US Media Working in Concert with Empire, Beating Drums of Confrontation with Russia


“If you’re not careful, the newspapers will have you hating the people who are being oppressed, and loving the people who are doing the oppressing” – Malcolm X

Samuel Berger, national security adviser to President Clinton said on Rachel Maddow show on MSNBC on Thursday about Obama’s latest sanctions on Russia: “These are good steps”, since they “cross the line” and escalate the sanctions from individuals “to key sectors of the Russian economy, such as mining and banking”. “But”, he added, “this is not sufficient and we must go further and impose more sanctions”. Ms. Maddow followed up by saying that “Putin thrives on world’s discontent”.

Let’s be clear about one thing here: inviting guests to the show to reaffirm the government policies and to reassure the public that the government is doing the right thing, and to repeat the words of the Administration is neither news, nor journalism, nor news analysis. It is but acting as the mouthpiece of the government and as their propaganda tool. The premise that they provide us with information and debate policy alternatives is nothing but a canard. There is no discussion on CIA or NED (National Endowment for Democracy) and other governmental and non-governmental activities in Ukraine, prior to the protests that toppled the government. There is no mention of $5 billion spent to bring about the regime change, as mentioned by US Undersecretary of State, Elizabeth Nuland, in December of 2013. There is no discussion on why Arseniy Yatsenyuk, whom she affectionately refers to as “Yats” was “our guy”, as she told US Ambassador to Ukraine, in a phone conversation that was intercepted and made public, and why he was chosen to be the new Prime Minister, long before the protesters were to overthrew the government. There is no talk of his background (former head of Ukraine’s Central Bank), or what he promised to do for the West that made him “our guy” (promised to accept the terms of the IMF loan that comes with austerity measures, as well as, “security” clauses imposed by the NATO), and, above all, what the long term US plans are in the region, or why Ukraine is important to the US and its allies, in achieving those long term goals.

Ms. Maddow who keeps telling us that President Putin is a dictator and “has lost his mind”, could have at least told her viewers what Col. Lawrence Wilkerson, Chief of Staff of former Secretary of State, Colin Powell, said the other day, which was that taking the European economic offer, which “our guy” intends to do and announced on Thursday he would do, would be good for Ukraine’s wealthy oligarchy, but not its people. The neo-Nazis did not participate in the overthrow out of ignorance.

Ms. Maddow keeps asking what else the US can do to “stop” Putin, instead of why the US even needs to intervene. Crimea was a part of Russia before, with a majority of Russian inhabitants even today, who just voted to rejoin Russia. You can sense the awkwardness when US officials say things like: “you just don’t do that to another sovereign nation, in 21st Century”. Yes, it’s true: we intervened and invaded and toppled governments, many times ourselves, but those were in previous centuries. 1990’s and earlier years don’t count. Okay, we’ve done a few in 21st Century, too. Okay, more than a few. Okay, let me rephrase that: “you just don’t do that, unless you’re the US”. If every time the US invaded or attacked or bombed or sent the marines in or staged a coup or intervened militarily or politically in another country, other nations would impose sanctions on the US, the whole world would have to constantly boycott, impose sanctions on and embargo the US – constantly! (maybe that’s what it’ll take!)

But, you won’t hear Ms. “Progressive liberal” Maddow discuss these issues because that would not be within her job description. Unelected military officials draw up plans for the expansion of the Empire and presidents sign orders to enact those plans, such as spending $5 billion to topple the government in Kiev and to make “our guy” the Prime Minister and extend an IMF loan with US dictated conditions to them for bringing in the NATO. And if Russia reacts by sending in troops, impose sanctions on them and move weapons to Ukraine with the pretext of defending it against Russians. Either way, we’ll be moving closer to our goal of surrounding Russia with NATO forces: a win-win for the US and its allies. There’s a name for such activities: provocation. But, never mind all that. We’re supposed to be outraged and go along with their plans and ploys. And that’s where Empire’s news organizations come in. It’s things like this that make a dictatorship with aware and awake people preferable to a fake “democracy, with a brainwashed and asleep population.

It’s easy to shrug off such mass deception and one-sided mendacious propaganda as normal or natural for corporate news networks or insignificant in our lives. But, what’s particularly troubling, besides the economic price we pay and the social programs we lose, and in addition to making the world a more dangerous place to live in, is that gradually and through time, such persistent lies and brainwashing change our sense of what’s right and wrong, what’s fair and unfair and even our sense of what it means to be human anymore and how we ought to share the planet with others. This is akin to being in a military training camp, where we learn to hate and kill whom we’ve been told to hate and kill, without even knowing or caring to know why.

It’s impossible to literally take over the world through some 500 military bases in some 130 countries, complete with troops, weapons and heavily armed warships and bombers, and wish or work for peace or justice. It’s impossible to impose the will of the Empire and plunder the world and funnel billions into the coffers of giant corporations, by all means necessary, and have peace and stability and a safe and healthy future for our planet. It’s impossible to push and bully and threaten and overthrow regimes and take over nations and impose austerity on people everywhere and amass weapons at another nation’s borders, and have no blowback. And, it’s impossible to lower tensions, while doing everything to heighten them.

The sad truth is that the world is being pushed towards endless and ever bigger and more dangerous wars, while the environment deteriorates and millions of people go hungry and millions more struggle to survive and their standard of living falls, all for ever more profits and wealth accumulation for a few, while we remain oblivious and asleep, thanks to the most powerful and successful propaganda machine ever assembled.


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