Is Ukraine Russia ‘s Iraq ?

Some liberals are finding it very hard not to notice or mention the obvious and glaring hypocrisy of the US, as its officials and media commentators are chastising Russia for sending troops to the Crimean Peninsula. But, anyone who is comparing Russian troops in Crimea with the full invasion and brutal occupation and devastation of Iraq which resulted in its utter destruction and killing of over a million of its inhabitants as equals or even remotely comparable is being disingenuous and dishonest, and even racist.

In a show of “evenhandedness”, Jon Stewart of The Daily Show, did mention Kerry’s double standard when he himself voted for the Iraq invasion which was “on completely false and trumped up pretext”, but, left his bigger ridicule for Putin who wrote in a New York Times op-ed piece when the US was contemplating an attack on Syria, shortly after doing regime change in Libya, even before leaving Iraq and while occupying Afghanistan and bombing Pakistan and Yemen and Somalia and threatening Iran, that such military interventions “have become common practice”. Mr. Stewart said: “Putin must feel pretty stupid when he watches this show and realizes we got him”. “Two things”, as Mr. Stewart likes to say: first of all there is no comparison, as far as the scale. And, secondly, there is no comparison in terms of frequency. What Putin said is right: US military interventions have become a routine and regular practice. I wish I could drag myself to the gym as regularly as the US attacks other countries.

What’s also being ignored, even by the best intentioned liberal commentators is the fact that the US keeps pushing NATO closer to the borders of Russia and keeps placing heavy weaponry and missiles in any of the neighboring countries that they take over, in what amounts to surrounding the country with NATO forces. The US, including even its most liberal and even many of its progressives would never remain quiet if Russia did the same to US and would correctly call it aggression and provocation of the highest degree.

Furthermore, what happened was not a genuine revolution for democracy and social justice. After the Orange Revolution, Russia did not send troops. As I wrote before, US fingerprints were all over the putsch that toppled the government in Kiev. From Undersecretary Victoria Nuland bragging in December about US spending $5 billion in Ukraine, to her conversation with US Ambassador about who their “guy” was to become Prime Minister before the protests began who then became Prime Minister, which I talked about in detail in my last piece, everything points to a coup d’état. Besides, even the European offer of economic assistance came with US pushed conditions that would open the door to NATO to come and set up shop there. And, why isn’t the US media, including the liberals, mentioning the fact that the protesters brought down the monument dedicated to the Ukrainian soldiers who died defending their country against Nazis, or the fact that one of their leaders threatened all Russians and Jews after toppling the government, especially since the majority of Crimeans are Russian? A Kiev rabbi even told Jews to flee the country which was picked up and reported by Israel’s Haaretz. Could it be because that would give some undesired credence to the Russian move?

It should also be noted that the Russian move was anticipated by the US and was within their plans. It now gives them the pretext to move weapons there and push harder to bring in NATO to “defend” Ukraine against Russia. There are two things we must understand about US actions: they are never defensive and always offensive, and they are never to help any nation, including their own. Their single objective is to maximize profits and wealth for the US ruling class.


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One response to “Is Ukraine Russia ‘s Iraq ?”

  1. peteybee says :

    “I wish I could drag myself to the gym as regularly as the US attacks other countries.”
    LoL me too

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