Who’s the Crazy One?

Have you noticed how the US corporate media always tries to portray whomever becomes the target of US propaganda machine as crazy, unstable and out of his mind? It’s easier to convince people that someone is dangerous, if he’s gone mad. A “Madman” with “weapons of mass destruction” is indeed “dangerous” and “must be stopped”. On the other hand, US presidents who attack and invade countries and order carpet bombing with 5000 pound bombs and cluster bombs and depleted uranium bombs and turn an entire country upside down and leave it in utter devastation and destruction, killing a million people or more, are perfectly normal and stable and know what they’re doing. If it’s ever admitted, their wars are only a mistake, an error in judgement, stemming from wrong intelligence data.

Rachel Maddow of MSNBC seems particularly intent on convincing us that Putin is a madman and dangerous. I have a question for Ms. Maddow: what are you exactly after? I know you don’t advocate war with Russia? You know how I know that? Because you, and the Pentagon you defend on your show, know whom to pick a fight with. You don’t want war with Russia because you can’t fight them; otherwise, you would have already been in Moscow changing their regime, and you would be reporting about heroic US troops fighting there to protect our freedom here.

You see, I don’t buy the notion that reporters such as Ms. Maddow, who consider themselves progressive and anti war, are just trying to report the news, without a bias or agenda. I don’t buy it for the same reason I don’t buy the story about Santa Clause and his flying reindeers. Well, actually, flying reindeers are more believable. These so-called liberal reporters are among the slickest of Pentagon mouthpiece.

Ironically, the most sane and intelligent take on the events in Ukraine and Crimea came from Col. Lawrence Wilkerson, Former Secretary of State, General Powel’s Chief of Staff, who said on All In With Chris Hays on MSNBC, yesterday, that the US should tone down its rhetoric against Putin and Russia and not escalate the tension any further. He replied to the question as to what “we” should do – as if it’s a given that “we” should do something – by reminding the audience that in 1989-1990, the US went to Panama, arrested the President and changed the regime. Of course, he didn’t mention many others like that, such as in Iran, in 1953, Guatemala, 1954, Congo, 1960, Chile, 1973, Granada, 1983, Kosovo, 1994, Haiti, 1991 and again in 2004, when US marines landed in the capital, walked into the President’s office and literally – I’m not exaggerating, Google it – kidnapped President Aristide, put him on a plane and flew him to Central African Republic.

Col. Wilkerson also rightly pointed out US policy towards Cuba, which the US has an economic and trade embargo on – which is an act of war itself – without any Cuban provocation. He could have also added the Bay of Pigs invasion of Cuba, “a sovereign nation”, by the very sane President Kennedy who’s admired by liberals. Speaking of which, and speaking of who’s a madman and who’s not, when the former Soviet Union tried to station defensive missiles in Cuba, to prevent its invasion by the US, President Kennedy threatened to blow up the Earth with nuclear weapons. That’s when the “madman” of the time, President Khrushchev, ordered the missiles back, to avoid a nuclear war. But, when the US keeps pushing NATO further to East and to the borders of Russia and keeps placing missiles and other heavy arms in countries bordering Russia, and then goes into another and helps stage a coup d’tat, provoking Russian reaction, it’s Putin who’s crazy. I’m not defending Putin or his sending troops to Crimea, which was taken from Russia and annexed to Ukraine by the former Soviet Union and where the majority still are Russian and who just voted to join Russia once more. What I am saying is that, as Col. Wilkerson pointed out or implied, the problem is not Russia or Putin. The problem is the US meddling and aggression in the region by pushing NATO into the face of Russia, by doing regime change in former Soviet republics and allies and arming them and its threats and belligerence.

Obama announced today of additional sanctions against Russia, and I’m sure, as I write this, Rachel Maddow is busy preparing to tell us why we need more sanctions and discuss “what the US should do” on her show, this evening. She will not talk about Palestinians who are suffering and dying everyday because of US policies. She will not talk about dangerous Nazi elements who are in the current government in Kiev who have threatened Russians and Jews and who brought down the monument dedicated to Ukraine’s soldiers who fought against Nazis. She will not talk about CIA activities in Ukraine before the coup or US spending $5 billion to bring about the coup with the help of the neo-Nazis, or how the European Union’s offer of help to Ukraine had “security” provisions that would bring in NATO, or what the US goals are in the region. Instead, she will talk about how Putin is crazy and unstable and will ask what else the US needs to do about this egregious Russian aggression.

Hillary Clinton, who apparently is going to run for President in 2016 and seems to have the best chance of winning it, likened President Putin to Hitler. Some commentators rightly criticized her on the grounds that such comparisons trivialize and make light of the holocaust. But, that’s not the only reason her comparison is wrong and “crazy”. Her comment is also an insult to 20 million citizens of the former Soviet Union, most of them Russian, who died due to Nazi aggression. You want crazy? That’s crazy!

After President Bush invaded Iraq and killed hundreds of thousands of people, President Putin, who according to Rachel Maddow has lost his mind and gone crazy, described Bush as “a crazy man running around with a knife”. Hillary Clinton will be a crazy woman running around with a chainsaw.


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