US Empire And The Mafia Mindset

Phenomena such as the Mafia have been more common throughout human history than one may think. They have appeared in different times and places and on different scales, throughout the history and the world, and continue to exist now, as you read this. Though they all resort to violence, including assassinations, serial killings, threats, extortions, bribery, etc., which most people would consider criminal and atrocious and vile acts, not all are considered criminal, and not everywhere. Criminality is, as most other things, relative. Slavery used to be legal, so was businesses denying service to blacks, among many others. It depends on how big and powerful the group and its leadership is, and where it’s located. But, you can identify gangsters without much difficulty from their objectives and means for achieving them, as well as how they’re organized, alliances made, enemies dealt with and servants hired and kept in check. The goal is simple: expand your sphere of control, by any means necessary, which often takes force and violence or the threat of force and violence and then, through your exclusive and unchallenged rule, enrich yourself, as much as you can, at the expense of others. The organization is also easy to understand: a group, such as a leader and his family and close friends and relatives or associates, or those in alliance, hire and keep in employment, an army of loyal henchmen (the size can of course vary greatly), who take care of the dirty work for the leading family or group. The decision making process within the leadership can vary, as well as their power, size of the territory under their control and the size of their army of mercenaries and loyalists. Some have one brutal boss who makes all the decisions, though, he may also have a group of “advisors”, informants and spies that might help him with his decision making. Most kingdoms and empires of the past have shared these characteristics. The obvious difference with the Mafia, being, of course, the sheer vastness of such kingdoms or ruling capitalist classes that developed later.

The reason I use a much smaller grouping or organization such as the Mafia to explain kingdoms and capitalist ruling classes of today, is because most people understand the Mafia, as to what they were really about and what they did: imposing the rule of a a small group over many others and expropriation and usurpation of their wealth, by all means necessary, including violence, wars and terror.

As such gangs grew in power and territory, they developed into tribes, fought with one another and by conquering others and enslaving their inhabitants, grew into the huge kingdoms and empires we know about from history books. But, due to the influence these kings and their loyalists, or feudal and capitalist classes and their apologists have had on society, most history books glorify, rather than tell the truth about such oppressive, exploitative and brutal kingdoms, castes and classes. The only time one tells the truth about the past is when he or she doesn’t intend to repeat it for himself.

Although, it may sound like a stretch to draw an analogy between US empire and a Mafia-type group, in its nature and character, they’re basically the same: same principles, same objectives and same methods for achieving them. What’s different – and admittedly incomparable – is its scale and scope of operation. If in the ancient kingdoms, the ruler was the King, in the case of the US and others like it, it’s the wealthy class, namely, the class of the owners of capital or the corporations. The decision making is done, not by a King, but by the class and for the class, as a whole – through individuals who are “elected” to serve the class as a whole.

Like the rivalries amongst the different Mafia groups, competing over territories and resources, the ruling capitalist class of different imperialist countries, too, have been competing over territories and resources to plunder. Just as such rivalries would result in wars and massacres between Mafia groups, so the imperialist countries’ rivalry over looting weaker and less developed nations of Africa, Asia and Latin America, would engage in war – world wars – with monumental and devastating consequences for their respective peoples and the people of the nations they were fighting over.

The situation changed qualitatively, after WWII, with the US ruling class, largely unscathed from the devastating war, rising up as one of the two superpowers and amassing an incredible amount of military firepower, sphere of control and influence and windfall wealth for their class. Whereas before, the Europeans and Japanese were competitors and adversaries, they became subservient to US empire, content with what it left for them to take, as they, collectively, continued their brutal plunder of the less developed nations. Such changes and shift of power and influence also would occur within the Mafia.

Today, those rivalries have mostly been settled, with the US ruling class largely dictating its agenda for world domination, and with its only major challenger, the former Soviet Union, gone, it has no serious challenger. Though its allies in other imperialist countries, from Canada to Australia and from Japan to Germany, do share in the loots, the US has become, through its formidable military might and wealth, the de facto and indisputable Mafia boss. And, it is on a rampage all over the world to keep nations in line, as the gang collectively continues its plunder of the world, leaving the punishment of those who resist to the boss to take care of. This is not an abstract theory or speculation. One only needs to look at the flow of riches and wealth from Asia, Africa and Latin America, into the pockets of the super wealthy in imperialist countries, especially the US, widening the global wealth gap more by the day.

The US uses its military power and accumulated wealth to dictate its terms, not only to subject nations, but, also on its own gang, who are mostly located in Europe. Any nation, or more precisely, any leader of a nation, who dares to challenge its plans for total and complete domination and control, is dealt with and destroyed, much like the Mafia. And, like the Mafia, the boss hires brutal henchmen (dictators) to keep his or her people in check and subdued for the boss. Like the Mafia, it also does not trust even its own closest allies and constantly spies on them and intercepts and eavesdrops on their phone and other communications, and continues even after its allies find out about it. Like the Mafia, it will be friendly and generous with those it needs and when it needs them, individuals, who themselves are brutal and cruel killers who live a lavish life off their subject people, and when it has no need for them anymore, and especially if they turn on their boss, it will beat them to death and bury them in a shallow grave somewhere, or shoot them in the face and dump their body in the sea, as they did with Bin Laden, who once was their ally against the Soviet Union, or have him arrested and hanged, as they did with Saddam, whom they also used to have good relations with when it suited their needs.

We, the people, get no share of the blood soaked loot taken from toiling masses overseas. Nor do we want their bloody wars of conquest. We must not go along with them when they tell us who is, today, our latest enemy, that they want demonized, sanctioned and punished, nor should we accept their choice of friends and allies and turn a blind eye to their genocide because the empire wants it that way, as is the case of ongoing genocide in Palestine. Ours must be a different kind of world: one without violence and plunder and impoverishment of millions for the benefit of the few. We must reject the Mafia mindset and tyranny and exploitation imposed on us and on people everywhere. We must reject their wars, their alliances, their belligerence and Their rule. It is all possible by bringing back the Civil Rights Movement and finishing what Dr. King tried to do but was cut down before he could finish it.


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