Speaking on CBS “Face the Nation”, Kerry said Russia’s decision to send troops to Crimea “is really a stunning, willful choice by President Putin to invade another country”. “Stunning”, indeed, is for a government that has invaded more countries since the 1800’s, all the way up to the present, than I could fit on one page here to criticize another. You have to wonder if they themselves have lost their minds, or they think we’ve lost ours.

Los Angeles Times reported that acting Prime Minister Arseny Yatsenyuk called the Russian move “a declaration of war.” He added that Ukraine was “on the brink of national disaster” and urged Putin to pull back Russian forces to their bases.

You want to know who this new “Prime Minister” is and where he suddenly appeared from and became Prime Minister? Listen to Under Secretary of State, Victoria Nuland, who – as reported by Ray McGovern writing for – was recorded as saying, before the protesters toppled the government in Kiev: “Yats [meaning Yatsenyuk] is the guy. He’s got the economic experience, the governing experience. He’s the guy you know. Yats will need all the help he can get to stave off collapse in the ex-Soviet state. He has warned there is an urgent need for unpopular cutting of subsidies and social payments before Ukraine can improve.” And sure enough Nuland’s “guy”, Arseniy Yatsenyuk, became prime minister when the new government was declared! What a coincidence! And, how do you think he, who has “economic experience”, according to Nuland, will respond to IMF imposed austerity measures for imperialist bankers? By taking the “unpopular cutting of subsidies and social payments” (his words). That how. To him, a “responsible government,” must be willing to commit “political suicide”, by adopting unpopular austerity measures. Yup, that’s why he’s Nuland’s guy.

On December 5th, 2013, while speaking at a US-Ukraine conference in Kiev, Nuland bragged that the US had invested $5 billion on civic organizations in Ukraine. As Rumsfeld would say, that’s a “known known”. What other “known unkonwns” and “unknown unkowns” are there? For those, we’ll have to ask the CIA, which has been in Ukraine, since before the “Orange Revolution” of 2004.


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