon directives to them. Others were there to impose the wishes of US corporations on the country, to ensure labor and natural resources remained cheap, environment was ignored and no laws were passed that would decrease profits for American corporations.

The US routinely uses its diplomatic missions and staff in various countries to spy and interfere with the internal affairs, policies and politics of the host nations, including committing coups, assassinations, sabotage and in some cases even providing its own military with actionable intelligence, which could then be used for bombing and other military actions. In fact, having been familiar with the history of their actions in Iran, I couldn’t help but see the striking similarities between their intervention and coup in Iran in 1953 and their recent intervention in Ukraine which resulted in the fall of the government there. Much of such actions are conducted from US embassies with the help of the State Department which is supposedly a diplomatic entity. It must also be mentioned that the Muslim students group that took the hostages was demanding the return of the Shah, who initially fled to the US before flying to Egypt, back to Iran to face trial.

All the American people hear and see from the Empire’s media, however, is that their embassy staff were taken hostage for no reason, at all. Maybe they too hated “our freedom”! Or could it be that they hate their freedom taken away from them?

Given all that the US has done to that country, including plotting with Saddam to invade the country in 1980, and then giving chemical weapons to him which he used against Iranian soldiers, during the 8 year war (CIA documents recently made public under the Freedom of Information Act shows complete US complicity, including even providing Iraq with coordinates of Iranian troop locations, knowing they would attack with chemical weapons), and then claiming ignorance when Iran complained to the UN, their cyber attacks against Iran’s atomic energy facilities, causing dangerous explosions in the reactors, and assassination, in the streets of Tehran, of four of Iran’s nuclear scientists by the CIA, not to mention the US Navy’s shooting down of a passenger airliner full of people on 3 July 1988 (IranAir Flight 655), killing all 290 of the passengers, it’s ironic that it’s the US that feels wronged and the need to retaliate by denying visa to the Iranian diplomat! When you’re standing on your head, you see everything upside down.


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