A Historical, Economic and Military Look at the Situation in Ukraine

Today, I heard the most incredible thing in a long time. President Obama told Russian President that invading Ukraine would be against “international laws”. Imagine that: a US president telling another nation it’s wrong to invade another country!

Let’s get one thing straight which should make everything else clear, before getting a historical and military-economic perspective on the conflict in Ukraine: the current volatile situation is the result of one thing and one thing alone: aggressive, provocative and belligerent US push for world domination, which strategically calls for invasions of nations, such as Iraq and Afghanistan and regime change in others, such as Libya, Syria and Iran, and pushing NATO all the way to the borders of Russia, effectively, and for all practical purposes, surrounding it, in order to ultimately do regime change there and open up a vast new market, and source of cheap labor and natural resources, and extinguishing, once and for all, any challenge to US empire that that nation might put up. This aggressive and belligerent imperialist policy was conceived in 1990’s and pursued as official policy, under both parties. Presidents have basically gone into office to enforce this long term objective.

NATO was created after WWII to contain and counter the Soviet Union. After its breakup, NATO became the de facto military arm of Western imperialism, led by the US, to fight and keep in line smaller developing nations. Its mission and purpose? As implied in “Strategy for New American Century”: expanding US world hegemony, far and wide, and forcefully removing any obstacle on their way.

The military industrial complex had just been given new life, the US public was on board (brainwashed) and in the absence of the Soviet Union, no nation could stand on the way of an eventual total and complete world domination for new and considerable profits for US corporations.

With the military standing guard with its unrivaled and unprecedented might, new “trade agreements”, under the title of “free trade”, were imposed, through International Monetary Fund (IMF), on “cooperating” nations – whose list was growing, thanks to the military interventions and regime changes – and enriching US and its allies’ wealthy, at the expense of both their own and other nations’ working poor.

This combination of neoliberal economic policies and military force was a deliberate and planned strategy that came about as the Soviet Union was falling apart. Russia herself and all the nations formerly part of the Soviet Union, were in play and fair game. The push to install missile shield facing Russia to give NATO first strike capability against Russia, was also part of the long term plan for isolating, surrounding and squeezing Russia. They brought the NATO right at the borders of Russia from Azerbaijan to Georgia to Ukraine, and used every conflict, every protest, every opportunity – some planned and directed by CIA – to bring even more heavy arms and missiles to Russian borders. Imagine Russia or China taking over all smaller nations surrounding the US: Mexico, Canada, Puerto Rico, Hawaii, etc., and putting heavy arms and missiles in them directed at the US. Then, imagine them coming for yet another major neighboring nation which is home to many Americans, and imagine the opposition that just toppled the democratically elected government there declares Americans as their enemy. Russia or any other nation wouldn’t even get a chance to call the American president to “warn” against sending in troops. It would be done on day one and without a congressional approval.

It’s important to note that When the European Union (EU) offered Ukraine its economic plan to save its economy, the agreement came with conditions for cooperating with and giving certain rights to NATO, which was a further provocation and push against Russia.

Of course, it should be up to the people of Ukraine to choose which offer to take and which country or group of countries to have close economic, cultural and social relations with. Nor is Russia a benevolent and unselfish force that would necessarily be good for the Ukrainian people. After the breakup of the Soviet Union, Russian wealth was looted and expropriated by influential and powerful gangsters who set up an exploitative capitalist system. But, even setting aside the super exploitation of the Ukrainian people that’s awaiting them through oppressive austerity measures, imposed by the IMF and EU, the issue is NATO’s aggressive and provocative intervention and the conflicts and unrest they bring about, for more profits for multinational corporations. Even if one argues that the people of Ukraine really wanted the European offer, the US policy of basically taking over the world for its ruling class, both away from and at Russian borders, has made the world a dangerous place for everyone. The culprit is corporate greed and this day was long in the making and was anticipated in 1990’s.


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